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Many people are curious and we have been evolving over the last 100 days but we have a solid system now and we are going to explain exactly how we work!

ShadowBot operates on a pool mentality, this requires a unique balancing act. Those at the top need to "feed" the bottom and the bottom can never give back enough to equal it. THAT is what makes ShadowBot unique. We are NOT a vote for vote bot. This is much bigger. A minnow with amazing content can see their Shadow Rank increase far higher than others of similar SP and begin to earn far more from other members of ShadowBot because of their increased Shadow Rank.

This system specifically is designed to reward GOOD authors and punish those who attempt to abuse the system by forcing them to up vote others in the pool before receiving any big rewards from the pool. The larger SP Shadow Casters are able to vote with fractional power while the lower SP Shadow Casters "return the favor" to those larger "dolphins" and "whales" by up voting their posts at 100%. This is what leads to the FVL (Fractional Voting Level) and SD (Shadow Divider):

As we scale the FVL and SD will increase.. It is the only way we can balance things fairly for everyone. It is like inflation, if you do well you beat it, if you try to cheat you loose completely and if you are mediocre you just keep steady earning.. ShadowBot is about rewarding the BEST content and boosting all members, not just the top.

Read more here: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/faq.php#what-is-the-fractional-voting-threshold

It is an internal feature that is crucial to ensuring we can scale to 1,000s of members one day. Each member can only use so much VP each day, managing that is crucial while ensuring everyone gets fairly voted on.. This is why we use Shadow Rank combined with Fractional Voting Threshold and the Shadow Divider. I hope that makes a little more sense. Remember Shadow Rank is updated every Sunday at Midnight (eastern) which allows those who are performing beyond their current earning level to get a Shadow Rank boost!

I hope this helps clear things up a little for everyone who was slightly confused about how our system is designed to work! We will continue to publish more information as we expand to allow everyone to understand every aspect of what we have and what we are creating!

Thanks everyone that is part of ShadowBot and happy Steeming! As always share comments/questions and any features you wish to see with us! Your input and support is what makes this all possible!

More Information

Previous Release: https://steemit.com/steemit/@shadowbot/shadowbot-100-days-on-steemit-welcome-to-tartarus-shadowbot
Signup/Login: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/login.php
FAQ: https://shadowbot.us/shadowbot/faq.php

Current Stats

Total Shadow Casters: 560
Pool Steem Power: 249,230
Total Shadow Rewards: 6,290.13139711 SBD
Past Week Shadow Rewards: 1,632.16698067 SBD

Example of distributions:

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Love the system. You guys are geniuses. Promoting good content as well as balancing the ecosystem. I like~

It really is a very hard balancing act and we are learning and adapting, tweaking and adjusting all along the way. Goal is, FAIR! And not just about SP, though high SP does help.. Good content. Our biggest increase metric is how much more you earn organically vs what shadowbot provides. Those who consistently earn far more organically (and we do track up vote bots as well hehe) than what are provided from (Shadow)Bot(s) will see the biggest boost. And some people are what we call "boosters". They want to earn curations from the best content and "feed" minnows while doing so.

Really appreciate the kind words and encouragement it is people like you that make all this worth while!

Follow me.

Thank you for this post! I understand all the system :-) Can I translate your posts in French?

Yes that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so much up! First re-steemed post we have actually done! Congrats!

can you not find anyone to translate in Dutch. All this english terms, make me realise my english is not good enough. I am signed in. And i do understand the foodchain :-) but the terminology is chinese to me . But i am there, and maybe with the time when i see things change maybei start understanding it.

Great idea! We will work on translating!

That would be fantastic, but it seems nor mu h dutch have problems😁 maybe it is a woman thing? Not understanding ? Lol but serious would be fantastic, but maybe russian, polish or japan would be better? Because i have the idea that a load of , vote for me, folow me people do that because they do not find a way to communicate together...

I have just joined the shadow queue and have become a caster. really exited to find this service and free to boot... this is a very cool thing and since I am not a spammer and I think that I write decent content this should mean the I will do ok here and build up some shadowrank
the only thing I am not 100% sure of is the resteem option. It is currently set to off and I assume that this means that there will be no resteems done on my behalf???
this is very important to me, I really do not want anything resteemed with my account
thanks for gettting back to me

Glad to have you on board, Yes the re-steem option is off by default and is something you can play around with. It is a way to set a threshold to automatically re-steem posts made by others in the system above the Shadow Rank threshold you set. By default it is off so your account will not re-steem anything automatically.

cool, thanks for your quick response... looking forward to see the effects of joining this "community"

Be sure to give us all your input! We grow from user input and feedback! We are doing this for the steemit community so the more steemians input the more we learn what to actually build!

are you making any money of this or is this just building someting first and then seeing if it can be monetised later?
(maybe SMT, Shadow Media Tokens?)

Its weird to admit but in this world you tend to mistrust people that do stuff for free

Great question that is why we put that answer in our FAQ:

How does ShadowBot not charge a fee?
ShadowBot is able to provide this service FREE of charge, through donations (both sbd and time). All funds generated through posts ShadowBot creates on steemit are used to fund development and promotions/prizes as well. Every person that has helped develop ShadowBot through code or other means has been a member and benefited and contributed back to the community! ShadowBot doesn't do what ShadowBot does for ShadowBot. ShadowBot does what ShadowBot does because ShadowBot is ShadowBot!

Very cool! I'm always getting people asking me what shadowbot is. This post will help explain things a lot easier! Thanks.

Glad it helps, our goal is not to "spring" on people unsuspected changes. We want it to be clear we have these 3 crucial parts of our system that work together to act as a balancing mechanism for everyone to fairly earn in the pool! It is something we are still tweaking as we progress but we have things working fairly smoothly at this point and are happy with what we have at this point going forward to 1,000+ members!

Sometimes but more lately I see big votes coming from grandpawhale, following him I get too shadowbot, So I think I get these because I am a member of shadow bot. What I also see is that nearly all posts from shadowbot I upvoted. Is this done automaticly? Then I have to becareful what I do with votes. What ccan I do to be a good shadowbot member? How can I get the most out of it?

Wow great system.

Thank you feel free to join and try us out! All you need is your Private Posting Key which you can find under "Wallet" -> "Permissions" inside steemit.com!

I will join

Hi Shadowbot, very happy to find you and this post. I am new here learning as I go here and enjoying writing and put time and love into my posts.
Is it ok to share our Private Posting Key outside of this platform?... So just done some research: How is my Posting Key safe to share with Shadowbot
Thank you will be joining! Have learnt a lot today however still a bit confused about how the system works. I learn as I go with open heart!

I noticed two problems, one annoying and the other is a big one, specially when combined.

First, the website keep login me out, don't remember me, and I need to relog constantly, and second, the website is NOT secure, that means the posting key can be seen in the way, by ISP or someone in the middle, unless I am missing something. You should use SteemConnect or a secure connection.

Good thing: Your website is beautiful designed, and the pool idea is excellent.

You should always be using HTTPS to access us, we are in the process of forcing this, but you can access all our services using https currently. Logging you out is a security precaution we have looked at, we will take that into consideration and possibly make it a setting you can adjust! Thanks for the input, we need it to keep making things better!

I added it to HTTPS Everywhere (need to manually write https for creating the rule), but of course the website should use only https by itself.

agreed 100% that is a priority for us, we ALWAYS use our links to https but it of course is no excuse for not forcing https for every connection! Our team is updating this ASAP (this weekend)! Thanks again!

Thanks for all the work you're putting in on this project. I'm not as active on Steemit as I would like, but I definitely feel that being a caster has helped me grow my presence on this platform. The look of this update is beautiful, btw!

Thanks its been a lot of work and it opens up a whole bunch of new features we are going to be rolling out over the coming weeks! Glad to have you on board!

please do not spam stuff like this, if you contribute people will automatically follow you, if you do not they will start flagging you and you will NOT make any money on this platform

That's an intelligent idea!
But i signed in and still nothing happened?

Looks like things are working on your account, check back over the next few days and you will see!

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