Are We Still A Community?

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It is very likely I am wasting my time here, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and thus I feel obligated to try this in light of my alternative options failing.

I do not like receiving something for nothing, and so when I found myself in serious need of money, rather than simply ask for it, I thought sooner to sell my account and the rights to the 18 months worth of content I have produced on it.

This approach has not yet brought any success, and so about a month ago I started adding a bitcoin address to the end of some of the posts that I spent upwards of a few hours on, in the hopes that some may appreciate the work and want to donate something. This is not an approach I would recommend to anyone, for as of yet, I've received zero donations- though I will admit I expected as much before trying.

Unfortunately optimism is no longer proving useful, and I have found myself on the verge of eviction from this property. If it were me alone that stood to be effected by this situation, then I would not be writing this post, for it is quite frankly an embarrassment. But it is not only me and therefore I cannot allow pride to prevent me from doing this.

There was once a very strong community spirit here. We would never have allowed one of our own to become homeless. I do not think that much of this community has endured, and that is why I feel it likely I am wasting my time with this post. But, at this point it seems it would be irresponsible of me not to try.

So, I am asking for the help I need. Though only what I feel I truly need, for as much as there are things to be paid and things that need bought, there is only one of these things that is a significant cause of stress for me, and that is the rent.

£1,283.43 is the amount owed to rent to save from eviction.


I do not care to say much else as it just sounds like emotional manipulation. This is what I need to save me a lot of problems, and I am asking this community for assistance with that.

Because I have been posting a lot about bidbots recently, I do not want this post to be misinterpreted as some sort of underhanded bribe. So to be very clear, even if I do garner the funds I need to address this problem, I will still, after paying the rent, be back here posting about why bidbots are evil. And even if I am made homeless, I will likely still be sitting on the street posting about bidbots from my phone - and having perhaps the best argument I ever could have against them.

A resteem will help to get more eyes in the community on this. That means more chance of support, but also more eyes learning things about my situation I'd rather not even be writing. So, I will let you decide whether this is something to resteem or not.

BTC address:


If this post changes to another post it is because I decided it was a bad idea and edited the post, as I already feel very much that way at this point.


I also HATE asking for help. I know how much it takes to get there. I lost my business and can barely pay my rent, but I will send a small donation. maybe, like he said below, the crumbs will help. And if you take a manifest donation, i'll put one in the pipes for you

I would rather you do not. I can you assure it will not make me feel better to receive donations from others who need the money as much as I do. I will just end up feeling as though I am responsible for any subsequent hardships they will endure. So I thank you, but if you are struggling, take care of yourself first before helping anyone else.

this is how I look at it: we all struggle but we all also have some extra we spend that wouldn't notice. If when one of us was in need we all threw that extra for a day or so then it would more than cover the need- creating a positive difference out of a non perceptible negative. Trust me I would have sent more if I could have, and I normally am a bit of a bleeding heart, but i sent just a couple which i would not notice in any capacity and I have had plenty of help lately (I would be homeless and probably worse if I hadn't). I wasn't wanting to make you feel bad, I promise you I do know how you feel , I was just prefacing it because my own ego makes me feel bad when I can't help or question my selfishness. ;)

Yes. It's pretty much the song Lean on Me, from back when they used to make music that contained useful life lessons. I even had to listen to that song a couple times before doing this as a convincer. Thanks again.

I cannot do much as of right now I am saving and also powering down to purchase a truck for our little homestead. I will give you a 100 percent upvote, it is only 4 cents but I hope it helps. I will also resteem. Just so you know I feel as you do about us being a community, most of my posts do not get seen.

I wish you all the best and hope it all works out for you. I hope you can get this taken care of. Have a great day! Stay positive!

Upvoted and re-steemed. If you are fine with it, i will send you a minnowsupport upvote later tonight. Its not a bidbot, just a free community project.

As long as it is not a bidbot. I have somehow managed to get three bidbot votes this week, while writing about why I am against them. Lol. Sure helps me argument.. Thanks-

We're still a community, at least there are pockets of it here and there I'm sure. I contributed a little to you, it's not much. Maybe contact me directly on Discord and maybe we can work something else out or I might be able to help connect you with someone, I don't know, no promises, just thinking out loud.

I am very grateful, for both the donation and the further offer of support. If it comes to it I may be forced to take you up on it, as well as the other offers that have been made. But today I mostly feel disappointed in myself for doing something I told myself I never would, and so I am going to try sell my account again if I do not raise enough, before asking for donations from people who probably cannot afford to give them. I think if I lower the price by 70% I may have some luck. And while I know I will feel silly for selling my account and the content on it for so cheap, I will know I had little choice and it shouldn't be too much of a bother if it gets me out of this situation.

Do you have a paypal account? I have way to many motorbikes, and would list one on ebay with a buy it now and cover the rent for you, what is the time frame we are working with?.

This is so fucking generous of you. But it was my hope to acquire what I need through the community giving away small amounts that mean nothing to them and that they will definitely not miss. This seems way too much, mate, and so I don't think I can.

I only have $10.688 in sbd in my wallet, I sent it with pleasure, hope it helps.

I am grateful, but I am still in somewhat of a shock about your first offer. I will never forget the depths of your generosity that I have witnessed here today. Interestingly, you are one of few people on here who I have always had a "good feeling" about, for lack of a better way to put it. It is good to see that my intuition is still as reliable as it once was.

Well the offer stands, if you need me at the last minute, and I mean that. I have way more of the things than I could ever ride anyway bud.

Take the help!

And this is why I believe there is a lot of comeraderie here and a surprising number of people definitely willing to help...

Take the offer, Son. There's going to be a time when you can turn around and offer something to someone else.

I know it’s hardest to change your attitude in the midst of struggle, but it’s also the most effective time to change your attitude. Perhaps this will work. And perhaps there is a way to find some support through your bitcoin address without feeling like you are begging. You have a lot to offer, people won’t always see that (I know from my own experience) but if you keep searching for better ways to be who you are, you will eventually stumble upon something that pays the bills. I’m half talking to myself as I say all this.

I’ll keep you in mind for once I get my own shit together, for now, a resteem.

I would call this good advice, if it were not technically the mindset that brought me here. Lol. But, I have almost got myself into that position where I will be able to earn from what I've been building, so now it's just hoping I make it that far. I am sure I will though.


Wish I could help in some other way than just with a votes and reestem

Maybe try adding as well as the bitcoin address for instance a doge address something you can send small amounts cheaply with? A lot of crumbs might amount to something

It's an idea I hadn't considered. The BTC address just leads to my bittrex account, as any donations I had received would have needed to be sold right away anyway. I will then have a deposit address for every coin that is bittrex too, but I do not want to put some huge list of wallets. Do you know which is the most popular besides Bitcoin?

Probably ltc or xrp, xrp is cheaper to transfer but its frowned upon by part of the crypto community due to its centralized nature
Doge on the other hand originated as a means of internet tipping its not as popular as the prior two but has cheaper transfers so mayby go with 3 addresses btc doge and ltc or xrp

ltc and dash are the best because of their adoption and fees, I'd say bts and steem are nice too, not to mention there are more of them ... lots of cryptos are pretty reliable and pretty easy to use :)

you could add a link to a linking page, crypto wallets: ... then you can see the 15 links :D

Other reliable coins with cheap fast transfers
Ltc litecoin
Xrp ripple
Xlm stellar
Bcn bytecoin (not so quick but private)

I hear you. A lot of us are in the same boat currently.

Your comment has made me realise that, in truth, we are not. We have all elected to put ourselves into little ships. Relationships, citizenships, friendships or otherwise. I realise that the day we actually do consider ourselves in the same boat is the day that none of us shall ever sink.

I hope you get enough for your rent, wish you the best. Just a reminder, we can also upvote his comments too, since we can only upvote the post once.

Absolutely wonderful fact my dear friend!up Vote up vote upvote! Thanks for helping my brother.

Further to that, upvoting older posts and comments will add value to payouts that will come sooner too.

My dear friend I can help only a little. I can resteem you to my few followers and I can resteem you through newbieresteemday. If I also send you some SBD will it help? I also upvoted you. I will also ask our creator to give you all you need to make and for him to guide you. I really wish I could do more, and if there is something else please let me know. If I can help more I will. I truly feel for you brother.

Thanks. You have done more than enough and it is appreciated.

Well I appreciate your different outlook on things and we’ve even shared some laughs together , so resteemed and wish my upvote was worth more. I completely understand your struggle, i live in one of the highest rent areas, since I’m 40 miles south of Silicon Valley, and 10 miles from the coast of Monterey Bay. Hang in there.

Thank you. Forgetting about money for a moment, it is comments like this that help me believe that a community still exists here, so it is very much appreciated.

Yeah I fell it is easy to lose ones way here, but it’s important to remember it is all about community. You can’t expect to succeed if you go it alone and never pay it forward or back.

Hey, just curious, since you didn't mention it....
What caused your sudden need for that much money? Have you fallen ill? (Sorry if you've mentioned it in a previous post.)
It sucks, so many Steemians are hurtin' :(

No. I am in perhaps the best health of my life. But to answer your question I'd have to explain so much of my situation. I am not sure I am prepared to do that unless I am positive that doing so will help to get me out of said situation. Sharing this post was uncomfortable enough for me- and I very rarely feel uncomfortable.

Has this been sorted yet? I remember not long ago I was locked up and all my crypto confiscated, and am still fighting to get it back.
That being said I have a little left, and if you need it I'll happily share.

Not a dolphin like I used to be, but what I do have is yours if you need it.

It's kind of you to offer, but I expect to have the entirety of the rent paid by the end of this week.

Was it a significant amount they stole from you? If so, you should make more of a fuss about this. If they get away with this shit, they will start doing it to everyone. Perhaps they already are, I don't know.

Used to be an insider before crypto. Making a pretty big fuss and causing enough headaches will be resolved before Feb next year.
In retrospect if I would have had my full stack in December, I'd be done for good and just having fun, reasons for everything I suppose. (And they have been, for awhile now, don't move accross flyover states is all I can say) just fly and ship your stuff and create all ze backups.)

That being said keep me posted. Happy to help with what I still have.

Are you sorted with this, do you need anymore help as i will gladly send some funds :)

I will be fine now, thank you. The community sorted about half and I will be working on getting the rest together over the next few days, so it looks like I will have the entirety of it paid within the week.

I appreciate the sentiment though, but give whatever you would have given to me to someone else who needs it, because I am sure there are plenty who do.

I wish I had caught your post earlier, if you need a hand with the rest please let me know. The community helped me so much, I have helped a few people out and would like to make things easier for you :)

What’s arr ears? Is that a pirate listening device?
“With arr ears open we can hear the scourge coming.”


Upped you at 100% not much but something. You should never feel ashamed to ask for help if really need it.
Good luck!


✊ massive respect for anyone that can find the strength to ask for help, I didn't last year and it almost ruined me and everything close to me. My contribution is just a drop in the ocean but i hope it helps!

I think we all have problems. maybe in a different way. I also have a load in life. when my parents had to redeem the medicine all the time. my parents had a Stroke. keep spirit my friends

It's not much, but happy to resteem and throw my small vote value on the pile to help a little bit

So great to see you here!!! Thanks for helping a friend in need. That's so nice of you.

It may not be much, but where possible I do like to help if I can.

Hey bub, upvoted and resteemed, but this is my first foray into crypto and I’m quite new here. How about paypal?

Hey man, I feel you. I also have to pay rent every month because I don't have house of my. I really hope this community will help you. I would send you donation, but I'm also in same problems. What I can do is to resteem this post, which I did. Good luck!

Thanks and I would want nothing from you in such circumstances anyway. Thanks for the share and I hope you can find a way back above water also.

Sorry for your hard times, but all I have to give is an upvote and resteem

Wow. Fuck you then.

hey uhh.. the dude above said he upvoted and resteemed you, and you said thankyou, this guy says the same and you say fuck you ? He reposted your article and you swear at him? thats not very community minded at all, he was just trying to help you.

It was a joke. My personality does not always translate so well to text. Hopefully the recipient understood it better than you.

Yeah you'd hope so

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I really hope this helps you friend. @johndoer123

There's a community here, but I doubt it's different from the one you know.

What do you mean?

That people are the same everywhere. I pray for your good health, but I don't know if this community will live up to your expectation.

Gave you a re post and a up vote. There will also be a little dust in your wallet. Sorry yer going through hard times.

There's nothing you have to be sorry for. It was my own decisions that brought me here. Thanks a lot though.

I admire you for asking for help when you need it. Set aside your pride and ask the people of the Steemit Community for a little help. If everyone pitches in a little this should be no problem.

Admirable was not the adjective I was thinking of, so I thank you very much for the fresh perspective on things.

Most people think they are an adult and don’t need help and are to proud to ask.
I know this community will come together and get your situation resolved!!
Once I saw this I posted up in an attempt to get more feelers out and raise some Steem/sbd for you.
Your steemit family has your back.

I know your struggles. I also have to pay rent every month and know it's hard every month. I don't have money on a side to help you, but I hope this community will help you. Member of this community @hendrix22 surprised me with fundraiser for me when I mention my struggles. There is many positive people here and I'm sure you will receive help. Resteemed!

Best of luck! Resteemed. Upvoted. Hope it helps!

Thanks, mate.

brave to ask. I'll transer some SBD. But won't you have the same problem next months?

The rent is one of many things pulling me under right now. So, regardless of whether I pay the rent in its entirety or not, I have no doubt I will have some struggling to do next month, and very likely a few months afterwards. But, I'm not afraid of a struggle and I'm rather inventive when I need to be. My only true worry is that I won't be in a position to help myself much longer if I don't do something to get the housing off my back. Then my inventiveness will be of a little use to me or Vito.

Thank you, by the way.

You are welcome.

You know already that I am not having the same notion as you do in relying on this platform to make money. It's unstable from it's very nature.

As you are a somewhat young and healthy man and in full capacity of your bodily powers (I picked that up here somewhere while reading) why not using this to your advantage? After getting the housing off your back, which I assume means that you drop your apartment? Have you ever thought of leaving your country and doing some labour work at construction sides or gardening?

If I were a man in your age, I would long for meeting other men who can teach me some manly things in working together. I know it's not my cup of tea but as you are blogging about your situation thoughts are coming up. Did you hear from Michael Reynolds and his earth-ships? Those are sustainable houses run by self providing systems fully supported by sun and wind energy ... maybe they need volunteers for their projects.

Stay well.

P.S. or look for the Tamera Project in Portugal. This is not so far as the States.

I appreciate the suggestions but I am not lost for a purpose. I know exactly what I want to and have to do. I have been working on a number of projects that all combine for some time now, but that I have been unable to earn anything on yet. This is perhaps been a factor in me getting into this situation, but one that will have been worth it, because when I am complete, I will be able to make money a lot easier, quicker, and while doing something that I not only enjoy but feel passionately about, and that I consider to be useful for the world.

For a moment, this plan was slipping away from me, but with the donations received so far, and with the upvotes on active posts now, it looks like I will be able to buy myself at least two months to get things in order. I will of course have to still be earning in that time, but I think two months is more than enough to get my larger project to a point where I can start introducing it to the world piece by piece.

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I hope you get what you need brother x

Hi man! That really sucks! To lift your mood,my mate years ago got evicted and so him and some mechanic mates decided to take apart an abandoned car that was in the carpark and rebuilt it in the lounge just before eviction day 😂 that must have taken time to sort out! You might think im taking the piss,but did you think about going bin diving and not spending money for food?

I tend just to fast when I cannot afford food for myself, or when I feel the money could be better spent elsewhere. It's quite shocking how long one can go without food, and more shocking still how better they can feel because of it.

What's even more shocking is that most supermarket bins round the back are open and brimming with fresh food from that day, waiting for people like yourself to come and eat like kings! Man Waitrose bins were never locked! And then you call up your friends if you dont have a car (you willfill a boot of a car easy) and they too can start saving some money and giving a good "fuck you" to the system!
For its firstly very luxious food that I wont ever be able to afford, then its about how they tell us what life is and if we aint got money we go hungry when there IS so much edible food everyday behind every suoermarket. I hate the system, and this act of going to get free food is a big win to the people. It does change life situations, because it changed mine (although i didnt think about it whilst living in the system) and its changed many peoples lives that i have taken with me to the bins :)

All the expensive stuff that people cant afford is chucked out. All you need is a tiny bit of food safety savvy :)

I can feel the sweet nostalgia you were bathing in as you wrote this. You are a fucking legend.

I didn't know about this and I wonder if I could acquire my dog top quality food that still hasn't gone bad this way. I might eat like shit when I have to, but I feed him the best only as I feel it would be immoral of me to feed him shit I know is poison. ANd because he is a big dog, it can be expensive, so I would save a considerable amount per week. Was there ever organic meat or vegetables thrown out that were still fresh?

Haha 😂
My dogs are eating fresh meats all the time! Plus I dont like fish so they get all the salmon lol. Theres always salmon in the bins. Dogs can eat even the most rotton meats as they have the correct acids in stomach to break it down,but man seriously 80% of food in the bins is perfectly fine, if you have a chest freezer it will be full after a few trips to a good supermarket..

I will definitely be investigating this, and my brother also has a large dog so we could both end up saving a decent amount a month. Thanks a ton, mate.

I'd love to help but have no crypto other than on Steemit. I could transfer some fiat if that's not a dirty word. I'm DB#9390 on discord if you want to get in touch.

No. Do not be silly. But thanks very much for the thought.

Ok, not sure why it's silly. I wouldn't like to see you homeless for the sake of a few quid.
The offer is there anyway.

Me too. I don't have any other crypto bar here and no other wallets that I understand how to work! I really must address that if I believe inthis system, and there's been occasions where I'd like to help people out (and I sincerely hope you are okay, @sonofsatire! ) but I cant as I have no means to!

Don't worry yourself. The sentiment is nevertheless appreciated.

hard times comes before the good,remain positive


I will still, after paying the rent, be back here posting about why bidbots are evil. And even if I am made homeless, I will likely still be sitting on the street posting about bidbots from my phone - and having perhaps the best argument I ever could have

:) had a laugh, I'm resteeming as a small measure since I'm mostly out of here for pretty much the same reasons, I don't feel like writing for others, I do it for myself and if there is nobody to read it why would i bother posting it ... enough about me,

there is still a community, as decentralised as ever :P

love you man, keep it up, I'm around even if I'm just ghosting

@eddard, I'd say that's nice advice buy a boat and sail the seas :P

Fuck it I'm upvoting comments for good times sake,

Communities are tested in such cases, you will see who is willing to take a hit and stand up for you, I'd like to read all the comments so I will take some time for that :)

Upvoted and resteemed - good luck!

Prayer for you on the way up. (Resteeming and upvoting too.)

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But dude, I love failing :)
I love to resteem,
for the boobs!

Lol. We shall never live the one down.

Nah, it's catchy! And sometimes, squishy-squish!
Lol, how am I not single yet? xD

I understand where youre coming from with a post like this. I was in your situation for many years.
One eviction on my record when times were tough and it took actually 7 years of couch-surfing and losing my family to finally get my grasp on things.
How long do you have before you are in the street?

I was on the streets for a few months when I was fifteen. I feel that a lot of my strength came from that, in regards to my ability to make the right choice irregardless of the consequences. I think sometimes you have to learn that you're able to do without in order to learn what you're not willing to do to have something. Point being, after seven years I would expect you to have far more of that strength.

They have demanded immediate payment but in truth I feel the situation can be delayed a while longer. But, that's just optimism probably. I highly doubt they will complain to such an extent if I am able to pay even half of it. That'l surely buy me some breathing room and time to sort the rest out.

Hi, I have resteemed your post. I feel bad for your situation. Hope that you will find a way around it and get hold of your life again.

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