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Welcome to Tartarus Release! 100 Days on Steemit!

We are excited to announce our second major release Tartarus! With an entirely new look and framework, we are expanding!

What is ShadowBot (Tartarus)

ShadowBot is a pool of Steemians that collectively work together to provide good authors more up votes than than normally would receive alone! This service is free of charge for everyone to use and is a great way to help boost minnows as a big fish and earn more as a smaller fish! Most people find using ShadowBot that they contribute to the community in a way most other bots charge for! ShadowBot is different! Our mission is to ensure everyone on Steemit is able to earn and learn from minnow, to salmon, to dolphin to whales! Everyone should have the ability to contribute, earn, give back and have fun! That is ShadowBot's mission!

So what is new?

There are a huge number of upgrades, many you won't see directly, however the big ones are below:

  1. Sign Up, Login and Resetting Keys are now all a single interface. The big benefits to this design are any time your keys change you simply sign in and everything updates with your new keys. This also ensures that you can not use the wrong key (master key, active key or just the wrong key all together). This is one of the most crucial upgrades Tartarus offers!
  2. Simplified metrics and increase of the Shadow Divider to 3 and Fractional Voting Level to 2500. This will ensure all Casters are able to see more easily their stats and continue to provide the votes to everyone in a fair manner.
  3. Newly re-designed user interface for the dashboard. This will continue to be expanded upon as we progress and will allow us many new features for users previously not available!
  4. All users now will begin to fetch real time notifications beginning December 1, 2017 while logged in. This will allow all current interfaces to update in real time as well.

Still to come (really soon)

As we needed to set a deadline to get this update out we were not able to get all the features ready and tested in time. Rather than compromise the quality we want, we opted to leave this for the next minor release!

  1. Ability to make and schedule posts inside ShadowBot. This will allow users to create posts and schedule them to be posted to Steemit in the future at a set date/time.
  2. Increase ability to fine-tune settings regarding posting frequency and VP consumption (more details later).
  3. Analytics and Tracking including reads and link-follows from all posts created inside ShadowBot's posting interface.
  4. Expansion of the re-steem program to provide a list of non-ShadowBot Steemit users to automatically re-steem content for.
  5. Much much more! Keep the ideas coming we love to hear them!

Thanks again everyone for all the support it has been an amazing 100 days and we are soo excited to see where the next 100 days takes us!

Getting started!

Join and Login:
Explaining the system:

Screenshots below

Full Size Image

Full Size Image

Full Size Image

Latest Specs:

Total Shadow Casters: 560
Pool Steem Power: 249,230
Total Shadow Rewards: 6,290.13139711 SBD
Past Week Shadow Rewards: 1,632.16698067 SBD


i invited my friends here ID : 1136 , 1135 , 1134 , 1132 , 1124 , 1123 :) and they want to a small tutorial how its work :D @shadowbot

Awesome hope everyone enjoys being part of the system as much as we do! The best resource we have right now is our latest post and the faq:

We will work on getting more information/tutorial information available shortly. Thanks for being part of this and be sure everyone provides as much feedback as possible. Your input is how we know what to do going forward to make this as awesome as possible for everyone!

Hi @shadowbot i joined :) where is my welcome message's :)

Welcome aboard! Happy to have you with us! Let us know how we are doing so far and get ready for Shadow Chat expected to launch around December 1st! A real time, verified and encrypted chat based on the Steemit blockchain and whitepaper specs!

wooww :) have any DiscordChannel for now :D i cant wait ShadowChat :P

We do not use any form of communication outside of steemit for official correspondences with our members. This is how we ensure NO ONE can spoof us or another user. Steemit's FAQ says that MEMO key is un used ;) not after Shadow Chat launches!

"Memo key - Currently the memo key is not used."
Steemit FAQ:

"The memo key is used to create and read memos" -> Wallet -> Permissions:

Last I remember a memo is a message ;) which is used for chat ;)

ok. dude . realy look like fantastic step for chat :P waiting and now I'm inside !rspct

We will open up the beta hopefully this weekend we are currently alpha testing among the core team getting the last few issues out! We should be ready for a full public launch by December 1st! Our goal with Shadow Chat is verifiable and ability to have encrypted chat. You can prove who said what when where and why just by a key! WHY is this not already implemented on the "official steemit chat"? We have no idea! But that is why we are creating it! The whitepaper very clearly outlines the memo key is used for signing memos which are another word for messages. Chat can therefor be thought of as a bunch of memos trading back/forth on the blockchain. ALL signed and some encrypted. We will release later this week a full detailed explanation for Shadow Chat.

if you tell me before i can be joined your team but it's too late :D i think good luck bro. if you need any support one person seat free i m here

We are a group of steemians who contribute our time and/or money to this project. That is how we offer it free of charge! We will notify everyone for the beta testing if you would like to be included let us know!

ShadowBot is great project. I'm with you for more then 2 months and I love it. Hope you will keep improve it. I will keep testing new UI and think about new features you can add.

Thanks for being with us all this time and helping us get to where we are today! This new interface has a lot of graphing and other visual components we have not yet begun to use! Our main priority right now is Shadow Chat and we will be opening up a beta for a few of our selected members in the next week with a full public launch open to everyone on steemit around December 1st!

Really great work! Congrats and thanks for your effort! I am part of it since the first days!
Looking forward to the scheduled posts - makes it way easier for me!

Will be a HUGE push toward our grand plan of making our own interface for marketers that wish to utilize steemit's blockchain ;) Glad to have you on board if you have any input please don't hold back!

Fantastic. I have been waiting for this for so long, glad that it has reached. I have some suggestions, is it hosted in github ? so that i can make changes and raise PR otherwise let me know how we can collaborate.

Congrats on achieving this.

We are not hosted on a public repo at this time. We would be glad to collaborate and are open to any questions/comments you have! Thanks for being part of this!

How can I contact ? ..through or discord ?

We will be releasing our own internal chat in the next 2 weeks. It will be a real time chat powered by your memo key ;) as steemit's white papers outlined memos (messages) should be signed and encrypted with for chatting using steemit.. Our new release has the core features needed for real time chat and other functions we will be rolling out shortly!

Fantastic it is wonderful! Thank you! The only problem is that you changed the shadow divider to 3. So I'm at 20 in rank and I will get only 7% votes. Do you will update shadowrabk a third time?
Thank you for all!

As we scale the FVL and SD will increase.. It is the only way we can balance things fairly for everyone. It is like inflation, if you do well you beat it, if you try to cheat you loose completely and if you are mediocre you just keep steady earning.. ShadowBot is about rewarding the BEST content and boosting all members, not just the top.

Read more here:

It is an internal feature that is crucial to ensuring we can scale to 1,000s of members one day. Each member can only use so much VP each day, managing that is crucial while balancing ensuring everyone gets fairly voted on.. This is why we use Shadow Rank combined with Fractional Voting Threshold and the Shadow Divider. I hope that makes a little more sense. Remember Shadow Rank is updated every Sunday at Midnight (eastern) which allows those who are performing beyond their current earning level to get a Shadow Rank boost!

OK, I understand. Thank you for your answer.
I saw my shadowrank was updated only 2 times, not all Sundays.

We have made huge changes in this release and landed on the rules/operations we needed to make things work properly. Just created a follow up post explaining this for everyone to understand a little better how we work and the ideals/design we have in place! Thanks again!

i like this new interface @shadowbot team ;) just about the first part
Sign Up, Login and Resetting Keys are now all a single interface. The big benefits to this design are any time your keys change you simply sign in and everything updates with your new keys. This also ensures that you can not use the wrong key (master key, active key or just the wrong key all together). This is one of the most crucial upgrades Tartarus offers!
so if you change your key you will not lose your account on the shadow pool ? all you have to do is to login with your old key and update your key or must login with your new one?

Exactly! When you login now, if you don't have an account, it is created. And if your keys have been updated, we update them as you login! All one step! Best part is we detect that it is your valid POSTING key. Try to login with your active or master key or just the wrong key all together and it won't work! This simplifies the process for everyone!

another thing @shadowbot i hope that you will secure the interface in the next upgrade to protect our keys from falling in the wrong hands

You should be using https ;) we support it and link to it ;)
Join and Login:

We should be FORCING ssl is true ;) we will do that ASAP since we already support it! Thanks for the heads up!

I can attest it was very easy to create an account for a new user!

That is great to hear, one of or biggest goals for this upgrade is making everything smoother and easier for people to use!

This is so much cleaner and the layout is much better. Really impressed by this update! Keep up the great work! Also noticed all you have to do is use your key and name to log in and it auto creates your account, now that is easy!

Thanks jon! We are working hard to make sure each update is superior to the previous! It is thanks to a great group of members we have that makes this all possible!

U guys have done it again!!! So excited for you and the team!!! :) Keep it up!!!

From your loyal fan

Thanks for the kind words! Glad you are with us! We will be continuing to expand this new framework over the next 100 days! Be sure to stick around!

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