Design Contest! Submit Designs for Official Steemit Gear

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Want to commemorate your love of Steemit? We are formally announcing our quarterly t-shirt design contest.

Make Your Mark

Make your mark on limited edition Steemit Gear and submit your design ideas. The winner will have their design memorialized on a limited edition t-shirt available on The Steemit Shop.

The winner will be announced in early May.


Please submit your design ideas to [email protected] by April 20th.

Good luck!

Team Steemit


So basically the winner win a sample of his design on a t-shirt.

High stakes!

BTW, We need more Steem and less Steemit. Most people are super confused already. I guess most people think steem is Steemit's currency.

Luckily my design can accommodate both - just gotta change green to blue.

Yea... So true. So many people confuse and mix-up the two together. I didnt even know the difference too until we were told at the last meet-up I attended at Ibadan, Nigeria.

not to suck up or something but it's pretty hard not taking you for a robot if you could come up with such cool in such short time

good job!

Haha @yesaye

and a girl just mentioned yesi for the first time since March

now he be calling the Pope

this cunt's a stalker guys, PSA fuckers!!




wait which other girl did? umm you know, not cause im desperate and am a lonely fucker...u know...

Suspense so strong, M. Night Shyamalam's jealous.

A circle sure is a great design.

i would totally buy that one !

Getting customers for @steemitblog already!

I see what you did there.

Just you wait, tomorrow they'll be here.

Agreed. Clever.

Did someone say STEEM SHIRTS??? oh wait, you said STEEMIT.... maybe i should get working....

See my page about the shirt, and this linked which kicked it off

oooo I like

here my entry, I also made an entry informing the contest linking this publication


The force is with you! You got a 25.17% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @aerossone!

Am I doing this right ?

Thank you for a smile! I would wear that!

Hillary and Chris Johnsonare expecting their third child!.png

Steemit: Live Free


Steemit: Create



Even @jerrybanfield laughs at this one. I say it's a winner.


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