Welcome to SteemDeepThink! -- GRAND OPENING!

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Hello, Fellow Steemians! This is an open invitation to join us in SteemDeepThink, a community collective promoting quality discourse within the humanities. Do you have something to bring to the community in philosophy, literature, education, religion, history, or any of the other humanities? Then come join us!

We are looking for thoughtful writers who like to engage with the deeper questions of life - the things that draw out meaning and truth; the things that teach us what it means to be human. We like to ask the Big Questions, knowing that the wrestling with the question itself is as meaningful as discovering an answer.

While we each come from different cultures, geographic regions, and philosophical perspectives, what unites us all is an ongoing pursuit of Truth.


Come introduce yourself on Discord

Until Steemit provides a better solution for communities built into the site itself, the majority of our non-post-related conversations are being held on Discord.

Come join us! -- https://discord.gg/7qyarFD.

On Discord we get the opportunity to dialogue in real time: promoting ideas, challenging thinking, encouraging one another in our search for meaning. We also have a subchannel for post promotion making it easier for others to see and engage with our work.

And even more than a place to chat with others about your posts, you will also find a place to talk about the future of DeepThink. We see this as a community-fueled endeavor, and are looking for the voices of many. We have great plans for challenges, contests, debates, and more. But we also need input from YOU!

If only Socrates could upvote!


We are in the process of creating our own curation trail on Streemian. Rather than curating on a per-post basis (like @curie or @steemtrail), we curate based on designated authors who post using the "deepthink" tag. Once you are officially designated as a member, you will be added to the curation trail. Everything you post using the "deepthink" tag will automatically get upvoted by the curation trail. So it better be good!

As mentioned before, it is expected that you join the DeepThink curation trail on Streemian as well. If you would like to benefit from the community, make sure you are contributing as well!


Membership & Expectations

Anyone can come to our Discord server to promote posts, discuss ideas, and reflect on the meaning of life. But to be an official member of the Steem DeepThink community, and receive benefit from the automated curation trail, we ask just a few things:

  1. You must be an active user, at least two weeks as a Steemit member. Also, as a part of the application process you will need to submit at least two previous posts that are aligned with the DeepThink endeavor.
  2. When posting articles on Steemit that are in alignment with our community concept (posts about the humanities), use the tag "deepthink" as any one of your tags. Our curation trail supports current members posting using this tag. To be clear, "deepthink" can be any one of your tags (it need not be the first); feel free to also use whatever other tags are helpful to identify your post.
  3. All posts with "deepthink" attached should be connected in some way to the humanities. (For specifics, see the list of subject areas on Wikipedia.) The only exception to this list is the visual and performing arts. While we are big fans of the arts, the purposes of this group are more literary. Discussion and philosophical analysis of the arts, though, is fair game!
  4. We ask that official members join the curation trail on Streemian, contributing their Steem Power to support the community and help it grow.
  5. Work hard to keep the quality of your writing excellent. Use proper grammar and spelling. Try not to ramble. Have clear ideas and support your ideas with examples.
  6. Be supportive and encouraging to others - comment on posts and engage with their ideas! You do not need to agree with everyone, but please be respectful. And be receptive; be willing to change your mind! The purpose of this group is to promote thought and discussion.
  7. Be on the lookout for others who may want to join and direct them to our Discord server. The invitation is open!

When you are ready to apply for membership, our Discord channel has a pinned application in the General channel. We will be asking you about the subject areas you feel most comfortable writing in. You will also need to link to two of your posts to be reviewed for content and writing style. If approved as a member, you will be added to our automated curation trail.

Our community operates on a basis of trust. Please do not take advantage of the system, or you will be banned! You are at risk of being banned if you do any of the following:

  • Post frequently with little content to offer (taking advantage of the curation process)
  • Frequently post content that should not be categorized under the "deepthink" tag (non-humanities related content)
  • Plagiarize in any form
  • If you drop off the face of the earth (inactivity for more than a month)
  • You are a "moocher" - you get upvoted by the DeepThink community for your content, but are not contributing through Streemian
  • Write inflammatory content or make hurtful remarks to others. As mentioned above, you can write content that others may not agree with, but we ask that you remain respectful.
  • Create discontent and friction among community members

And so it begins!

If you've read this far, what are you waiting for? Come join us on Discord and get a feel for what we are all about!

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/7qyarFD

Just know, that with all the questions that will be asked, there is only one answer: 42. The real question is, "What will the questions be?"

(If this joke went over your head, read this: Deep Thought)


Founding members of SteemDeepThink:

Follow us for high-quality @SteemDeepThink content!


Welcome to Steemit! I have joined the group and was welcomed nicely. Lets see if I can learn and maybe also show other what I know. Let the DeepThinking begin! #steemdeepthink

Glad you made it in! I'm looking forward to seeing what you will bring to the community.

Well, wont have much time on there for now, till after August is over. Till then I will be popping in and out..

I like! Resteemed! :) Just started to write a post that would fit this project very well.

Great. Thank you! I hope to see you on our Discord channel!


I don't use discord... yet. I'll give it a try very soon I think. :)
I just wonder why discord is so popular among steemit users. Why don't you use steemit.chat?

Discord has many more features and options. For instance on steemit chat, there's only one room to a channel. On discord, you can have different rooms. So you can have a separate room for post-promotion (link-dropping). You can have another room for admins to talk in private. You can have a general room for everyone else. You can have admins and moderators and members and regular users, all with different access rights to control the channel. Etc.

How do I find this group on discord?? I'm quite confused by the whole thing :/

Once you have created an account on Discord - either online or through the app - click on this link (it was mentioned in the post): https://discord.gg/7qyarFD. This should bring you to the general channel for SteemDeepThink. Hope to see you in there!

Hello, i have a discord account, it does not take me there it takes me to what looks like a general home page and lands on add friend. :/ it just opens up discord on my computer but doesn't take me to the group.

I'll check it out at some point. For now I'll resteem. I avoid discord not because I don't like it... but, because I like it too much and I get heavily distracted by it. That doesn't mean I won't use it. It just means I make myself only pop into such places occasionally.

"Just when I thought I was out... they pull me back in." - Michael Corleone

Once you jump in to read the docs on how the group works, and submit your application for review, all you need to worry about is creating good content. The Discord community is just a bonus, and serves the purpose of building community for those looking for more/easier discussion than post comments. I'm hopeful that someday soon Steemit will have something built into the site that works similarly.

And thanks for the upvote and resteem!

Upvoted and resteemed. Good project.

Thank you! I saw that you jumped into Discord. Sorry I missed you, but it looks like you had a warm welcome from the rest of the team.

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Keep up the good work!

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Interesting, this may be really interesting. As long as nobody will stab me to death.

Everyone is asked to leave their knives at the door! )

Oh and btw the last @deepthink doesnt work. Wrong link

Fixed it! Thanks!

Just tried to visit discord, but got hopelessly lost, and even ended up in another group's room by accident. Don't know how to follow the curation trail. What is that? Anyway, am thinking it over, but I am probably too controversial in my ideas to qualify.

I remember you @ajdohmen, so you must've joined successfully at some point. Others too have felt overwhelmed by discord the first time around but you quickly get used to it.

Controversial is fine as long as it's well argued.

Details about how to follow a curation trail (and how to set up streemian.com) are given in the pinned documents that can be accessed by clicking on the 'pin' button at the upper right hand corner of the discord channel. Someone will probably be available to explain once you're in the room, but you don't really need to concern yourself with that right now: right now all you need to do is pick 2 of your articles that you think belong in the humanities and submit them using the application document that can also be found by clicking on the pin button. You can also just hang in there and chat, read other people's work in the post-promotion room or promote your own.

Welcome to Steemit! Please consider checking out minnowsupportproject.com and @minnowsupport. It is a great community of individuals that will help you get started and can answer all of your questions.

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