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I'd like to first thank everyone who has supported my previous posts about this shirt and giving me the enjoyment of continuing to work on this shirt project and turning it into reality. If you think this shirt is something your followers would enjoy, read on for my giveaway proposal and have them follow the creation of this shirt!


STEEM is about giving to the community. The more you give, the more you are likely to succeed, and as part of my effort to help promote STEEM, I want to give away some of my shirts.

If you have an SBD/STEEM give away contest in the near future, consider giving away one of my shirts! The catch here is you have to promo the shirt for me on your page as I develop these shirts. Your name will be added to the bottom of my post as a give away supporter too! Once the shirts have been finalized, you can start the contest and I will supply and send the shirt out to the lucky winner of your contest! If you would like to participate in this, send me a proposal on what the contest will be about via or on discord (@motoengineer) and I will review and look at your page to see your past contest and winners! Unfortunately, I can only send this to winners within the continental US! But this can change if I get a significant amount of support and can afford to send these shirts overseas! I'm sure there are steemians around the world that would appreciate something like this! Okay moving on to the shirts themselves!

The Samples are in and the results SATISFYING!!

When the samples first arrived, I was blown away by the quality of the white shirt! The lines were crisp, clean and the color was absolutely spot on! Even if you did not have the shirt in your hand, the photos show the quality of the print on this shirt! I'm sure you guys are excited just seeing these clean lines!





The black shirt came out with a lot of fraying around the artwork and I was really disappointed with the overall quality of the print.

This is why we need samples and prototypes!

I spent several days racking my head as to why it came out this way because I think there might be something incompatible with the process and the image, rather than it being a mistake of the technician who was printing the shirts.

Here are some photos:



If you notice, there is a lot of frayed white fabric that was a result of the printing process. Here is a zoomed in shot.



If this is a result of poor handling, then a reprint would fix the problem. However, if this is an issue with the printer itself, we would have to go back to the drawing board to fix this issue.

Before I called the supplier, I did some research on how the printers work and it seems as though the printer head applies several layers of ink down in order to achieve the correct hue. For the black shirt, it would have to apply a layer of white first, then the blue. This would create the hue of blue that I designed.

The white would bleed into the black shirt, creating the fraying, which in essence cannot be corrected using the direct to garment printing method, which means the black shirt might not be possible without changing the colors.

I have a phone call with the supplier to figure out what can be done about it and then I'm going to get a replacement sample for the black shirts created, possibly with a redesigned logo.

How durable is the logo?

The first question I asked myself when I got this shirt was how durable are the thin lines?

I stretched and pulled on the fabric to see if the logo would crack and break up like a stencil would and I'm glad to say that the printing method is on each individual strand rather than on top of strands. So far, durability for over stretching is not an issue.

But the question about washing and abrasion becomes important. And the only way to gain any metrics for that is to literally wear the shirt into the ground. So my plan is to wear the shirt during my jiu jitsu training (@el-cr OSS!) and literally rub the logo on everyone and everything then wash via machine and rewear it the next day. Which means this shirt will be put to the TEST in terms of durability.

I will not send any of these shirts out without knowing that they will last!

If you liked this shirt, be sure to continue to follow me and @edgecelize for updates on how this shirt develops over the next few weeks! AND how you can get your hands on them!


RESTEM if you want to share this shirt with other people!


You got an upvote from Luke Steemwalker @investing. Awesome work, I'm now following you. Please follow back, I'm on a mission to vlog/blog Steem to the masses. I seek out the best content. Again, great stuff man!

Wow dude i didnt expect youll do a giveaway plus a quality check on the shirt!! Thanks so much for your dedication. Ill wait for the result! And how much did ypu spend to do this? Im going to write a post to promote your shirt. Thats a really smart way to promote steem. And yeah how many shirts are you giving away? Is there a limit?

I've spent several hundred dollars to buy several samples seeing which ones are good or bad. It isn't cheap to do this, I would love to give away as many shirts as I can, but I am trying to power up with more steem too at the same time!

I don't know how many shirts I can do. Ultimately, I'll have to see how cheap I can get a bulk order, and how much of my own cash I have to spend on this. I am prebuying all the shirt with cash, and I will be selling them only for STEEM or SBD.

So before you ask us to promote your shirts. Why don't you come up with a number of shirts that you can sponsor? If some people promoted your post and find out that you can't do giveaway anymore. The participants will be mad!

Great point, but they can't offer a give away without contacting me first so once I get a sense of who is who and how many people ask me, I'll know when to stop the offer. At this point I need to gage interest first!

Ok count me in! How many people contacted you so far? I think once people start doing post, more request will flows in.

So far, ZERO. Which is expected and unfortunate since reaching out to people is difficult on this platform. So I have been reaching out to a few users individually.

For obvious reasons, someone cannot create a simple give away that has 1 post like "predict tomorrows SBD price and win a t shirt!". I want someone who has a sufficient following to create a contest that is involved and reaches many people. I am after all paying for this out of my own pocket!

Well you know what? I suggest you do a radioshow on msp (minnow support group) They have over 10k users there. Maybe @aggroed can help you. In the meantime, can I be one of your promoter too?

But have a new logo!

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Nice one man. I resteemed!

thanks for the resteem!

The white does look great too! I like how the black looks, hope you can figure out the printing issue. Nothing like a full contact sport for a durability test.

I reached out to the supplier, but they haven't gotten back to me. I hope I am wrong, and it's a technician error, but the reality is that I think it's my own fault for not understanding how the ink is applied. If i have to rework the art, then it just cant be that level of blue without a ring of black around it.

very cool upgrading idea using Steem logo. shown how passion about steemit. thanks bro.

thanks! maybe I'll be able to use the steemit logo if this project is successful!

And I forgot to tell you I'm a logo designer too if you need any assistance hit me up i will do anything i can for free! because i'm a huge fan of yours. Thanks

thanks! You should post up what you have on your page so I can see what you've done so far!

This is my portfolio dear Thank you

Wow, nice to hear about the contest idea and in my opinion people will show interest in the these kind of awesome promotions, and both T-shirts are amazing and the Black is really awesome, let's hope that it will get good exposure. Thanks for sharing and keepup the great work. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I love your comment it make sense

Thank you so much. 🙂

Very nice idea @motoengineer
I support don’t know how now but I will follow you to support whenever I find a chance

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Very nice idea 💡
Good 👍👍👍👍👍

follow me ~💕

Excellent !! t-shirt design with steemit logo
Thank you for sharing

Nice one.

How r u buddy...

Logo stands out better on white shirt. Black is not dark enough.

its 1000x better on a white shirt, I have to find a way to make it pop on a dark shirt, what do you think? I think we need a different color

I like black and it should stand out, but this shirt looks faded a bit. Maybe stroke effect ?

Might just be lighting. What is stroke effect?

Outline around an image. Maybe you try with Red color on Black background. Maybe I can show you what I mean if you share logo file.

Steem logo on White shirt has black outline. That is lost when applied on black shirt. Maybe you use Red color of that outline on black shirt ?

The red looks a bit weird, but I get what you are saying. Perhaps it would be good to widen the white outline and remove the black around the logo. Boy this is going to cost a lot of money to get a black shirt that looks right!

The original logo is here actually:

Well, that inverted gold logo looks cool. Maybe even with silver instead of white. That's just my opinion. Hope I was helpful. I will follow closely :)

cool..he's very nice, thank you for sharing my friend's information


Awesome design! I hope the black works out cause i'd deffinately buy several

It is really amazing idea to promote your hard work,i hope you succeed hear

I love your initiative.
Supporting with a vote and reblogging.
Good luck and thanks.

the white one is sublimation method?

both are DTG or direct to garment. Dye Sublimation only works on synthetic materials unfortunately. I dont like the idea of a polyester clothing. Cotton is the way to go for an every day T shirt. Im wearing the small black shirt right now and its SUPER comfy so far.

i loved the t-shirt a lot,the colour and the design is so amazing that i can't resist myself by buying one.

Hi @motoengineer its a great thing you are doing - and my hat goes off to you for your perseverance in the face of the ink running...etc
Keep up the good work!

Awesome quality check! I would still wear it though. Thanks, I leaned something. I wish @steelparade would get more shirts for the band. 😐

Realmente la imagen diseñada me encanto y despues de leer toda la explicación de tu post de verdad te felicito por hacer las cosas como deben ser. También me gustaría tener una, ve a mi blog para que mires mi diseño en el con curso de @kalemandra

I love this. I will contact you on discord

Good project and good shirt to promote Steemit. Thanks for your effort!

I love the shirt! Good content as usual! My upvote is small, but you've got it,my friend. Please checkout my animation videos if you have time. I'm the only one animator on dtube! Thank you.

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