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RE: Outage Due to AWS

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Great to read that all is back to normal!
On another note, I noticed something quite strange since some days while redeeming my rewards and I just wrote a post on same asking for help!
I am getting rewards consisting of STEEM on top of the usual SBD and SP!
Has there been any changes on the rewards system?

2018-04-01 01_49_23-Progressivechef (@progressivechef) — Steemit.png

Would be great to know more on this change!
Thank you!


What you’re noticing has actually always been a function of the rewards calculations. You’re just noticing it now due to the decline in Steem value.

SBD are actually a debt instrument. If the Steem value decreases, or the supply of SBD grows too much (or both!) the blockchain manages distribution to try and keep the debt level under a certain percentage and sustainable.

You’re seeing a portion of the SBD side of the 50/50 split paid as liquid Steem to control the debt load. Back in the days when Steem dropped into the .10 range, there was a long stretch where no SBD were paid out at all.

You're seeing the beginning of a return to what was normal when I started. The 50/50 split is 50% Steem Power and 50% liquid assets. The liquid assets were normally split between Steem and SBD, but the spike in the price of the SBD led to 100% SBD payouts to correct the market in an effort to return the SBD toward parity with the US Dollar, or at least that is how I understand the algorithms to work.

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