I Will Design Your Steemit Branding/Identity - Starting from 2$! [Logos, headers, footers, dividers etc.]

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Always wanted to have your own branding on your profile or your blogpost? Check this out :D

I've been getting questions and compliments about the visual representation of my blog - why thank you! Therefore I would love to share my design skills with you and I am offering special Sjennon Steemit Customization for your own Steemit blog.

Below I described some packages which you can order. Simply reach out to me through Discord (Sjennon#0360) and let me know which package you want and ofcourse, what exactly you want! Let's make your Steemit account pretty.

All items can be purchased individually or combined.




Sponsored Footer

Starting from 5 USD
Same as above, however this will be a sponsored footer, meaning that somewhere on your footer my name, logo or @sjennon will be placed.




Starting from 50 USD
Get your hands on these hot avatars because your profile shall go through the roof with your own logo. This will be the logo that represents you, your brand and (among others if preferred) your Steemit blog.

Example: Check out @surfermarly's logo! You can find it throughout her blog :)


Steemit Thumbnail Template

Starting from 5 USD
I will create a template (in your preferred tool) for you to use on all of your blogposts! Use it as your thumbnail to call out to your followers and click on your beautiful post.

Example: Take an example of this post. It is a picture, some text. But obviously branded!



Starting from 10 USD
When someone visits your profile, shit must be fancy right? I can make your own fancy header.

Example: Check out my own header (@sjennon) to see what I am talking about! This could be minimal like mine, or super collage-y. Maybe something like what I did for @photocontests? Anything you want!



Starting from 2 USD
Sometimes just a straight line as a divider is boring. If you want to spice it up, you're sure as hell on the right address.

Example: A custom divider is literally what I have below this text. Look closely. Can you read it? ;) However, your divider can be anything! From fancy stripes, to text, to images, twirls or squiggles.



Starting from 15 USD
Just interested in some minimal personalization? No worries! I will make you something kick-ass! Also there's a special on the footer!

Example: Check out @things's most recent footer which I made. You can find it at the bottom of her post. Or take a look at my footer!



The Blogpost Package

Starting from 15 USD
Pimp your blog and completely own it. Your style will belong to you and shall be consistent! This means you'll be getting:

  • Divider
  • Footer


The Ultimate Super Duper Steemit Branding Package

Starting from 100 USD
Get your swag on with your personal branding spreading across your profile. This package includes:

  • Personal Logo
  • Avatar
  • Thumbnail Template
  • Header
  • Divider
  • Footer
  • Business Card Design



- Reach out to me through Discord (Sjennon#0360) to place your order. I would like to have a chat with you about what you would love to have and ofcourse a final price.
- Maximum of 5 iterations.
- 50% of the payment shall be paid up front. The rest of the payment can be paid after we conclude upon a final design.
- I don't do animations.
- Payments accepted: EUR, USD, BTC, ETH, STEEM, SBD.


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer and I am currently on my world trip which I am exclusively blogging about on Steemit! :D There is not a specific goal to my trip other than to have fun, discover places and unravel the secrets of Thailand, Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the USA (for now). Follow me on my adventures!


Yay! Let's make Steemit look fancy again :-))
You know I love and support your work, so hopefully a lot more steemians will come to appreciate it soon.
All the best!

I would love to see amazing and beautiful Steemit profiles!

Thank you so much. I appreciate it a lot <3

Good initiative. Good Luck.

Nice service!

I love the Steem-entreprenor !!! Good luck with that !!!

It's time to showcase your skills! Great you've thought of this, full support!

Thank you so much! And I hope I will :D Let them requests come in!

Aha. Sound good. Btw, if u need a partner. Let me in. 😁. I know, u dont have much time if there 4 designs with deadlines. 😋

Thanks for sharing

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