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RE: Explaining the ShadowBot system!

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I have just joined the shadow queue and have become a caster. really exited to find this service and free to boot... this is a very cool thing and since I am not a spammer and I think that I write decent content this should mean the I will do ok here and build up some shadowrank
the only thing I am not 100% sure of is the resteem option. It is currently set to off and I assume that this means that there will be no resteems done on my behalf???
this is very important to me, I really do not want anything resteemed with my account
thanks for gettting back to me


Glad to have you on board, Yes the re-steem option is off by default and is something you can play around with. It is a way to set a threshold to automatically re-steem posts made by others in the system above the Shadow Rank threshold you set. By default it is off so your account will not re-steem anything automatically.

cool, thanks for your quick response... looking forward to see the effects of joining this "community"

Be sure to give us all your input! We grow from user input and feedback! We are doing this for the steemit community so the more steemians input the more we learn what to actually build!

are you making any money of this or is this just building someting first and then seeing if it can be monetised later?
(maybe SMT, Shadow Media Tokens?)

Its weird to admit but in this world you tend to mistrust people that do stuff for free

Great question that is why we put that answer in our FAQ:

How does ShadowBot not charge a fee?
ShadowBot is able to provide this service FREE of charge, through donations (both sbd and time). All funds generated through posts ShadowBot creates on steemit are used to fund development and promotions/prizes as well. Every person that has helped develop ShadowBot through code or other means has been a member and benefited and contributed back to the community! ShadowBot doesn't do what ShadowBot does for ShadowBot. ShadowBot does what ShadowBot does because ShadowBot is ShadowBot!

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