Road to SteemFest - 10 Fun Facts about Sjennon

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Always wanted to know what the deal is with that weird @sjennon person?

This is your chance to find out!


Inspired by the lovely @princessmewmew who was inspired by the lovely @anomadsoul, I present some fun facts about myself. Because who isn't interested in my life? cough.

1. I have five tattoos

And half of the time I keep forgetting what they are and their location. But I love all of them. Two of them I actually featured earlier on Steemit! A shout out to my anchor tattoo and my leaves.

Picture by @varunpinto

2. Speaking about tattoos - I have a big ass scar aswell

Which I also featured earlier on Steemit. Pizza and chicken are a curse, really. When I posted this, is looked a whole lot nastier than it does right now. Less red and less obvious! If you look closely, you can find it on my right lower arm.

3. I have a thing for watches

And I feel super empty without wearing one. It is quite rare that you'll see me with a naked left wrist. And it really does feel naked! Currently, I own about four watches and I would like to keep my collection going once I am settled in a place here in Berlin.

Being sexy with @firepower and @shenoy. Picture by @varunpinto

4. I live in Berlin, Germany, but hardly speak German

This is because I suck. And because I am Dutch. Also shame on me because I had at least four years of German class in high school, but I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who thought back then: "When on earth would I need this language?" Exactly. And that would be now.

Good thing for me, at my current job we are getting free German classes. So I am (almost) loyally following these.

5. I effin' love Disney

Say Disney and I will ask, "Which one?". Here is the winner of the Disney Trivia (seriously, my family doesn't want to play with me anymore) and major Disney fan. The movies, the songs - from the classics up until now. Snow White until Moana, just bring it on! One way to cheer me up? Disney Karaoke or a Marathon, booyah!

6. I adore food

Chicken? Yes. Spareribs? Ohyeah. Steak? Hell effin' yes! I don't want to upset all the vegans and vegetarians out here, but meat is my love. Besides meat, just bring me avocados, sushi, pizza or fries any time of the day and I am happy to eat my way through it.

This said, I suffer from severe hangriness. Ask @firepower, @varunpinto and @things.

Picture by @varunpinto

7. I'd rather buy new socks and underwear than launder it

Because I am lazy. And I don't like doing laundry. And socks and underwears are generally the first thing I run out of and you know. It's also kinda cheap to just buy. You'd think that at some point I would have a big ass collection of socks and underwears, but this crap keeps disappearing.

Sexy socks which were gifted by @razvanelulmarin

8. Sports suck

Therefore I do not do them. Especially @things hates me for looking the way I do. Because according to her devouring an entire package of salami in one sitting is not called a sports but simply frustrating as I don't gain enough fat.

9. I love sneakers

SHOES SHOES SHOES. Give me them and I will love you forever. Sneakers are a serious weakness of mine but I am willing to come out. Oh also. Shopping in general is definitely not a punishment.

10. I am 1.80 m tall

Which is taller than people think. Whenever people see me, they are always super surprised by how tall I am. Now, I am posting this, I don't want to have any comments about it on SteemFest or y'all owe me a dime someone called me tall.


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Berlin. I write about travel, Steemit, design, food, life and any thoughts I have!

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Don't get me started with your mood and food tantrums :/


+1 :D hahahahah

We'll have a blast at SteemFest talking to each other since I'm 1,60m ;-) Fun facts! I hate shoes! (Long story) I love food! Speaking German sucks if you're Dutch! (And why do Americans always cast German actors when they actually want a Dutch speaking actor?!)

@sjennon, Great to know that you are passionate about the tattoos and you hold 5 tattoos and that's really great to hear.

And in my opinion this is an great way to get familiar because in that way when people will reach SteemFest then there will be no weird silences.

And i want to wish you good luck for this tour of SteemFest and hope that your journey will be really amazing.

And most importantly, now Steem Economy hold many exciting updates and in this time SteemFest is an great add on.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I always thought that German came easily to Dutch speakers? At least, the German speakers in my Dutch class seem to rocket way ahead of the rest of us!

Good to know you a little bit better :)

hehe this is so fun! I just know I (well not me, but my very unreliable mouth) will blurt out... "Wow, you're so tall!" lololol

When I lived in Germany I got super confused with the language as I speak Afrikaans as a second language, and because I found them so similar it was hella confusing!

Well, YOU seem fun. :) I have a burn scar on my right arm too. We'll compare when we meet at Steemfest. :D
See you.

Number 2 is my favorite expression about how you describe yourself.
For number 9, I challenge you to tasting my indigenous-local-spicy food.

We've gotto meet soon and celebrate all the good times yo!