Payouts to increase?

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The team?

If you click top right on here and scroll to the team, you only see a photo of ned now, have a look for yourself.
I have nothing else to say with regards to that, make your own mind up time.

What interests me more, is with the misterdelegation account pulling all those delegations away, and the moving of stincs stake to outside wallets, will the value of payouts increase? I suppose time will tell with regards to this.

The reason this intrigues me so much, is since day one of being on here, a lot of people have said that when the largest stake holders vote, the value of the payout or reward pool if you prefer, shrinks, and the knock on effect is everyone else gets paid out less.

Since hf20 and coupled with the falling price of steem/sbd I noted that payouts were decreasing daily. Even though the first week after I had noted some larger stakeholders writing posts about "are you enjoying the value of posts going up/increasing" though that blip did not last very long at all, and we seem to be losing value on posts by the hour at times.

With misterdelegation having a whopping 18 million steem, & with that massive amount of sp to be voting with, now it is going, we should theoretically anyway, be seeing a rise in payouts. I have not looked and am not going to, at how much of that sp was dished out via delegations to dapps and the favorites on here.

Time to see if the likes of my friend @freebornangel are right, and if the payouts are stable or even increase in the 7 days time frame it takes to payout.

Let me know your thoughts below, I see little point in writing anything else about steemit inc, as everyone else seems to have covered it and covered it well.


And then I decided to see what all the fuss was about and have a quick look at misterdelegation and what I found was not quite what a lot of people had written you see. I only see a few in fact 5 delegations that had ended and none of that 18 million shifted to outside markets.

Screenshot_2019-01-15 misterdelegation Steem.png

Screenshot_2019-01-15 misterdelegation Steem1.png

I did though whilst having a quick look around, find proof as though I really needed it, that the alpha account was in the full control of steemit inc and ned, and that the main beneficiary of bidbot payouts go to stinc.

Screenshot_2019-01-15 steemit2 Steem.png

You can though find a lot of steemit accounts moving money/tokens out of here, just not the misterdelegation account (yet).

Screenshot_2019-01-15 steemit2 Steem1.png

steemd is a wonderful place for "facts".....

Anyone that wants can have a look around there. A good start point is always anything steemit like then simply click on the sideways movement or funds to other people like below.

Screenshot_2019-01-15 steemit2 Steem3.png

This is the beauty of steemit and steemd, you can write from a factual point of view with screenshots and no need for guess work, it is all there for everyone to see. If you had enough time, you could link all the wallets together also, then track exactly how much is taking flight from here.

@shepz1 now feels like this article is finished, unlike the first part of it where I was just going to believe what had been said. Have a perfectly pleasant day one and all, and your thoughts of course are always welcome below.

Photo/picture from here at about them page.


Nice no-FUD analysis of the situation.

I don't think we'll see too much of a payout increase... with only some circlejerks having less VP it's not going to have such a huge impact...

on the other hand... if the inner circle does start selling off... we might even say payouts decline as the selling pressure pushes the price further down!

I still believe in the utility value of STEEM a lot more than many other chains, but as the money-pyramid seems to be preparing some sort of an exit, it'll be questionable if the application-layer can survive.

Cheers my friend.

I know ned and co will need to sell some as they always have done, though with them saying yesterday that hive cuts node costs massively, they will need to not cash as much as before to pay server/full node costs.
Moving their funds to bittrex also in my mind does not prove that they will be selling any at all, they may even use it to pump the price of steem and sbd, then we all win, though that is pure speculation, I prefer facts. :-)

Cheers, let's grow some hopium :D

I dunno, to me it all looks like Ned's pulling out. Let's hope the captain at least managed to buy a boat in the meantime so that he can continue his visions of grandeur.

I am not sure what to think about all this yet. Have a top day mate :)

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Time will tell my friend, as it changes daily, and you have a top day too. :-)

Thanks mate :)

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Enjoy reading your posts friend.

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Thank you kindly. :-)

Thanks man! I think this certainly shows who controls what. I am interested though in seeing how the post payouts change over time.

Not sure they will to be honest, as we already have people on here with over 1 million sp like theycallmedan and ranchorelexo to name but two, so I do not see 18 million sp as such a massive deal, myself anyway.

If stinc decides to power down it will bring down the reward pool, so a post will earn less steem. If they sell, then the falling price will also bring down the value of posts in Dollars, and then depending on how many vests vote it will determine the value of votes and the post payouts.

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According to some on here they had powered down and deposited it all on bittrex, I was just pointing out this is not true, sure they have taken a chunk out, though they most certainly have not taken it all. :-)

hm? Why would powering down affect the reward pool in any way? We have a certain amount of inflation, that inflation flows into the reward pool, upvotes (vests) take money from the reward pool and distribute it. If less vests are upvoting, then the ones that do get a higher payout. If big players power down SP is worth more vests.

I hope you are correct, this is also a concern of mine. I post charts on the rewards pool/ value in USD and it has been steadily dropping 😕

I thought the reward pool was determined primarily by how much stake there is.

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My understanding is that there are a certain number of vests, and those vests determine inflation. When one powers up they are trading Steem for their fair share of vests. If a huge amount of stake was to be unvested we would all receive more.

Considering Steemit inc doesn't vote with a large portion of their stake this could have some weird effects, but I'm not going to pretend like I understand it perfectly.

Like I said, if the reward pool is determined by how much steem is vested, powering down would bring down the reward pool, and especially so if the stake wasn't used to vote. If vests don't get created when you power up steem and you get a certain share of predetermined vests then when someone who doesn't distribute with their stake powers down it should increase everyone else's share of vests like you said.

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They should remove this title "The Team". It's ridiculous.

What's up resteemed this appears to be saying that the MM has some doubts about the future support of steemit and is taking steps just in case.

Thanks for the info.

If the reward pool is connected with inflation then only price increase should increase payouts as well.

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