Daily Steem Price Update 15/3/2023

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Good day Steemian and welcome to today's Steem price update for 15/3/2023.
I have been posting the Steem price update since almost the very beginning of Steemit.com back in 2016 along with other content.
Many have came here to discuss the daily Steem price's and recent STEEM changes for over 6 years.

If you tire of addictively looking at the charts every few minutes then instead just relax and look here for the average STEEM price for your daily plan or strategy.
And even if you are not planning to do anything with your STEEM I still recommend checking out these updates every so often.
So without further ado lets take a look at today's Daily Steem Price for 15/3/2023.

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March 2023 There is much talk of the government bringing out it's own digital currency, this is something many had predicted years ago and in 2025 they are going to try and put it forward with a release expected in 2030, well it wouldn't surprise me if this happens even sooner. Also it was announced that they are blocking many people from being able to buy crypto via their banks, yes this was done sometime ago but there were still many places who wouldn't block these transactions, however this as now been greatly enforced, the reasoning is because crypto is.. well "volatile" that is the excuse.. We previously had a big fall that took Steem down to $0.14 and with such a fall this helped us with collecting more Steem for our main goal this year. In 2023 what we are aiming for is to finally reach Orca or in other words this means holding a total of 50k Steem Power. Steem and the general market had often been predicted to fall near the beginning of March and it looks like we got some of that, but what's with this bounce back, could be market manipulation. Still so far it's not doing too bad however what isn't going at a good rate is our average electrical usage charge. These greedy energy companies just don't stop milking people and this cuts into investment, many things have gone up in price. The new year didn't bring much better with the weather being colder and the cost of living spiralling upwards hitting hard. Many are left wondering when will it all get better? The bad news is most likely it won't, I mean it never as before so why do people continue to think there will be a reverse on these costs. To prove a point we are once again being told next month April the electric costs are going up once again which is seriously ridiculous. Apparently the reasoning for all these prices is the war in Ukraine, but honestly if that's the case we must be literally getting almost every single thing from 2 very specific countries. The on-going war is a terrible moment in our history as Vladimir's army doesn't stall at the boarder, they instead attack, strike up fear, call treats and cast sadness into the lives of many. A war that if we are not too careful could just be what spells the beginning of the end. Best keep an eye on those politicians and refuse war at all costs, as continued provocation is on-going "we do NOT want WW3" but perhaps to stop that it may be already much too late.

I didn't expect this year on being much better, people just seem to be getting worse, losing themselves more and more doing horrendous things to each other, those in control up top are no better and also responsible for much of the hardship happening. Last night I managed to go to sleep just a little earlier than the usual late hour which is at least something but could be better. I managed to sleep better as the temperature was not so cold and while there was rain again it wasn't loud enough to hear. When I woke-up it was relatively bright out but still cold and as the morning continued so did the temperature, moving downwards of course. And there was me hoping as the day went on it would get warmer, still I had some time in the morning to get chores done and log on Steemit. When it was time to go into work I rushed to get there because it was freezing, the traffic was insane this was due to some more strikers going on. When I got into work I was doing the usual and already figured out there would be no extra work however one of my colleagues said that there would probably be some extra jobs to get done depending on whether anybody else already done them. I obviously already knew most likely it would of been left for me to get done, which they were of course, but the jobs were much easier than what I expected them to be so no biggie. When I left for work thankfully the temperature had gone up but I'm sure it will fall again tonight. I rested for a little longer past my alarm set time, but not for long as there was not much time in the morning. Funny how there as been various confusion from people on what they are doing on shift or who is doing what. Of course this is down to the schedule being new and most of us are struggling to understand it. While this left some people frustrated so far it's not really affected me and I got to leave on time. Leaving work the other day one of the superiors was complaining that I wasn't signing one of the leaving sheets. See we have just started using yet another new system which is a online and I guessed the point of singing for things online was so we wouldn't need to do it on paper, saves money and the environment plus work etc. But it's funny how often companies solve problems to make things easier but then add another thing for usually unnecessary reasons. So in other words putting back what was taken away and like this we end up back in square one again. It's honestly amazing how stupid a lot of things are and how overly complicated we make it, still I have now been signing it so they get off my back.

As for Steem there were 66 people who took the time to submit an application to become a Community Curator for March. Initially between the seven curation teams there were 49 community curators which means 4 million SP in total will be used for upvoting content. however in April the Team want to try something different. For the coming month of April they are going to be experimenting with smaller teams around 4 or 5 individuals per team. This means there will of course be less space for curators and so the competition will be much tougher to be selected in this coming next round, but to make up for this it's said that rewards will be higher. However it didn't surprise me at all that most Community Curators seem to not look beyond their own communities when casting votes, even more so when selecting their Posts of the Week which is why I think another team should do this specifically. Regardless the Team mentioned that this will became more important when picking curators going forward which I think is a good thing. For those looking to learn more about application and rules for April go here Community Curators. Also some changes when it comes to the Team's Booming Support, there are so far 3 different tiers which means there is more opportunity for other communities to take part. There were nearly 30 communities putting themselves forward for getting booming support, you can check out these accepted communities for yourself here Booming Support Communities. Steem took a big fall ever since the bitcoin downwave from 60k this sadly also took down the value of SBD's, however it had done a good job of holding around that important $3 mark for many months. My hope is now SBD's can once again secure this value for when Steem does eventually go back up again and so far it's looking healthy to be doing just that. As for TRX there was also a drop in price, we also for a few months were not receiving any TRX rewards. However most of the missing TRX rewards have now been sent to users, we are also now receiving our current TRX rewards more consistently but it does take 2 or 3 days sometimes even longer to get them appearing in our wallets. Still what worries me more is if the market can recover, and while naturally I had no doubts that it would eventually, however there seems to be a lot of movement from authorities which seems to prevent many from being able to take part, perhaps making crypto get stale. Looks like Binance is being another target for them, also the International Monetary Fund has been urging countries not to adopt cryptocurrencies as legal tender due to it's so called higher risk of instability. These guys also previously have criticised El Salvador’s move to become the world’s first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, but this idea has since also been copied by the Central African Republic.

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