Steemit Update [ May 26th, 2023 ] : Community Curators for June

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Thank you to all 54 people who took the time to submit an application to become a Community Curator forJune.

There was again a strong field of candidates this month, making selection of the seven smaller teams for June even more difficult.

June should be another interesting month of curation.

Community Curator Teams for June 2023

For June we have continued with the plan of smaller team sizes. All seven teams consist of just four members. This will mean each member earns higher rewards as a Community Curator.

We have again made more changes to the teams to help expand the reach of the curation and to allow more people to have a chance to be Community Curators.

The plan will be to continue to rotate team members more frequently so if you were not selected this month please do apply again next time.

Between the seven curation teams there will be 28 community curators with a total of 4 million SP in June. Each team has at least one Steem Representative.

The teams selected for June are…








Congratulations to everyone selected for one of the seven teams.

Please would one person from each team confirm acceptance in a comment below and include their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

Then would the other members of each team add their acceptance to their respective starter comment along with their contact details (Discord / Telegram).

We will then be in touch to provide the keys for the accounts.

Teams are free to select a leader if they want and need to.

If anyone selected is not wanting to participate in their chosen team for any reason, please let us know in a comment as soon as possible and we may introduce substitutes.

Curation Guidelines

For Teams 1 - 5 we are continuing with the free-ranging curation.

There will be no specific themes - each team will be free to vote on posts on any subject.

We also want teams to look beyond communities. There are many good posts that are outside of any communities - just directly on people’s personal blogs.

Teams should seek out good posts everywhere - both within communities, and outside of communities.

Voting on comments should also be continued.

Good comments can be as interesting and as valuable as good posts.

We want good comments to be encouraged and rewarded.

Therefore for June we are looking for the curation teams to continue to allocate some of their voting capacity to comments.

Team Millionaire

Team Millionaire will be in charge of the @steemcurator03 account that has 1 million SP.

This Team has a special mission to encourage and expand contests and challenges on Steem.

Contests are a great way to encourage participation, expand activity and range of content, and to share rewards.

They are also a very good way for newcomers to enlarge their connections in the community and to build their Steem Power.

We would like Team Millionaire to seek out and reward people running the best contests and challenges.

To find the best contests they should look at the creativity and originality of the contests, the clarity of the rules and presentation, and the size of the prizes.

They should also be considering the number of participants for each contest.

The Team can also allocate a portion of their votes as prizes for contests as long as they are completed and awarded before the end of June.

Team Newcomer

As outlined in our recent recruitment post Team Newcomer is a specialist curation team dedicated to supporting newcomers through their first three months on the platform.

The team will be helping people through the Newcomers Achievement Tasks in the Newcomers Community and also curating their other posts anywhere during their first three months on the platform.

All teams should ensure the posts they curate are plagiarism free and not using images from copyrighted sources.

Teams should also give preference to posts that are steem-exclusive, bot free, non AI generated and by authors in club5050, club75 or club100.

We are happy to see some flexibility on these guidelines (apart from plagiarism) for posts of the highest quality. This especially applies for Team Newcomer.

The @steemcurator accounts should only be used for voting and commenting. They should not be used for downvoting or making posts.

We suggest that a comment is left on each post voted to let the author know the post has been supported by the curation team - and please include which member of the team selected the post.

How the Curation Teams will be rewarded

Every day the teams will be allowed to allocate one full vote to a team member’s post - ideally in rotation.

In total therefore no more than 10% of the account’s voting power should be used on team members each week.

Additionally each week one member should post a report for the team in the Steem POD community with a list of their top 7 posts, with a brief note of why each post was chosen.

These weekly report posts should set beneficiaries to be shared with other members of the team.

The posts will be voted by @steemcurator01.

We strongly encourage teams to ensure all members review and agree on the merits of the selected posts of the week as poor choices may influence the reward given to the weekly report by @steemcurator01.

June will present new challenges for the Community Curators, particularly with the reduced team sizes and the extra vigilance needed to combat AI generated content from ChatGPT or other similar sites.

We also very much hope the June Curators will seek out the best posts across the wider platform, avoiding the ‘easy pickings’ to be found amongst their own friends and communities.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


Thank you Steemit team for your trust. Upcoming month will be amazing month for us to support quality content. I accept this role. Congratulations to my fellow Steemains.

Team 5
@chant [Cameroon]
@irawandedy [Indonesia]
@pelon53 [Venezuela]

My discord: deepak94#7616

Please confirm your acceptance message below my comment.


@chant , @irawandedy , @pelon53

Thank you Steemit team for your confidence in each of us.
I accept this new responsibility. And congratulations to the rest of the team: @chant , @deepak94 and @irawandedy


I appreciate another opportunity given to me by the steemit team as a curator for June. Congratulations to everyone selected.

My Discord: chant#9602

Thank you very much for the opportunity, we are happy to accept the commitment. 😊🥳🙏



I'm thrilled to be back working alongside Team Millionaire. Thank you Steemit team.

Thank you for once again entrusting us with the task of supporting the community.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to collaborate again. We will be doing our best.

It is a privilege to work again in June, thank you for giving us the opportunity.

And congratulations to all the selected curators.

It would be great to work with this new team:
@kouba01 , @pandora2010 ,@sduttaskitchen

Discord: ubongudofot#9499

It will be an honor to work with you and with @kouba01 and @sduttaskitchen

Discord: pandora2010#8139
Many Blessings..🙏🏻

I am super proud of you!!!!!
Well done!!!! 👏 👏

Thank you 🤗❤️

Sorry for the late i am with you my friends.

Discord: kouba01#2216

Curator হিসাবে নির্বাচিত সকলকে অন্তরস্থল থেকে অভিনন্দন ‌। শ্রদ্ধেয়া @sduttaskitchen ম্যামকে আবারো অভিনন্দন। এই তালিকাতে আপনাকে দেখতে পেয়ে খুবই ভালো লাগছে। মনে হচ্ছে আমরা সবাই এখানেই সম্পৃক্ত। steemit platform কর্তৃপক্ষের প্রতি কৃতজ্ঞতা প্রকাশ করছি।

Congratulation to all the selected Curators and wishing you great month of exciting work, despite of hard and time consuming work it is at the end satisfying when you know that you made someone happy for their posts. Hope we will discover new users through the work of Curators!

Thank you for this opportunity I'm glad to work with you all


My discord; eliany#3544

Thank you very much steemit team for giving me the opportunity once again! I gladly accept the role. Congratulations to all friends who got selected, especially to my team members!!

Damith Udayanga#9442 (discord)

Greetings friend @damithudaya

Can you add me as a friend on Discord, I'm having problems with my account.


greetings friend, I sent you a request just now!!

And... you did it again!
Well done! 🤛

A very great team, thank you for the trust to do the task as a curator.
My @muzack1/discord :muzac#3109

Greetings friend @muzack1

Congratulations on your selection, please correct your Discord ID

It's been fixed, thanks

I'm getting an error when inviting you, please send me a friend request.

Congratulations to those selected, I wish you the greatest success.

I thank the Steemit team for their trust, I will be fulfilling this role with a lot of responsibility and commitment as always.

Discord: adeljose#6334

Thank you for selecting me for the June steemit team. I am highly obliged for your trust.

I would love to congratulate all the selected members and especially my team mates.


My discord id: - sduttaskitchen#0792

Congratulations friend, it will be a great pleasure working with you.

Congratulations to all 🎉🥳💐

Thank you dear Steemit team for your trust. Hopefully June will be amazing month for us to support quality content. I accept this role. Many many congratulations to my fellow Steemains.


@alejos7ven [Venezuela]
@f2i5 [Indonesia]
@malikusman1 [Pakistan]
@m-fdo [Sri Lanka]

My discord: malikusman#9093

Please confirm your acceptance message below my comment.


@alejos7ven, @f2i5, @m-fdo

Wow.. I have a complete team with great steemians in it my brother @malikusman1

My discord : faisalus#2937

@alejos7ven, @m-fdo

wow, I am very happy to be a curator this month. We accept the commitment. Many thanks to the steemit team for trusting us to work and deliver the best for the platform. best wishes! Team 2

@alejos7ven [Venezuela]
@f2i5 [Indonesia]
@malikusman1 [Pakistan]

My Discord: m-fdo#8824

Hi @steemitblog. I'm @happycapital. Nice to meet you. I wanna tell you about very important issue about the STEEM main witness. Please, read this post.

Congratulations to all the winners, whose tireless efforts have given you such a great responsibility today, I wish you a thousand prayers to carry out your duties with honesty and devotion.

Special congratulations to two stars of our country, our beloved elder brothers @solaymann and @msharif, because of you our country loves steemit platform today, also congratulations to our dear sister @sduttaskitchen, who has been my role model since my inception, my progress. behind him The contribution is double, so it's especially interesting to me that he won, again best of luck to all the winners

Thank you very much dear brother. Admirable words will motivate us more. May Allah bless you.

Take love from solaymann 💚

May Allah reward you well, Ameen

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