Outage Due to AWS

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Starting at 10:05AM PT, a service outage occurred at We are writing to inform you that as of now, is back up again.

The root cause of the outage was in Amazon Web Services. The outage had nothing to do with either Condenser ( or steemd (the Steem blockchain) and remained operational at all times. An internal networking issue is what caused the services to spontaneously become unavailable.

Steemit will continue to investigate the occurrence as well as liaise with our AWS rep, but at this time all services are fully operational.

Team Steemit


Business as usual.
Connections to Amazon, Facebook and Google.
And this:

Whomever wants to do or know anything about his account needs to pay for it by surrendering a part of his own author rewards to unofficial services like, or let services like and and and others mine with his computer, or both, like the case of was, or not do what he wanted to do.

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Great to read that all is back to normal!
On another note, I noticed something quite strange since some days while redeeming my rewards and I just wrote a post on same asking for help!
I am getting rewards consisting of STEEM on top of the usual SBD and SP!
Has there been any changes on the rewards system?

2018-04-01 01_49_23-Progressivechef (@progressivechef) — Steemit.png

Would be great to know more on this change!
Thank you!

What you’re noticing has actually always been a function of the rewards calculations. You’re just noticing it now due to the decline in Steem value.

SBD are actually a debt instrument. If the Steem value decreases, or the supply of SBD grows too much (or both!) the blockchain manages distribution to try and keep the debt level under a certain percentage and sustainable.

You’re seeing a portion of the SBD side of the 50/50 split paid as liquid Steem to control the debt load. Back in the days when Steem dropped into the .10 range, there was a long stretch where no SBD were paid out at all.

You're seeing the beginning of a return to what was normal when I started. The 50/50 split is 50% Steem Power and 50% liquid assets. The liquid assets were normally split between Steem and SBD, but the spike in the price of the SBD led to 100% SBD payouts to correct the market in an effort to return the SBD toward parity with the US Dollar, or at least that is how I understand the algorithms to work.

Was there also a period of slowdown prior to the outage? Seemed to be incredibly slow around 3 pm EST Sunday.

that's probably why.. good to know everything is normal.

I noticed the outage and I switched to because I can't afford spending even a split second without this amazing blockchain. I am very glad that Is back now. #blessings

Using Amazon Web Services is already a mistake on its own.

Hopefully can be resolved to get back to normal.

Yeah I couldn’t access steemit for a few hours.

Thanks for letting us know about the issue.

I'm glad it is back online now, was bit of a challenge some two hours ago. Good one Team Steemit.

Thank you for the update.

1 incident reported, 5 or 6 more to explain from the last weeks.
Who is your incident manager?
Who is problem manager?
Would be nice to know, if you even are aware of such roles...

Glad to know that all services are fully operational. Hopefully Team steemit will address the issue to avoid such incident next time. All the best

Thank you for keeping us updated on happenings on the steem blockchain @steemitblog

Thank you for the info!
You should write the time in UTC so everyone could to the math much easier than from Pacific Time! Not everyone is American! ;)

@cryptodelos - Thanks for putting out this memo about the outage! I was wondering what happened when I wasn't able to bring up or login to the steemit website. Cheers! @steemitblog

thank you for the update.
Great communication!

Here's a thought:
When there is an outage and no one can see your posts, maybe say what's going on someplace we can see it, like, your Twitter.

instead they spread "The outage... was our version of April fools"

imagination 100..... on the choice of "joke" and on the lie...

How come? I didn't even noticed it, and I was pretty active this afternoon. Great to hear that it is okay now! seemed to be down at that point as well. Which surprised me. I don't know what it would have had issues at the same time.

We are waiting for the issues that happened there, thank you for telling the whole community steemit. In addition, I await the discussion @steemitblog related to the number of irresponsible fishing accounts in steemit that is currently often a lot of happening and also very many victims are hooked.

Great to know that it is back to normal. I had a thousand dollar post that I wanted to publish when this happened :P

Great! thanks for keeping us updated...

what does use AWS for?

Any possibility that Steemit could move away from AWS? It would be nice to be free of any third party systems, wouldn't it? Even something as large and you would think as reliable as AWS.

Just what I was thinking storj are attempting to go head to head with AWS. Did you manage to get involved with the equity offering recently??