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On December 5, 2017 my blog post "Share Your Influence & Win 100 Steem Power: Inspired By @ormus" offered 100 Steem Power delegated for a week for posting my blog images under #photography tag. For those who are new here is a brief recap:

Last Sunday 100 SP was delegate to 3 Steemians and proof posted:

Subsequently, my generous +1$ upvoting practice was debated as some of those rewards might have been going to spammers/scammers.


After a couple of days of mulling, I came up with an interim decision that made sure that if there at all is any dubious resteem ring, it should not benefit from funds coming from me:

Since then I continue to research ways to regulate my upvotes and still keep them generous for those who meaningfully engage in a conversation on my blog and make comments relevant to the content. My last post was a step in that direction. While I still don’t have concrete answers (you can please help me with your opinion here), I’ve decided it’s only fair to pause 100 SP delegation for now. But @ormus and @hrhridoy who already posted the photographs will keep the delegated 100 SP for another week.

By the way two, Steemians have taken up on my offer to a free subscription to Autonio trading platform. Those who still want to avail the opportunity can follow the instructions in my post or check @bitbulls' post on the offer.

If you have questions feel free to ask.


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Hello @sharonomics
i think you need to stop worry about the upvotes
if you give it by heart then who cares ...
if you find out the person you sharing with its not what you spect then stop sharing from your part and like this you will find people like you .


Thank you dear for your words of wisdom :)

thx so much its really generous from you
was not need to i do this.
i do it because i like my new friends xD
any way as i say before i think for upvotes you will know the people surrounding you with some time and like that all will become more clear
i got some more steem power today i hope i can help out little bit more !!


Thanks @ormus. I just saw your post and will go and comment and vote. Cheers :)


thx so much !!! i really appreciate it !!
its been a month trying to find the right post that people likes .
i cannot focus just in one thing i am a multifaceted mind xd
Cheers !!

I'm happy that the way to control your upvotes should continue to research and that's it. resteem this post sir

@hrhridoy he is my friend and i already have congratulate him on his winning by the way sharon I think you know me or remember me as I Know you and i always upvote, resteem and also commented on your post so I think you should know me that's not the fact the fact is that as I always tell you that you are my inspiration on steemit and you will be always. When i have joined steemit i first comment on your post and see day by day how much hard word you do on your everyday post much much appreciate for you man i have many many words to say about you but i am in a hurry so go ahead I am with you as always....✌✌✌


@jhlimon007: Thank you for your kind words. I am humbled by your praise :)

Thanks for your necessary information.always resteem your post.


Nice post with exclusive photos. Upvoted, thanks for sharing the post

Thanx you so much dear @sharonomics for sharing.

my friend thanx for sharing this helpful post @sharonomics.

Thanx you so much dear @sharonomics for sharing this hlepful post.