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Hi guys and girls, today I wanted to introduce you to @promoted - a bit different voting bot.

You might seen my previous post: proposal to change Promote mechanic that can be basically summarized with one image:

But great comment by @lukestokes under this post showed me that there are better solutions to this problem. Of course the conclusion is the same - Promote needs some serious upgrade.

Before that happens though, the community already found a way to make Promote functionality more appealing. It is the @promote voting bot - it upvotes every post that uses the Promote functionality so the author can get something in return for burning his SBD. And burning SBD is important because it lowers the SBD supply thus making it more valuable.

The idea is that if someone burns 1 SBD for Promote, the @promoted upvotes this post with power of 1 SBD. Sadly, it's not as powerful yet. For every SBD burned it can give about 0.30 SBD upvote. Keep in mind that you don't have to pay anything to @promoted - it upvotes promoted posts automatically because it's creator believes that it's the right thing to do.

That's why if you have any leftovers from STEEM or SBD - just send it to @promoted so it can have greater voting power.

See you next time!

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great idea, the tipbot as well. as soon as you do another intro post for the tipbot i will resteem it. the first one is already to old. regardless, upped and re-steemed this one.
aaron upvoted 1 small.png


Yeah, I will do something like a quick guide with links to the detailed guides :) but it won't be an intro post, more like an updated guide

Pls who can teach me on how to use this bot to promote my post for upvote

hi :-)
thanks you

I like it! I just delegated 200 Steem Power in support:

Using this tutorial.



Cool! Let me just say it's not owned by me ;)


Pls how do i use this bot to promote my post


Read the post. If you're not sure what a promoted post is, then this doesn't apply to you.

That is a really useful bot. Good to know that the promote function has more value now. Hopefully this grows so big that it will even cover the costs entirely. Thanks for sharing.

This needs more SP!

but I think the original proposal of counting promotion cost into the hot/trending ranking would be better still!

Excellent, good job 👍👍

@cardboard got you a $1.88 @minnowbooster upgoat, nice!
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Very nice idea to give the minnows something back :)

thx...useful information

thanks your tip.

Greetings. As a charity, can we delegate a Steemit member to do this on our behalf?

Thank you so much! I feel loved!

@tipu why i'm not getting votes form @promoted? did the bot settings change? when i promoted any content the amount will be deducted and send it to @null account but not received my vote form @promoted account so could you please let me know why??


I dont know, its not my bot. Maybe it has some technical problems?

I can confirm that it works - been using this for a couple of days :-) tip! post

it is good but we must see other places where we get some thing mainly why just depend on bot if just make effort and mauanlly we may get better result thank you.