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RE: Explaining the ShadowBot system!

in #steemit6 years ago (edited)

I noticed two problems, one annoying and the other is a big one, specially when combined.

First, the website keep login me out, don't remember me, and I need to relog constantly, and second, the website is NOT secure, that means the posting key can be seen in the way, by ISP or someone in the middle, unless I am missing something. You should use SteemConnect or a secure connection.

Good thing: Your website is beautiful designed, and the pool idea is excellent.


You should always be using HTTPS to access us, we are in the process of forcing this, but you can access all our services using https currently. Logging you out is a security precaution we have looked at, we will take that into consideration and possibly make it a setting you can adjust! Thanks for the input, we need it to keep making things better!

I added it to HTTPS Everywhere (need to manually write https for creating the rule), but of course the website should use only https by itself.

agreed 100% that is a priority for us, we ALWAYS use our links to https but it of course is no excuse for not forcing https for every connection! Our team is updating this ASAP (this weekend)! Thanks again!

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