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RE: Are We Still A Community?

in #steemit4 years ago

Do you have a paypal account? I have way to many motorbikes, and would list one on ebay with a buy it now and cover the rent for you, what is the time frame we are working with?.


This is so fucking generous of you. But it was my hope to acquire what I need through the community giving away small amounts that mean nothing to them and that they will definitely not miss. This seems way too much, mate, and so I don't think I can.

I only have $10.688 in sbd in my wallet, I sent it with pleasure, hope it helps.

I am grateful, but I am still in somewhat of a shock about your first offer. I will never forget the depths of your generosity that I have witnessed here today. Interestingly, you are one of few people on here who I have always had a "good feeling" about, for lack of a better way to put it. It is good to see that my intuition is still as reliable as it once was.

Well the offer stands, if you need me at the last minute, and I mean that. I have way more of the things than I could ever ride anyway bud.

Take the help!

And this is why I believe there is a lot of comeraderie here and a surprising number of people definitely willing to help...

Take the offer, Son. There's going to be a time when you can turn around and offer something to someone else.

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