SLOW season. How to keep occupied!

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Hello Steemians,

I was just reflecting on how much I enjoy my (work) slow season. I use it as a time to catch up on home projects, see friends and family and most recently learn my way around steemit.

As a stagehand in NY my slowest time is end of July and early August and again after the holidays, other than that I am working 60-90hrs a week on avg doing what I love! I really can't complain as I truly love getting to see all the music, theatre and beautiful sites that NYC has to offer.

One of my events in NYC - Gov Ball Music festival 2017

However I DO find myself getting a bit stir crazy from time to time so here are some of the ways I keep busy without spending too much during my slow season

  • Hit up the park, lake, beach (never know where you will find a pickup game of soccer, handball, frisbee etc)

  • Make use of free concerts and movie screenings ( In NYC we have these at multiple parks and public libraries)

  • Check out the museums, again many free programs Bank of America free weekend, Sponsored nights and in NYC - NYCID free admission to many institutions -

  • Join a local sporting league or artistic group etc.

  • Search your interests and meet new and interesting people here on steemit. I found #minnowsfaucet this way and I have to say our leadership by @nicnicy is really amazing. Met quite a few kind and fascinating people through this group.

  • Take in a local sporting game, baseball truly is the last affordable sport to attend.
    My happy place! IMG_7325.jpg

What about you ?

Does your profession have a slow season?

And what do you like to do to keep things lively during it?

Have a good one,


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Your job sounds's on my my bucket list to go to NYC...I always wanted to watch a movie in the park...I love museums. People think that I live in FABULOUS las Vegas....uhhhh its an awful desert full of crime I do family oriented things in my spare time ...volunteer at my church and so forth ...thank you for sharing upvoted and already a follower :) :)


Thanks for reading! The movies in the parks are pretty great trying to hit one up this week! I work in vegas sometimes, it's fun but I can see what you mean about being there full time. Might hit you up for suggestions next time I am out your way!


Absolutely. ..locals know the tricks of the trade and the best deals...anytime :) :)

sounds really nice :)

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Awesome Thanks!

WOW! your job sound fun, to be a part of music festival. I love those music festival so much. I wish one day I could go there!
Have a good day. Upvoted back :))


Thanks, It is lots of fun! Great way to discover new music as well.

What an exciting job you must have! I've never been to NYC, but perhaps some day. I have traveled some, but spend most of my time where I live.... in the middle of nowhere lol. Great post!! :)


Sometimes I crave a few days "in the middle of nowhere" the grass is always greener I suppose! Thanks for reading!

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What an interesting job! I live in a small town so the most i get culturally is a 6 times a year visit to a small ensemble theater. It is fun though we have regulars that always attend so it is a fun group like this one!
Sounds like the Bank is philanthropic with free performances so that is nice! Have not been back to New York since I was 21. It was a good time though, Will have to consider a return trip!
Upvoted and enjoying following you kindred Arnold :)


local theatre is often wonderful! Thanks for reading.


my pleasure!

Sounds Busy, Busy, Busy . . .


Indeed. gotta keep life interesting :)

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I just recently joined the #minnowsfaucet project and have already found quite some posts that otherwise would have gone by unnoticed.

Always nice to read what interest people. Good thing to keep busy especially when you're used to working the hours you do.

I am my own boss nowadays, so it just keeps going on all year.
But I make sure to have some spare time during the week to spend with my wife, work should not be too dominant.

Love NYC (and Las Vegas as well, although more as a starting point for traveling around and New Orleans and San Francisco and STOP, just basically loving the USA), been there a few times. There is something you can't really describe about that city.

I loved walking there, taking you time and just watch people. You'll notice how very busy with themselves they are at that time.
My favorite thing was to walk there when it's really busy and say "good morning/afternoon/evening" to everyone you meet. It completely throws them off ;-)

But I met some really nice people there, but especially in bars ROTFLOL

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