Happy Holidays From Steemit!

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The Steemit Team would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season! We hope you are able to enjoy this time with friends and family, and we look forward to an exciting 2019.

Happy Holidays!

The Steemit Team


@trumpman @drutter, people complain Steemit doesn’t communicate but when they do they get trolled, I do agree it shouldn’t have been pinned but in reality steemit.com is owned by Steemit Inc so they have a right to pin their own communication. Look at least they are trying, I appreciated the sentiment, most companies that care wish their customers a happy holidays.

I agree that we should all come together on this wonderful holiday. I believe it could all be part of the Festivus holiday where you "air your grievances". I myself think that we need to all come together so, from the deepest part of my soul, Bill, myself, and horse face would like to wish you all a

No, not at all. I am still out shopping for Bill though. I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and He just said HOE, HOE, HOE so I think that means he wants a Santa outfit.

Bernie told me Bill was looking for this kind of hoe.

great stuff! time for !popcorn

lol oh man I just spit my coffee out when I saw this! Good one!

Do you see any meaningful communication? All I see is blah blah blah with no action while they continue dumping their stake. To any logical person, this " communication" looks as a last ditch effort to not cause panic as they exit with the maximal possible profits. Meanwhile Ned has dissappeared after breaking his scheduled appearance TWICE. Trolling is the least their "communication" deserves.

I have had many people not show up for important meetings and court appearances. Most of the time they have committed suicide though. It is very strange how that keeps happening.


You didn't asked me, but wishing Happy Holidays near (a few days before) Christmas (on 2018.12.21) is meaningful enough for me.
I am not a staff member of Steemit or anything similar, but the payout is declined on this blog post. And as I see, the payout is declined under every post of @steemitblog.
So what are they taking here? Why are you talking about "exit"?

You have no clue, do you? @steemitblog is one of many unnumbered accounts STINC owns. They flood the market with their ninja mined stake for the past few years.

I am not a staff member of Steemit or anything similar

Yeah, 70% of them got laid off. Happy Christmas from like 3 people who still work there.

I bet the dollars from the millions of steem they sell every month for the past two years ( without having anything tangible to show for) on the exchanges are not "declined" though.

Nobody needs your lame attitude on this platform. Go and read your own "meaningful" comment. If you dont like , im sure facebook has some more room for your sour commenting. Oh yeah Happy Christmas!

said the bid bot leech

So mature, you 12 years old?

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I think this is a very positive greeting!!!
Nothing wrong with it and a whole bunch right with it, in my opinion!!!

right on @thecryptodrive ,i think they should pin as long as its not "daily" updates. I see a lot of complaining but i don't see a lot of onboarding major accounts by people who claim to have the marketing skills.
But well, people complain on a downvote on stackoverflow and spend 30 minutes explaining how to pose a question instead of using their supergeekbrain to answer it in 5 seconds.
As do the utopian "rules" on how-to-tutorial
humans ...
they can't be helped
steemit could have very well thrown in the towel by now, scrapped the money and left everyone to dry, filed for bankrupcy and get zero liability on anything.

But they don't , so i do agree, doubleplus points for not caving in and swimming upstream in the middle of a shitstorm on planet Crypton.

I betcha fiver if the price were to rise to $10 again people would still find something to complain about.

i'd say just keep going and whoever doesn't like it : there's always fakebook, you get an unlimited number of likes per day so people just post to watch their own feeds mostly imo.
And more : other than steem, flixxo and (if they come through) BAT there's none where you can step-in for free. I don't know of any fora like this running off of eos or tron or vitalsky-coin , ... maybe they exist but i'm sure the ETH won't come for free daily like it does here.

but it doesnt ??!?
orley so what do you call 10 100% votes a day ? those are vests in steem you give away and get for free, dearies.
I'm in to the very end but i hope this is just a bump and the phoenix rises stronger.

... i usually don't even react to all that crud because i dont know what people who are ranting actually accomplish for the chain themselves but in this case

well i didnt either, i just wanted to say i still believe and i agree with what you say here.

mad catter out

"And more : other than steem, flixxo and (if they come through) BAT there's none where you can step-in for free."

  1. Mannabase.
  2. Weku.io - and get 100 free credits by signing up with a referral link, like mine
  3. Honest.cash
  4. Electronium (ref code: FD2DD8)
  5. bitbacker
  6. Keyport.tv
  7. Minds

See all my social network profiles.
You inspired this post.

ive been on weku and minds but none of those are listed and can be sold, at least not when i was still checking it out, but i havent heard of most of the others :) thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steem is a decentralized blockchain and no one should have the authority to pin posts and have any kind of advantage.

steemit.com however is a centralized interface, and they can do whatever suite them, and i for one kinda neutral about this, i don't like it neither dislike it, but if you don't like it, you can use another interface.

...or we can complain about them making user-hostile product decisions. “You can use something else” does not make one immune from critical feedback.


its their company ... steemit is not the blockchain , you are posting and reading on the application maintained by steemit.inc , they have every right in the world to pin whatever they like on top or bottom . If i were to complain about anything its why they're not lobbying for ad-money but i can think of a reason b/c i have the same problem : independence, they dont wanna leash themselves to having to explain yearly to the board.

No one's stopping anyone from writing their own program to run off of steemchain. #Busy did it , #musing did it , #steemstem did it ... anyone who wants can write their own pin-free application but as the americans say
"those who can, DO ... etc..."

happy merry

(i have no clue why i react to any of this)

technically that's what i said,, please read again

i stand corrected :)

I love how most of the flags come from leechers of the platform like high level users with barely more than 500 sp or users heavily relying on bid bots to get votes. Protip:It's Christmas guys, go suck some more whale dick and maybe you will get some more generous votes.

I love how most of the flags come from leechers of the platform

Really rich, coming from the guy who upvotes his own comments. I flagged because your little rant doesn't contribute anything. Sure, you can have an opinion about Steemit pinning this message, but you don't have to be a dick about it. Merry Christmas to you too.

Flag removed since you are not of the leechers I mentioned. My apologies. But still, yes I can.

Same here, but because it's Christmas :P

Edit: And because your self-vote percentage actually isn't bad, so I don't mind that you upvote some of your comments.

That is the Christmas spirit. Good job guys.

shut up dickhead

Oh, yes I can

At Christmas time do they have eggnog flavored bukkake? Also any advice on getting rid of stretch marks on my cheeks from the whale dicks? Maybe coco butter? It worked on my wife's stretch marks after having the baby.

Have you tried to use other dapps instead of Steemit.com? On @partiko, @esteem-app Surfer, @steempeak etc. you wont see non-sense like this pinned.

IMO it's better than complaining about something you dont want to see anyway. It's not like Steemit.com has the best User Experience too.

It's unclear why this shitpost-by-definition needed to be pinned and all users notified about it. Spam shouldn't be encouraged.

Heheh, merry Christmas!!

You are using their front-end.

yeah you are right. Which I guess makes me a customer. Last time I checked, customers do have the right to complain :)

Customer that never buys shit.

"Customer that never buys shit."
He (and all of us) are buying 100% of what they're offering for sale.
Claiming we don't have the right to complain is indefensible. The site is profiting off us, the content-creators. If we aren't happy, we'll take our investment (and content) elsewhere. The site should care if/when the content-creators aren't happy. Please stop trying to silence people's opinions just because you disagree.

"Customer that never buys shit."

Yes he has no stake in Steemit, none of us do.

He (and all of us) are buying 100% of what they're offering for sale.

Please elaborate.

The site is profiting off us, the content-creators.

How? There are no ads, no revenue being created off of the users using Steemit.com daily. Not only do you (and most of us) get the account created for free, you're also surfing the blockchain and hosting images for free. They aren't packaging your activity and selling it to the highest bidders like most other social media platforms do, cause it's there for free to grab on the blockchain.

Sure you can say "their stake would not be worth as much if the users weren't here" but that brings in a lot of other factors.

Again, I'm not one to try and silence when users of a site want to complain about things, but his tone sounded a lot more like an idiot acting out on being mad cause things weren't delivered in time and it may have effected the value of his investment.

Please stop trying to silence people's opinion of other people's "opinions" because you disagree with me disagreeing with theirs.

Using words such as "silencing" and "censorship" on a blockchain is equally as dumb.

Nobody claimed the users of Steemit are OWNERS of Steemit, with stake in the company. Silly strawman.
You're trying to discredit someone's opinion because you disagree with it. His opinion is valid, as are all user complaints here. If the site wants to know how to provide best for its users, it will listen to complaints. People aren't complaining because they hate the site and want to destroy it. They're complaining because they love the site, see its potential, and want things to improve.
You coming along trying to claim people have no right to complain about Steemit's problems is nasty. They have every right, and Steemit's ownership would be wise to ignore you, and hear the complaints.

Oh for sure, I think it may be too late to complain about this particular site, though. And if he used another one he wouldn't have to get annoyed by the pin.

But typing a comment like that and getting a big account to upvote your own comment is much more edgy. Look at all the controversy and attention he got, woo!

I guess we have no right to complain about Facebook? ;)

I'm just saying the front-end doesn't even take any beneficiaries so you're not really paying for anything.

True. But like many other 21st century products, the most important resource we invest in it is our time.

Yeah but it's not like they are abusing your time in ways that other platforms do, such as feeding you ads constantly or selling your activity of the time you've spent.


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Let me forward this heartwarming message to all who got laid off.

Shhhhhh. Let's just keep that under our hats.

This made my day.

Just doing my part in spreading the Christmas spirit 😘

ειχες δεν ειχες παλι πουτ@να τα εκανες ....χαχαχαχαχαχαχαχα.......τωρα το ειδα το σχολιο....γ@μ@ει.....χαχαχαχαχαχαχαχαχα

Use a different frontend. Busy and steempeak are pretty nice.

I will definitely do if they keep spamming shit like this.

I made the switch a while ago. Steemit.com sucks.

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So who 'pissed in your cornflakes' this morning?
Man, never saw people get so upset because someone wished them Merry Christmas!
Come on, man!

Merry Christmas to everyone! I love you all, I know a dog that would appreciate those cornflakes! But I can't tell you the other thing I once saw him eat!!!

Maybe they should have said "Happy Festivus" and that would have been more acceptable to them. Festivus - the Holiday for the Rest of Us. heh heh heh

Go suck ned's dick

Well even spam can sometimes have a positive message:

We hope you are able to enjoy this time with friends and family

Maybe we all should have a break from the online addiction and the Steem drama.
If we are ABLE ...

If only this spam could stay pinned until the new year! That would really just top things off.

I second this motion.

Steemit needs to fix their shit..... This website sucks.

Happy holidays ! 😁 with love and all best wishes to everyone 😁

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Everyone


100% upvote from @betgames worth $0.42

Excellent commentary!!

Since you have stopped creating free accounts:

You should at least update the steem.io webpage to remove the free account creation option. I'm sure there are a bunch wanting to sign up that are on backlog.

Steemit is still creating accounts, just not as many:

from @penguinpablo's daily posts.

Last time I told a user from another platform to check out Steem he got his account created the same day through Steemit.

I'm sure there are a bunch wanting to sign up that are on backlog.

This seems like you are guessing.


@acidyo and @inertia It was me that first brought this all to light and I am not spreading fake news, i'm trying to be proactive and have action taken by raising it as a red flag before it does become a problem.

Since the lay offs the accounts created by steemit inc has dropped considerably. Its not that long ago so before it becomes as problem, don't you think we should try and address it? From the post I did on it the other day, which is not fake news as I pulled the data myself, the comments suggest this is a serious problem and people are waiting too long and losing interest.

With the drop in crypto prices, im sure there has been a drop in demand, however looking at the % accounts created by steemit inc, it was over 80% in Oct and Nov. its no where near that now. working back from these figure I would guesstimate a backlog of about 1100 accounts.

This has been noticed very fast, and we have an opportunity to make sure it does not become a problem. I think removing the sign up for free is not a bad idea. Lets not give potential new users or investors the wrong impression and leave them wondering why they haven't got their accounts, lets be proactive, and hopefully we can also help reduce the pressure from steemit inc so they can focus on what they need to do.

I would love to see other dapps take charge on setting up free accounts, but we would need steem.com to link to these and its a big undertaking too for the apps.

@fitinfun that was a great reply :-)

Well if this reply had been upvoted to the top instead I wouldn't have just given the answer I gave and it surely would've been better than a comment with "hurr durr remove this from the website you liars" while having others upvote the comment to an unrelated post up to the top cause "I got you, bro".

Fair point

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But I guess following 70k people you hear a lot about Steem related stuff. :shrug:

Come on @acidyo... I didn't "have" anyone upvote my comment.

"hurr durr remove this from the website you liars"

I expected a more sensible response from you than this.

My bad @socky . I am sorry that people believe I am your imaginary friend. For the record @socky did not have me upvote him or anything.

I will extend this offer to anyone who needs it.

It seems as though I have made @acidyo mad.

For Christmas? Bro hug?

I expected you to not only have fake followers.

I guess @socky's point is steemit has never newly approved since a month ago, which is quite unusual (maybe for the first time this year? not sure though). Anyway, it's not like steemit approves everyday, they only approve every 2-3 weeks, which is clearly shown as big spikes. That's why some people got their account within a day if they're lucky to apply near the next approval day. I guess currently steemit doesn't wanna (or cannot) spend money for verification temporarily.

Hope steemit can get back to normal soon. Happy Holidays!

It was explained to me once that the reason why they don't just allow all the accounts is because the Steem developers and witnesses are afraid of "Sybil Attacks", which is basically when someone gets a bunch of different accounts to abuse (they pretend like they're a bunch of different people to be more influential, or to be able to vote more for themselves).

But honestly, I think they should be more afraid of the paid-vote bots. The paid voting system makes it nearly impossible for new users to grow. IMHO the Steem devs and witnesses should seriously re-examine their priorities.

When I told them that, they basically said they didn't care about my concerns because other people had invested more into Steem than I did, and those people's opinions were more valuable to the SteemIt leadership than mine were.

It's like they don't care if Steem goes down in flames as long as they get their short-term kickbacks.

I'm not guessing. Here are examples from Steem.chat
I'm only referring to the free accounts.

Those existed when they were more actively creating accounts too, it has been a common problem for so long.. :(

I got you on this one. Top comment for a bit anyways.

thanks, I think it is good and bad at the same time. On one hand, this drives others to create accounts which improves decentralization. On the other hand, people who don't know better are left waiting for an unknown amount of time which doesn't provide a good experience. I think the website should at least reflect that free accounts are no longer available or on some sort of moratorium.

"I think the website should at least reflect that free accounts are no longer available or on some sort of moratorium."
Yes, I agree. And while we're at it, the entire FAQ (and the rest of the site) is about 2 years out-of-date. None of the info given to new users is current or correct.

Good point. I've had issues with their FAQ page long ago about being out of date and inaccurate.

Hello @socky and the other steemians. I have seen these articles late, but I think that my analysis recently could be a good reference for this issue.

STEEM status and some doubt based on account creation statistics

The percentage of strange accounts that have been created since June this year, but have no signs of use at all, increased sharply. Maybe this fact is partly related to the issues you raised.

Enjoy Christmas and New Year.

just made some xmas crypto giveaway

Happy Holidays!

Thanks! Now carry on!

Why do you have such thin skin, @reseller?

Yes, your self-voted comment appeared sycophantic and it received multiple flags from multiple users. Not sure exactly what you were going for. Your use of the mute button tells me you are not one that likes to be critiqued. Noted.

Even so, I made an attempt to reach out to you in a civil way prior to coming across your comment to discuss a matter that is important to the chain.

But, it seemed more useful to ignore that and respond to the meme that didn't paint you in the most pleasant light. That's unfortunate.


Happy Holidays and hope 2019 will be the year of STEEM!


Well sometimes appears to be not so pleasant to show up as a boss in front of the volunteers...
MANY of them do not need a leader in the first place! ;)
I mean X-mas is not about the very wishing... and it's fake till it reaches certain point of good feeling about it! ;)
Take care! ;)

This is nice communication thank you and same to you! This kind of thoughtful communication is great and goes a long way to improve user sentiment.

This strikes me as overuse of the pinned post function.

I was just thinking why did they pin this? To spread cheer? I don't know.

Happy holiday steemit.com

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