This Free Tool Will Simplify Your Life On SteemIt... BIG TIME!

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How would you like to be able to save your favorite SteemIt posts without having to clutter your bookmarks?


The One Thing SteemIt Lacks

I think we all agree that SteemIt should provide a way to bookmark posts or authors.
Being rather chaotic myself, I really need to make sure I can put order in my chaos, or I can't work.

Since I'm interested in a lot of different topics, my SteemIt feed is a real chaos. When I still had my old account, I submitted an request to Utopian to implemement a feature that would allows us the SteemIt Categorize The People You Follow In Lists Per Topic.

Bookmarking interesting posts with my browsers' bookmarking feature is doable, but after spending 20 years online, I have so many websites bookmarked, that it often takes me some time to find the one I need.

The Solution

But then I ran into Steemshare, a tool that solved all bookmarking problems.


Steemshare is a free tool that allows you to organize your favorite SteemIt posts or authors in lists, which you can choose to be public or private.

Steemshare features:

Organize:Start Organizing your favorite SteemIt posts into private or public lists.
Discover: Discover other SteemIt users favorite posts by different topics.
Less Clutter: No more storing a bunch of bookmarks or pasting in notepad.

The site is still under development and new features are being added regularly.

Let me show you my personal lists as an example of how useful this tool is.

my steemshare lists.jpg

How To Use SteemShare

The tool is very straightforward and easy to use.

Step 1: Sign up for an account.


To create your free account, you won't need to share any of your SteemIt keys. All you need is your email address, the nickname of your choice and a password.

Step 2: Sign In



Step 3: Create A List
Once you've signed in into Steemshare, you can create as many lists a you want or need.
For example, you can create a list of all resteem bots, a list of all SteemIt tutorials, a list of all tools to check your SteemIt account stats... the only limit is your imagination.

To create a list, simply click 'Add List' in the top right corner.


A form will show up. Give your list a name, and add a description. If you want to make this list public, then you should really add a clear description. You can also choose whether you want your list t be available for everyone else, or make it private, so only you can see it.

Step 4: Add links to your list
Once you've created your list, a new form will appear:


Add the link you want to save to that list and click 'Add'.

Step 5: Add an unlimited number of links to a list, and add unlimited lists

You can create as many lists as you like, and fill every list with any links you think fit that list.

You can see all the lists you created by clicking 'My Lists' in the top right menu.


Step 6: Share your lists
The lists you set to be public can easily be shared by simply clicking the name of the link.
A list of your links in that list will show up.

Click the image to enlarge

Then, copy the URL that is showing in your browser's address bar and share it with the world.


Check Out This List: Best SteemIt Tutorial Series Ever!

Yesterday I bumped into a very useful SteemIt tutorial series. It was a challenge called 'Dolphin Bootcamp', and unfortunately I was too late to enter the challenge. Still, the information given in this course is priceless.

If you ever want to move forward on SteemIt, this is the course you need.

I've added all the posts from the series to a Steemshare list. Unfortunately, they're not in the correct order, but you can find the correct order by taking a look at the URL's, which included 'Day 1', 'Day 2, and so on.

By sharing this list with you, I'm giving you access to a goldmine of information. Please don't ignore it... you might be sorry afterwards!

Here it is:



SteemThat is a platform designed to help Steemians grow. Join Now! It's free!

DISCLAIMER: This is an affiliate link. If you create your free account using this link, I'll be rewarded with free SteemThat Tokens I can use to grow my SteemIt account even bigger.


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(I've fixed the RSS link, so now you can actually subscribe to receive updates)

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Cool Thank you #Steemthat

Glad I could help

Seems promising. I'm browsing through feeds to find what I need every single day.

I know, I was doing the same. So time consuming. Finding out about this site has made everything a lot easier

Thanks for the articles I found it very complicated to understand but still interesting to get more knowledge...I still confuse how its work right now I just doing upvote and resteem any post or articles I like...and what will i get from it...I'm wondering....

If you use this, you won't need to resteem to find things again. The benefit of that is that when someone goes to your blog, they can find YOUR posts easily, not have to dig around in all the resteems. And that could mean that more people follow you. I don't follow people who resteem too much, as my feed is already overcluttered. (Though having said that, after I check this out myself, I may resteem it as good info for my followers, so there is a still a place for resteeming sometimes.)

Resteem is like forwarding other person post to make it more noticeable that what I think about that correct?

Yes, that's right. So if you think another person's post is so useful that your followers might like it, that's a good reason to share. But the downside is that it clutters your blog. I just went and looked at your blog. I had to scroll down past over 40 other posts to find a post by you, and that post was only two days ago. So no matter how good your content, I will never follow you while you are doing that.

If the only reason you resteemed those posts is so that you can find them again, that's not the purpose of resteeming. This Steemshare will suit you much better.

I see that... haha thats make my post invisible no one else will found it like it goes down deeper ... Thanks its a great input i have @kiwideb

This is what I meant when I said you’ll learn to understand how Steemit works little by little. @kiwideb gave you a very valuable tip and you’ve learned something new. Keep this up and you’ll find your way around soon.

Thanks for taking the time to help someone out!

Thanks to you too..I begin to follow the track in the right way..

We all have this when we first start. You’ll learn new things every day. Give it time, because it isn’t easy to find out how SteemIt works.
You’re on the tight track: upvote good posts, leave good comments, resteem. Those are all good things to do. Try to learn something new every day, and you’ll start understanding little by little...

Thanks for a quick least now I have some better picture of how steemit works.

Have you read the SteemIt FAQ-page? There’s a lot of very useful information on that page, and it explains how the entire platform works...

Great information and thanks for posting!
I'm currently using eSteem for my Android and it has a bookmark feature, but that requires me to use my phone. It's so much more smooth on my PC, especially when I decide to write a post.

Thanks again!

I agree that writing on your pc goes smoothdr than on the phone. The esteem app indeed has a bookmark feature, but if I remember correctly (I don’t use the app very often) it’ll save your bookmarked posts in 1 big list. i like the idea of organizing my bookmarks per topic

You are correct. It is just one big list without any sort of order.
Having multiple folders/areas to store your bookmars would be ideal.
I wonder what the process to do this would be like?

Just use ;0)

I got all that settled with my ginabot. I set the names of people that i want to see their posts and i get notifications on my discord once they post so I move on to steemit and check out their post and comment as well.
The list is made of people who run some daily or weekly contest. And those whom i benefit by commenting

I get notifications too, using the Steemify app. But what do you do to save post you like to bookmark?

Ok. I created two groups on WhatsApp where am the only person in it.
I use one to copy and paste links while of important post that i may want to visit. And usernames of people i follow frequently.
The second group I use it for my article creation and where i write down topics of articles i intend writing or where i store articles i am yet post

Thank you very much for sharing, I will get to it!!

Glad I could help :0)

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This sounds very helpful. Just checking two things (for now anyway) - your nickname can be your steemit user name, but doesn't have to be? and in a way it's academic, as it doesn't show up when you share the link to a list (going on the link you shared for dolphinschool)?

Your nickname can be anything you like it to be. Personally I think it’ a bit onfortunate ghat you’re not able to sort links kn a list by time... but since the site is still under development,I assume more useful features will be added soon..

Great post, thank you.
Can I ask you a question?
How come your rss work?
I see steemian rss are down, and I can't get a rss feed.

Can you share what rss source you use for your steemit blog in feedburnner?

OK now i see it's been done with

Yes indeed. In my old account, I have a video tutorial that shows you how to create the RSS feed, and then format it nicely using Feedburner. You can read the article and watch the video here

Awesome post @simplymike!!! I love it, very helpful!

I am the "Tag-Lifter" and you have been resteemed because you tagged your post #newbieresteemday


You have been resteemed as part of #newbieresteemday ... I made today my #newbieresteemday, and invite you and others to do the same. To learn more: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

User lists for SteemIt, yes! Thanks for sharing.

Wonderful tip! Deserving of my ceremonial penny upvote but my penny jar seems empty. 😎

Thanks for sharing!

No problem. Glad to help.
And I know all about empty penny boxes ;0)

as always, great job!

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Hi @simplymike. Never Steen this before. I will test out the site and see what I can use out of it. The best site I have found to use so far is #busy this is also very helpful:-)

Busy is indeed very useful. Because of its easier editor, I write most of my posts on the Busy platform

Oh geez this is some of the best news ever!! My kitchen table is FILLED with scraps of paper, a notebook quickly filling up and the bookmarks on my laptop are beginning to laugh at me when I try to decipher the mess! Thank you so much for this @simplymike :) I guess you got tired of having to deal with @mike314-005 haha Cheers!

Lol -I had the same thing going on. That’s why I’m so thankful for the Steemshare site
And indeed, after misspelling the name @mike314-0005 (3 zeros) myself for the hundredth time, I definitely had to get rid of it ... :0)

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