Music To Discover: The Echoes Of My Mournful Soul by Angström

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Angström's music transports you to higher dark atmospheres and brings you in a freaky dancing mood

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I usually don't share music videos, but this one is special to me.
Angström is a Belgian band, and I do not just want them to reach a bigger audience because they are friends of mine, they simply deserve it because of the music they make.

As they say themselves:

Angström transports you to higher dark atmospheres and brings you in a freaky dancing mood

They describe themselves as being an electronic pop / trip-hop/ Electro/ band, but they're way more than that.


The producer, Thomas Moon, has been a friend of mine for almost 20 years. He has been the backbone of loads of projects, most of them in the house/trance scene, but when he met jazz singer Gudrun Roos, something clicked. They started to make music together under the name of Angström, combining their very different musical backgrounds to create a completely new sound.

They've released their first album in February 2017.

This album is called 'The echoes of my mournful song' and contains a collection of dark, sensual tracks, which were born by playing with psychedelic soundscapes, hypnotic beats and dreamy vocals, ..

So without further ado, enjoy 'Wake Up Call' and 'The Echoes Of My Mournful Soul' by Angström


The official Angström website
Angström Facebook Page
Listen To Their Music On Soundcloud
(Pictures by Shoot Your Shot Photography)


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Image Sources:
Angström Website
Pictures by Shoot Your Shot Photography


I thought she is teylor swift.. but @banjo solve it.. @cleverbot find the video in youtube

Thank you for accepting me, but that doesn't make sense. Again.

You are quite strange.

this is amazing i am right now stoned and listening wake up call next level

Beautiful song.
Thank you for sharing this content.

No problem :0)

Thanks for the cool music! Not exactly my cup of tea, but I always love hearing the stories of various bands.

I must admit it’s not my cup of tea either (I do like the 2nd one, though), but they’re good at what they’re doing. IMHO you don’t need to like something to be able to recognize quality. Tastes differ

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Nice music I prefer the first audio is OK 🤝

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Nice 😉 I enjoyed both songs, thanks for sharing it!

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