Obsessive Downvoting /Tagging Posts- A Method of Silencing & Censoring Curators on Steemit

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What brought me to Steemit?

Knowing what kind of censorship I deal with on my social media accounts a few friends and followers suggested that I try Steemit. They explained how censorship and policing were very lax and that the readers and curators were very open minded. I figured it would definitely be something worth trying. A few weeks after I started posting my articles I started to receive lots of great feedback from readers. My opinion of Steemit only grew with each passing day. It was actually better than I expected.

What it’s like being an independent journalist?

It's a very interesting "job" and I put job in quotations because although I am providing a service and product (my articles) most of the rewards that one receives are altruistic in nature, the thank you messages and emails, are a great boost for moral but the financial rewards are very little and almost nonexistent. What I do on any given day is write articles, post, tweet, conduct interviews, research, do in depth analysis, and interact on my posts with my readers. 

What do I like about Steemit?

One of the attractive elements of steemit for reader funded independent investigative journalists such as myself is financial compensation from readers. As anyone in the truth telling arena will tell you, most publications in alternative media do not pay for articles. That is the biggest downside to doing what we do. This is the sort of thing that is entirely driven by passion. You have to make a lot of sacrifices in order to stay in this “business” where your payment is usually great feedback from readers who are very thankful for your time, dedication, and ability to share important facts in an understandable way in layman terms. 

Considering how censorship is rampant on other social media sites and this is intentionally done to shut down independent free thinking investigative writers such as myself that do not conform or parrot the mainstream media narrative, the lack of censorship here is definitely advantageous. 

I think many of us realize that the power of free speech is dwindling and unless we fight back it will be completely taken away, ironically enough not only is the media behind this but the brainwashed members of our society are also contributing to this silencing of dissident voices.

What have I contributed to Steemit in three months?

I have contributed all self curated high quality material, and have received a lot of great feedback from readers who value and appreciate my contributions to the steemit community. I have interacted with the steemit community as I would my readers on my site (which is not monetized) or on my social media accounts (which also are not monetized). I have taken the time to answer questions, reply to comments, and have made sure to graciously thank those who have up voted and commented on my posts.

Why am I writing this post?

The purpose of this post is two fold: 

1. Calling the Steemit communities attention to two accounts that have targeted me with incessant intimidation, bullying, and false allegations. Which all contribute to this great community becoming hostile and unfriendly. 

2. Providing you, my readers with the opportunity to advise me as to what you think the best course of action should be. Should I stop contributing? Do we let two accounts get away with this behavior without any repercussions?

Why is my reputation and credibility so important to me?

As an independent journalist, my reputation and credibility are what differentiate me from your mainstream media content pushers. I spend hours upon hours researching, cross referencing, double and triple checking facts before I put my name on an article. I have NEVER had a publication pull an article that I wrote when I have been attacked by people that disagree with the views being expressed, why? Because I am known to be reliable and very thorough. My articles are frequently compared to research papers, that’s how jam packed with facts and references they are. 

That’s why I will not sit back and allow two anonymous accounts to continue to attack and down vote me based on their illogical views or because I do not conform to the official narrative. 

Who are these two accounts?

What I have noticed over the past few months is that there are two accounts that are hellbent on downvoting my posts and comments.  “Bloom” and “Ronahi” are on a mission to silence me. I would like to bring attention to these accounts in a public forum, in hopes that reasonable action can be taken by the Steemit community and especially my followers whether they be minnows, dolphins, or whales to stop this misuse of power. These are the only two accounts that I have seen down vote my posts and comments.

Now I admittedly do not know much about down voting, all I know is that I have seen a significant drop and no improvement in my “wallet” for the past almost two months. Even though I am still contributing high quality content and it’s being up voted. 

I became curious as to why my account was dropping and took to steemd.com to find out what I could. What I found was that there were only two accounts that had ever down voted me. So I went on to do a little deeper digger to find out who and why?

These are all of the times that these two accounts have down voted my posts and comments (there could be more, I only went back 35 days):

bloom downvote @sarahabed/the-war-on-syria-debunking-progressive-… (-100%) 3 hours ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/re-ronahi-racism-and-slander-against-ku… (-100%) 5 hours ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/re-sarahabed-re-ronahi-racism-and-sland… (-100%) 5 hours ago

bloom downvote @sarahabed/re-sarahabed-re-ronahi-racism-and-sland… (-25%)

bloom downvote @sarahabed/re-ronahi-racism-and-slander-against-ku… (-25%)

bloom downvote @sarahabed/syria-the-criminal-empire-s-strategy-of… (-100%)

bloom downvote @sarahabed/empire-uses-kurds-as-pawns-in-its-imper… (-100%)

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/the-kurds-historical-revisionism-and-th… (-100%)

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/iraq-discrimination-against-feyli-kurds (-100%)

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/kurdish-independence-and-disunity (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/the-kurds-ultra-leftist-opportunists-or… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/kurds-and-assyrians-a-tumultuous-past-a… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/modern-day-horrors-kurds-disarm-assyria… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/kurdish-pkk-and-ypg-s-hidden-notorious-… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/syria-sdf-and-daesh-an-unholy-alliance-… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/the-kurdish-pjak-is-being-used-by-israe… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/the-kurds-make-illegal-claims-for-auton… (-100%) 17 days ago

ronahi downvote @sarahabed/separatist-kurds-a-history-of-human-rig… (-100%)

bloom downvote @sarahabed/separatist-kurds-a-history-of-human-rig… (-100%)

bloom downvote @sarahabed/the-kurds-make-illegal-claims-for-auton… (-100%)

bloom downvote @sarahabed/syria-sdf-and-daesh-an-unholy-alliance-… (-100 %) 27 days ago

bloom downvote @sarahabed/the-kurds-ultra-leftist-opportunists-or… (-100%) 35 days ago

bloom downvote @sarahabed/kurdish-pkk-and-ypg-s-hidden-notorious-… (-100%) 35 days ago

It appears that 4 months ago someone else had this problem with bloom.I caught a professional Steemit flagger @Bloom4 months ago icarus 29 in steemit

After noticing my latest post went down the toilet I decided to find out who has been downvoting me. I came across the culprit. A Steemer by the name of @Bloom. After a quick look at their SteemMD page and Steem Blog. It seems that all they do is resteem posts and vote, but mostly down votes posts they don't like. They have also made two comments, and guess what one of those was about....flagging someone. It's very obvious from how they voted what their politics are (left wing), and they are using their Steem power to further their agenda.I notice there's a lot of regular deposits into their account through Bittrex. Is someone funding this behaviour?

This needs addressing or Steem will turn into a warzone with no currency creation.

STEEMIT......DO SOMETHING.(Image not shown due to low ratings)

This same user also wrote this post Steemit users like @Bloom are being paid to do nothing but down vote "anti Israel" content, they have not posted a single post on their blog, yet their account is worth over $4000. You can see by their Steemd page that regular payments of very similar amounts are made into their account through Bitrex. 

Just imagine what would happen to  Steemit if all we did was down vote everything we saw that we didn't agree with, bye bye Steem currency. They down vote anything that mentions historical facts and events that show Israel in a bad light such as Israel's illegal use of phosphorus bombs.

Such groups as: Wikimedia Israel

From Wikipedia:
Wikimedia Israel (In Hebrew ויקימדיה ישראל) is an Israeli non profit organization working in cooperation with the Wikimedia Foundation to promote knowledge and education in Israel through the collection and dissemination of free content and the initiation of projects to facilitate access to databases.

My Israel and the Yesha Council

From Wikipedia:
My Israel (Hebrew: ישראל שלי‎‎, Yisra'el Sheli) is an Israel right wing extra-parliamentary movement. Its website describes it as a "movement for Zionist activity".

From israelnationalnews.com
The Yesha (Judea and Samaria) Council’s new website, as introduced at a public conference in Jerusalem on Sunday, teaches Land of Israel supporters how to take full advantage of the internet to promote Zionist nationalist ideals.

Of course this type of behavior will put a dent in the value of Steem, especially if it makes those flagged retaliate by doing the same, not to mention making earning any money from it impossible unless you have a huge following.Some eye opening quotes from those Israeli's.

“I personally try to edit things that are against Israel, I have the power and the right to change that""I came here to learn more about how we as Israeli's and as Jews can defend Israel online on the internet and particularly in Wikipedia in this case"

"The goal of the day is to teach people how to edit Wikipedia which is the number one source of information today in the world""We wanna be there, we wanna be the guys who influence what is written there, how is written and insure that is balanced and Zionist in nature"

Here was a comment in response to this post and I personally think it's really awful advice: bi5h0p 4 months [email protected]

"I see what has been happening to your recent posts and I think it is most troublesome.Obviously, you have raised the ire of someone who is in possession of much more Steem Power than you.This situation is not fair. We call this, "Capitalism." Or, "He Who Owns the Gold, Makes the Rules."Suck it up, buttercup. Get with the program. Someone is trying to teach you how to adjust your approach to "THEIR" platform - and they have the balls to back it up. Might I make a suggestion?

Adjust your tone, your content, your posts, your tags accordingly. Learn the "rules" of SteemIt. Once you know what they are, I believe you will still be able to get your point of view across, without the continued harassment from the whales. They are sometimes big & clumsy things that accidentally sink your ship, throw you around, and make a general nuisance out of themselves. For now, sail into some calmer waters, get out of the area, and regroup. It will be less frustrating for you, if you do so."

Basically the above comment is saying that you need to conform to the accepted narrative or else you will get harassed until you do. Is that really what people should be doing here on steemit? Being intimidated to censor themselves to fit official narratives?

Here is an excerpt from an interesting post  that I found when searching for information on flagging.  I would have no problem agreeing with if flagging/downvoting was done reasonably and not in the vicious manner that both bloom and ronahi have exhibited:

"The definite downside of flagging is increased drama. People simply do not react well to being flagged. It leads to rant posts, flag wars, whining, all the stuff we've seen on Steemit since the beginning. And those of us that have been here longer have seen quite a lot of this stuff. But I don't think we should avoid using what is a fundamental part of the platform in the fear of drama - and on top of that, I don't think we should tolerate the drama, period."

Here’s a question: Why can't we block accounts that down vote us incessantly? I have looked into bloom and rarely does he give other people a 100% downvote, but he almost always does that to me. Why should I have to tolerate his immature behavior? Who is funding him? Is it the Israeli government perhaps?

Here is part of a comment that @globocop made about bloom. He is absolutely right in his assessment. This is exactly what is happening to me by bloom.

“There is a steemit.chat channel #steemitabuse, where I just today flagged such a user who has been downvoting one of my followers for whatever grudge they hold for days on end. How can we deal more effectively with these type of rogue accounts? It is abuse of the system and doing harm to users for expressing their views, or just for reporting facts. I am subscribing to some users whom I do not agree with politically - yet I am still interested in their thinking. Let's have a debate. Let's exchange ideas. Convince me with facts and logic if you can. People work hard in many cases. They work for the rewards, for steem power and reputation. Abusing by blanket downvoting is theft. I think this is a pertinent subject - for who will be next to be abused in such way?

How then do we deal with that?ch @globocop

And here bloom’s response to the above comment on the same post:

bloom43  ·  4 months ago

“The example @globocop mentioned (calling my recent flagging 'abuse', possibly without spending enough time to understand the issue) was the following: when looking into an account that I already earlier identified and downvoted as a troll/spam/hate speech account, I found the post: https://steemit.com/artificial/@runaway-slave/any-country-with-noble-aspirations-moral-goals-religious-polities-like-russia-he-ll-bring-all-his-artificial-influence-to-bear

This post is a typical example of anti-Semitic hate speech: who is 'he' who wants to destroy? - hint: the post title/text is a quote from the article linked in the post. It is also typical that anti-Semitic intention is just hidden enough that it cannot be found and identified with google-search as anti-Semitic hate speech, but of course their followers and the anti-Semitic community will understand. This suggests that the author might be experienced in smear campaigns against minorities. By defending their follower-friend (above, in the thread https://steemd.com/music-molecules/@runaway-slave/the-music-of-molecules-trippy-and-cool-gld-slv-music-to-my-ears-wonder-what-cryptos-sound-like-erratic-static and on steemit.chat), @globocop gives the impression that they support this kind of hate speech. Posts like this that should not tolerated, and of course, I applied a full down vote/flag to that post (and I hope that readers, after checking that post, will help with down voting). Further, as usual when I find such a post of a user, I also check other posts of the same user. Also, looking into accounts engaged in hate speech, I apply other standards than usual. So even if the other posts are not as bad, I look e.g. whether they deserve the projected payout and apply if necessary a limited downvote (i.e. reduce payout/reset it to zero, but not enough to hide the post). So even without digging deeper (possibly much of the Zuckerberg-bashing, Rothschild-bashing and of other conspiracy theories pushed by that account has an anti-Semitic motivation as well), this led to a significant number of further down votes to that account within a short time. As a matter of principle, when dealing with troll and hate speech accounts I follow the guideline of 'Do not feed the trolls' - so no debate, no discussion, just down votes.

”In another comment on the same post Bloom states: "But I have seen a number of accounts pushing the wildest anti-Semitic conspiracy theories some of which have been used before by the German Nazis. When these accounts then also attack Zuckerberg and the Rothschilds, one would assume that this is motivated by a deeply-rooted hate against Jews."

Bloom clearly is on Steemit to mostly cause trouble and does not contribute anything positive to the Steemit community.  I am not even suggesting that his account be deleted and that the Steemit community be rid of his malicious and hateful demeanor, I am asking that his behavior be assessed to see if it adds value or if it devalues the Steemit experience for other uses and not just myself. 

Here is a comment that bloom recently made:

Welcome to steemit @odd1

Is steemit really as bad as I think?Yes, it is (maybe even worse). You already mentioned the global-warming deniers and anti-vaxxers, but have you found the flat-earthers on steemit?

There are high amounts of steempower owned by and delegated to users promoting such nonsense. Be a bit careful with exposing and downvoting this BS, look for example what happened to the account of one of my followers after posting this or more recently to this account.

Here is a response from bloom:

bloom43 in travel

What have you done to earn the titles you put on your profile?Actually not much: I downvoted some anti-semitic conspiracy theorists who gave me the title "professional flagger", and I upvoted you who gave me the title "mysterious upvoter".

bloom43 in introduceyourself

Oh yes, the anti-vax nonsense. I flagged some of that as well. But on steemit this kind of nonsense seems to be backed by incredible amounts of steem power (even by some witnesses). Some anti-vax posters are making $$$ with their ignorance of science, in these cases a downvote from me probably wouldn't even been noticed. In the comment sections of these posts there are endless discussions with the same arguments repeated again and again, however, these anti-vax people seem to be very resistant to scientific facts.

Here is Bloom's introduction post:

How I became a professional Steemit flagger4 months agobloom43 in introduceyourself

I've been using Steemit for only about two months and even not been active all the time. Nevertheless other Steemians are writing posts pointing out the professionality of my work: So, how did this come about?Well, the usual story: I spent one year in a secret training facility in the desert where I learned everything about the inner workings of Steemit which enabled me to register a Steemit account and to work as a professional down voter with regular payments coming in. The following is one of the rare photos of myself during my time in the desert:

"The prisoners cannot see any of what is happening behind them, they are only able to see the shadows cast upon the cave wall in front of them." --- Plato

(below is a continuation of Bloom's introduction post)

My Steemit experience

Some time ago I registered a Steemit account and used Steemit mostly reading, voting, rarely commenting, and without the intention to start writing posts immediately.There is no doubt that there is a lot of decent content around, also excellent content, only sometimes hard to find. I enjoyed reading high quality content, some of which I tried to accumulate as resteems on my blog page. And surely there are many more excellent authors to discover for which didn't had the time yet.

To complement my Steemit experience, I also looked out for the opposite side of the spectrum. Here we have the advantage that one doesn't have spend too much time searching for it, it doesn't hide, you directly run into it.

These shitposts seem to form a whole universe of its own. A subset of this low-quality content is produced by some very industrious users pushing conspiracy theories. I learned from Steemit that there are people believing in the Chemtrail conspiracy theory or the or the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, and there even seem to be some Flat-Earthers around: On a similar intellectual level, probably more harmful, there are those pushing Climate change denial. And there are accounts engaged in hate speech and in pushing conspiracy theories that discredit certain groups of people, one example being the Protocols conspiracy theory.

Downvoting and new conspiracy theories

Given this overabundance of crap on Steemit, and keeping in mind that the negation of the negative is positive, I started to reserve part of my voting power to downvote some of these shitposters, conspiracy-theorists, antisemites and racists. Also, what to do when you have surplus voting power and not the time to search for good content - bad content is always at hand. And I didn't want to be one of those users who never ever have used the downvote button, this way missing half of the full Steemit experience.The reactions were various. The most pronounced reactions came from the flagged antisemite conspiracy theorists, which made me even more interested in them. My flagging appeared to have caused some uneasiness in the conspiracy theory scene and they began to fabricate their own new conspiracy theories: that Steemit censors, that I were a professional down voter paid by Steemit Inc.or by the Israelis for down voting certain posts and funded through a very suspicious account

Introduce myself

I'm not a downvoter paid by the Israelis or Steemit Inc., in fact I'm not paid by anyone for what I do on Steemit. (Interesting admission mean to preemptively thwart any potential allegations that he may receive). My activity on Steemit is not limited to downvoting. I'm not a blogger, therefore I'm not blogging. And I don't like to make too much information about myself available on the internet. However, it is not false that the picture above shows a shadow of me.

"Take a good look at this world, how riddled it is with huge, gaping holes, how full of Nothingness, the Nothingness that fills the bottomless void between the stars, how everything about us has become lined with it, how it darkly lurks behind each shred of matter." --- Stanislaw Lem, "How The World Was Saved"

Flagging on Steemit

Though we all have seen the shocking pictures of all that beautiful steem flowing over the dam and daily come in contact with content that is in urgent need of flagging, to me it seems that downvoting spam, shitposts, abuse and excessive self-upvoting is not as widespread as it should be.What do my readers think? Do you not feel enough rewarded for spending your valuable voting power on downvotes, do you see flagging as censorship, do you fear retaliatory flagging, do you lack the negative attitude required for proper and effective flagging, do you don't want to judge what's good and bad or don't waste time on this, or is it that there is so much shit around that you don't know where to begin flagging?Or maybe, this vibrant, ever-regenerating and self-affirming biotope of shitposts just forms a vital part of Steemit, to serve as material only in relation and comparison to which good content becomes good content and mediocre content becomes mediocre content, and therefore needs to be preserved?

Who is Ronahi? (btw that is not his real name, he said that means light or something similiar in Kurdish in his intro post)
Ronahi is a Kurdish cyber activist - Civil engineer - crypto & blockchain enthusiast - amateur : graphics designer, photographer, chess & poker player

Now I didn’t know Ronahi existed until I was on steemd and noticed that he had written an article entirely dedicated to labeling me in a disgusting manner. 

Which can be read here.

Rather than respond to his entirely emotionally driven hateful drivel.. I ask that you read my steemit articles which address all of these points. He likes to refer to the negative actions of the PKK in Turkey and their Syrian branch the YPG as “propaganda” but even Kurds have called out these armed militias for kidnapping KURDS and turning them into child soldiers, and at times yes even killing them.. Among all the other things that I have mentioned that Ronahi denies are actually happening. Oh.. and yes.. The Kurdish militias have worked closely with Daesh and other terrorist groups on a number of occasions. If you want more proof I am willing to provide it but only after reading all of the proof I have already put on the table in my articles. I don’t like spending time that I really do not have doing the same work over and over. I do not have that luxury.

Here is a response made by @clarityofsignal to @Ronahi’s post:

[-]clarityofsignal58  ·  7 days ago

If one reads between the lines on this attached Reuters article, its clear to see where 'ISIS' evaporated to in the SDF areas. The FSA/ISIS simply took on a new name under the SDF/YPG banner. The article even alludes to Arab fighters. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-ypg/exclusive-kurdish-ypg-militia-expects-conflict-with-turkey-in-northern-syria-idUSKBN19Q2S0

Excerpt: The YPG is fighting under the banner of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which includes Arab fighters. In separate comments to the Saudi-owned Asharq al-Awsat newspaper published on Wednesday, Hemo said the United States had established seven military bases in areas of northern Syria controlled by the YPG or SDF, including a major airbase near Kobani, a town at the border with Turkey.Citing operational security, the coalition said it did not confirm or deny information about “specific capabilities, force numbers, locations or movement of forces in Iraq and Syria”.The rest of the above article is mostly BS, easy to see as the US has backed the terrorists all along as proven by my many articles here at Steemit and at Clarity of Signal. 

Reuters is, of course, one of the lead propaganda disseminators for the US Deep State (read Zionists) and thus should always be looked at quite skeptically. This Kurdish state has long been in the works by the Zionists who control US foreign policy and the recent dropping of the independence referendum was actually all part of the plan in order to bring the larger western/Zionist controlled Kurdish state into existence.For those that have been paying attention, the US was never fighting ISIS in Syria and has instead been using them as proxy army to destabilize and take over the country. 

Now they are trying to reshape the narrative around the Kurds who have sold themselves out regardless of what Ronahi states here at Steemit. The US was always planning on this plan as a backup to their FSA terrorists who have experienced defeat across Syria. The Kurdish 'leadership' in their desperation and desire for globalist compensation and a possible state of their own, simply are willing to align with Saudi Arabia's terrorists and the Zionists of Israel for self enrichment. They have never really fought ISIS either. Now 'ISIS' suddenly signs a deal with them and hands over the oil fields. Its sadly comical. What has really happened was that ISIS simply switched uniforms and accepted another new name change. Southfront has more on the oil handover from 'ISIS' to the Kurds.For folks wanting to know what is really going on with the Kurdish ruse, I recommend checking out Syriana Analysis as he is always well on top of the Deep States/Zionist BS, as well as being well up on the actions of Turkey and the Saudi backed terrorists in Idlib.

Note that Syrian and Russian Armed Forces have recently cleared the last major city held by ISIS before the oil fields and that the ISIS fighters suddenly have disappeared? Where do folks think they slipped away to? Of course they went into the nearby Kurdish regions where the regrouping and renaming is taking place under the control of the US military advisers (read special forces) at those 7 new bases established by the Empire on Syrian territory. 

I put together a large post showing the weapons they left behind as the SAA advanced on al-Mayhideen. Keep in mind that the US Deep State never worries about the loss of weapons or them falling into the hands of ISIS/al-Qaeda, this is because they make massive amounts of money by ripping off the US taxpayers and getting the MIC to produce new weapons contracts that pay huge gains on the stock market for insiders. All part of the spiraling, bloated, unregulated MIC working hand in hand with the terrorists. https://steemit.com/news/@clarityofsignal/breaking-news-oct-21-2017-new-photos-reveal-massive-nato-supplied-weapons-cache-captured-from-isis-by-saa-after-battle-for-deir

And Sarah, keep up the good work fighting for your country. You have my respect and from what I have seen on the Internet, the respect of a great deal of others. The difference between you and the person you are debating here is that you have a a good, pure heart and have been fighting for getting the truth out about all the western, Gulf State and Zionist deception in Syria, while they (Ronahi) are simply being deceptive. Peace to you.

Reply··[-]ronahi49  ·  7 days ago

Where is my tiny foil hat when I need it ? This what happens when you are braindead embarked on a journey of disillusion.We lost over 3000 fighters against daesh in Rojava alone. Over 5000 Yazidi women were kidnapped, raped and sold into slavery, their men massacred and buried in mass graves. Kurdish peshmerga fighters were tortured, beheaded or killed in different barbaric ways. We lost brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers in the fight against Daeshbags. We are religiously diverse, we have Muslims, Alevis, Chiites, Yazidis, Christians, Jews and atheists. Our values, principals and ideologies have absolutely nothing to do with those of daeshbags. So how the fuck dare you say we are allied with fucking daesh ? Do you think this is fucking chess game ? with your bullshit brainwashed analysis. Tell me how would female YPJ fighters (feminists/communalist anarcho-libertarians) get along with daeshbag fighters, you moron? YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ANYTHING. We would be better off with imperialists zionist seeking to create a Kurdish state (which isn't the case anyway) than with braindead morons seeking to oppress and deny our identity and rights. So I will respectfully ask you to GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Here is another comment that bloom made, this time calling my investigative reporting which is shared on sites such as Global Research "propaganda":

bloom43 in politics

@ronahi and @likedeeler as far as I know, you are the only ones here who write posts about this topic and know something about it, so I though it was a good idea to bring you in contact. You are doing good work to refute the propaganda of users like @sarahabed by coming up with some actual information. And don't be discouraged that the propaganda posts of others are so heavily upvoted, that's usual for steemit, many whales here have no clue and/or don't read the articles they upvote. Even if your posts don't earn that much at the moment, it's important to have some material online to counter the rampant disinformation on this platform.

Here is a comment from one of my readers (btw I didn’t tag him but he found this on his own) 

joe.nobel54  ·  3 days ago

Downvotes and flagging need be reserved for spam. They should never be used because you differ in opinion. Shame on you.

ronahi49  ·  3 days ago

I don't think there are actual rules on what you should or should not flag. Flagging only spam makes no sense.. what about racism, hate speech, discrimation, harmful and abusive posts ? What about posts that lie and mislead people ? What about posts that degrade the image of your people who have sacrifaced so much in the fight against daesh?

 joe.nobel54  ·  3 days ago

Hate speech - yes,

Abuse - yes.

Degrading an image ... - no.

I've read Sarah's articles. I only see journalism. I don't see hate speech or abuse of any kind. You may criticize her factually, and provide corrections with proof, but it is unethical to silence someone because you disagree with them.Instead, may I suggest, that you actually /upvote/ her next time you find something you disagree with. 

Write a constructive comment along with the upvote detailing where you believe she has erred. Who knows, maybe she will invite you for an interview so you may explain your side thus getting you equal coverage.

And believe me, I don't know her, I've never met her. I've only read two or three of her posts. I certainly don't know anyone from that part of the world. This is really not my business.

I hope you can sort this out,


Here is my response: sarahabed 59  ·  2 days ago

I have clearly backed up every claim with facts in every one of my articles. The land grabbing, ethnic cleansing, child soldiers, kidnapping, alliances with FSA and other terrorist organizations and yes even working closely with Daesh have all been backed by facts, pictures, videos, testimonies, etc. I stand by EVERY article I have written, and so do all of the publications that have republished my articles for their readers to learn more about the current situation. Ronahi is just one of a number of Kurdish activists that want to silence me. He has down voted me 13 times. Is that not an indication of obsessive behavior? Ronahi does not want the world to be exposed to information that counters mainstream media's false romanticized image of his cause.

But characters like Ronahi only reveal their own racism while falsely accusing others of being racists. He has gained sympathy from a clearly unhinged account under the bloom who has a lot of steem power and has downvoted my posts and comments 100% 10 times so far... he is doing so in hopes that his malicious behavior will drive me out of here.. Both of these accounts represent the dark and very ugly side of steemit that are trying to put a dark cloud over curators such as myself who are on a mission to report the truth. 

Hopefully the Steemit community will be able to take some actions against these two egotistical, bigoted, hateful accounts and rid this community of their poison. The truth is coming out faster than they can silence it and the world is finding out what is REALLY driving their cause and it isn't what they falsely portray.  

FYI: I started writing this post about a week ago so the dates are off.. but I have been very busy and couldn't finish it till now. 

Thank you to all those that took the time to read it!

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"When these accounts then also attack Zuckerberg and the Rothschilds, one would assume that this is motivated by a deeply-rooted hate against Jews."

Yeah...there's no other possible reason one could dislike Zuckerberg (responsible for taking credit for zombifying an entire empire into complete narcissism) or the Rothschilds (perhaps the bankiest bankers of all time).

No reason AT ALL.

I don't need to see much more reasoning from this "person" to know what they are.

I dig your reply Lex, following and upvoted. @dakini5d

I'll counter balance with my orca weight vote.

All these oceanic metaphors. Im pushing for being a pigeon. One day I'll be an eagle. I don't like swimming.

LOL you can be whatever you want to be, don't let anyone tell you otherwise ;-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yeap stay true to yourself. That bloom guy still downvote you and you're staying positive! I like that spirit! I'll contribute my upvote as well :)

Thank you! If we are not true to ourselves we can't be true to others :-)

Yeah well said! Like your spirit. Be that firm figure don't let others pull you down :) Oh ya I noticed you like to report so much about syria and iraq? Why you choose such topic? You're like a reporter there?

Thank you!

I have read it. Thanks for this post. Keep it up @sarahabed

Thank you!

Bloom even downvoted this post lol

There is some content that should be flagged (people using other's work to make money for example), but most of the things we disagree with should simply be ignored.

There is a great deal of material on Steemit I consider nonsense. Sometimes I engage with it for the entertainment it brings me in the moment, other times I roll my eyes and ignore it. Just because we disagree with someone's views shouldn't inspire us to try to censor them. Everyone deserves to be heard whether accurate or ridiculous.

Racism, anti-semitism, anti-anything is often an unpopular view. I can see reasons for having unpopular opinions whether or not I agree with them. If someone is inciting violence because of their "anti" views, they probably should be censored, otherwise start a conversation to find out how to come to a common mind ... flagging out of "disagreement" is pretty harsh.

Absolutely, and I know for a fact that they disagree with my views and that's the sole reason for their downvotes that's why I brought it up.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Yes - I ran into this bloom character and some of its associates a couple of times. These generously funded accounts have alignd themselves also with steemcleaners under the guise of fighting plagiarism - as far as I can tell. On my black list. Discernment is of essence. The enemy of free speech, humanity and truth... Would have done well in the Soviet Union.

Isaiah 54:17 (KJV 1900)
17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;
And every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.
This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD,
And their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.

Absolutely and I made note of that interaction in my post.. thank you globocop for calling him out. He is clearly unhinged. Bloom is an overgrown middle school bully that hides behind his anonymous account and hands out punishments. The fact that he has had a number of my comments hidden shows just how intimidated he is by facts that counter his biased views.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@disarrangedJane and I are hosting a radio show on MSP Waves Radio every Friday. It's called Jane's Chaos Show. I haven't spoken to Jane about it yet - but I think this would be a good subject to bring up during the show in view, not only in light (or darkeness) of certain Steemit accounts, but other political groups in the real world who are unwilling to debate/discuss issues at hand.

Perhaps we can have you on if you like?

MSP - Peace Abundance Liberty Net on Discord

I salute you for speaking up!

Nice! Yeah, I think that's a great topic. Censorship, in general, is only increasing and in my opinion, not enough is being done to counter it. Email me if you'd like ..it might be easier that way [email protected] Looking forward to talking to you more!

Are you sure you want your email here in public?
I noted it down tho.

Yeah, it's okay. It's on my website too.

You should definitely do it - it's a topic everyone should really be discussing...

Any post related to race and/or politics is bound to draw the attention of extremists. There's no way around it.

Yeah it comes with the territory I deal with this sort of thing on a daily basis, but I still felt it was important to address these two accounts and make the steemit community aware of what they were doing.

Since you are an investigative journalist perhaps you can look deeper into this...

A similar situation happened to me and is happening to others. In my case false accusation of "copy and paste" plagiarism and a whole conspiracy theory build around "draining the reward pool". In any case, people who have just got on Steemit and who barely post feel a need to spend hours downvoting or diminishing people who have been posting consistently for over a year. It is becoming a toxic environment and nothing is really gained by it.

What exactly could my accuser have gained? Was the goal to get me to post less frequently? Or did they just think I'm being rewarded too much? I don't know, but they never approached me about my posts until after months of conspiring in secret with blogs accusing me of stuff.

For the record, anyone is free to read my blog and let me know what you think. Do you think it's all "copy paste" bs or what? My accuser needed no evidence at all but it still has a negative effect on the rate of my follower growth which has slowed down since.

Btw you now have a new follower @sarahabed


Hey Dana, I took a quick look at one of your posts.. and the article from your "accuser". I am not familiar with the ins and outs of bots to really give a solid opinion. I think steemit can be a frustrating place for most and only some people have a really in-depth understanding of it and are able to make it work. No one should be upset at anyone else for having figured it out.

I don't have any control of the bots that vote for me or don't so why should I be blamed as if I did something? The bots is a separate issue though. Bots always have existed on Steemit from the beginning but the secret to long term success on a platform like this is relationships with other people and followers. These bots if they vote me up are due to my relationships with others or because I was consistent at posting high quality over an extended period of time.

Without the quality of relationships and the follower base, Steemit wouldn't have much to offer. Sure it can offer monetary rewards but it's crypto and those kinds of rewards exist in other places at least for some of us. I'll continue following your posts, and keep posting good content because over time you'll develop a rapport and reputation (which is what actually matters).

Followed you too.. earlier.. just forgot to mention it :-). Thank you for the advice. Glad we crossed paths, keep up the great work.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You and I may not agree on many things (or anything), it really doesn't matter. Your right to speak your mind is no more or less valuable than mine or anyone elses. (we mostly agree BTW)...
I have seen this happen several times lately, and I just don't understand it. Wouldn't making an argument, presenting your case, and either winning them over or not, be a better course of action than the "dickvote" oops downvote...

I had a perfect example of this happen today where I have fundamental differences with someone, had an exchange, mutually agreed that we both were assholes, and moved our separate ways - end of story.

I didn't downvote him just for disagreeing with me, and I will likely throw him a 50% sometime this week for standing his ground.

IDK - If someones material is indeed bad, there's no need for anyone to take it upon himself, the community will sort it out and prevail - eventually...

Edit - I had to go back in my posts to find this:

No one is inherently wrong just because they disagree with you…

Start with the most basic facts and look at this from the most basic level - to get on the same page, both sides have to at least agree on and get that out of the way first. When someone has an opinion on something, that person is not at fault for not agreeing with someone else who holds an opposite opinion. The idea itself, that someone has an opinion on something is itself predicated on the notion that they disagree with the other person who holds a different opinion.


Hmm.. if memory serves me correct, you were on ronahi's post where he was unjustly bashing me.

This is a portion of my reply on that post:

I am not as knowledgeable on this subject as I should be, but after reading your post I am much more knowledgeable than I was. ;) The best way to counter false information is exactly what your doing -shed light on the truth and call out the people spreading the lies... I actually learned from your post - and I will be doing my own studying into the Kurds...

I don't believe I trashed you specifically in any way, honestly I would have said the same if the positions were reversed - I tend to look at both sides of anything before deciding whats right or wrong. If that comment came across that way to you I apologize...
Just a few of your posts that I have upvoted, and i'm pretty sure there are some comments in there somewhere:

  • Syria: The West's Anti-Islamic Terrorists - Adra Massacre
  • The Kurds: Ultra-leftist opportunists or real revolutionaries?
  • Modern Day Horrors: Kurds Disarm Assyrians and Yazidis, Abandoning them to Daesh Onslaught

Regardless I do tend to agree with your perspective "most" of the time, but like most things we will surely never agree "all" the time...

Thank you for clarifying. I couldn't remember the exact comment you made just that you had made one. I appreciate your open minded response.

It's a lose-lose situation. A couple of months ago, I flagged a couple of hate-speech posts. Doing my little bit to make Steemit a better place. Or so I thought. For about a month, the asshat stalked my posts, spamming the comments section with false claims that I had been flagging everybody who I disagreed with politically. There's no winning against a dork who has nothing to lose.

Steemit is censorship-resistant but it is not censorship-proof.

If you want to make Steemit a better place you should be defending the 1st Amendment
We've seen how the "Hate Speech Policy" have ruined Facebook and Youtube ...why do you want that Ccensorship to arrive here too?

The First Amendment is entirely about not permitting the goverment to control speech.

Nothing in the First implies that I have to tolerate hate speech. I will flag it every time. My Steem Power is to use as I see fit. It's really that simple.

Care to give an example of what you consider hate speech @preparedwombat?

Far too many people throw around the "hate-speech" tag like it means "anything I hate."

Absolutely, it's one of the go-to tags and labels being overused these days.

Off the top of my head, pretty much anything posted by @schlomokikestein

"My Steem Power is to use as I see fit."

Me too. And I tell you that laws that limit government are in place because the acts that are limited are wrong.

It's just as wrong for you to censor someone.

I fully support speech I disagree with - because that is the MEANING of free speech.

Abuse of free speech, like by spamming on my blog, or scamming, plagiarism, are the only justifiable reasons for flagging - except preventing censorship.

That means countering flags, and flagging to prevent censorship and hateflagging, which, if you're flagging speech you disagree with, is what you're doing.

It's abuse. It's wrong. It's censorship.

I'm agin' it.

We will have to agree to disagree. And note that when you go to flag something, it specifically includes hate speech.

Again, my SP. I will utilize it as I see fit. If you see that as constituting censorship, meh, too bad.

Well, I will leave you with this little reminder, regarding how to define hate speech, and the demonization of enemies.

'First they came for the Jews. I was not a Jew, so I did nothing. Then they came for the homosexuals, and I was not a homosexual, so I did nothing. Then they came for the blacks, the gypsies, and the communists, and I wasn't any of those, so I did nothing.

When they came for me, there was nobody left to do anything about it.'

That's a paraphrase, and it's how censorship works.

Censorship is the most hateful speech. Once you start censoring people, you won't stop until, either you are stopped, or there is no one that can speak against you.

Free speech is about defending what you define as 'hate speech', because it's the only kind of speech that needs to be defended.

How ironic that you invoke Martin Niemöller who was bemoaning the fact that he had not stood up to proponents of hate.


It is exemplary of the difference between speech, and oppression.

Had he spoken out, he'd have been censored.


Thank you for bringing our attention to these particular accounts.

You are doing the right thing bringing this question to the community.

Though in truth there isn't much we can do. As @ausbitbank says we will just have to vote harder to cancel their intentions. And there are a lot more of us than there are of them!

You have my support with 100% upvote & resteem... and have followed you for more ;)

Thank you! I really appreciate your support and for "having my back" so to speak.

I'm sorry ignorant people are flagging you, I like your content and will just vote harder to counter them from now on :)

Keep up the great work, don't let them get to ya Sarah

Aww thank you, you're very kind. I REALLY appreciate people like yourself that value what I do and are both encouraging and supportive. It means a lot to me.

it has been a warzone in many respects since steemit started. You can also use the mute button, and keep reporting to steemit abuse linkdrop.

Thank you dear Stella, I know you mentioned the steemit abuse linkdrop before and I tried to find it but couldn't. I will try to look for it again.

After reading and voting for your very well reasoned and important article, I feel that I must weigh in here with an observation that has been raised before, but is "on point" with your topic and thesis.

I would attribute a significant part of the problem you have described to a basic semantic issue with the Steemit ecosystem. I perceive that there is a fundamental confusion of meaning designed into the system from the beginning.

Positive feedback on an article is called an "Up-Vote," while its exact opposite is called a "Flag."

The words have entirely different semantics and connotation, while being identical but opposite in effect.

In my humble opinion, the "powers that be" should seriously consider creating a separate and distinct mechanism for "flagging" posts. This mechanism should be clearly defined in terms of its purpose and effect. It should be limited to the expression of disapproval of universally recognized aberrant behavior, such as explicit racism, hate speech, system gaming/cheating/theft of resources, and such like.

Without having examined the "under the Steemit hood" details, I suspect that Down Voting presently also negatively affects reputation scores. I would propose that if that is presently the case, such affect be shifted to the new "Flag" function only.

As such, a new explicit "Flag" function would serve to draw negative attention to bad actors in a way that could be more readily independently evaluated by anyone without having to go to the extreme analysis that you have had to do to make your case here.

Up Votes and Down Votes would remain unchanged in terms of affecting the value of an article as an expression of one's personal evaluation.

Of course, it is true that the value of an article affects its place in the trending page. However, that is clearly not the same as censorship or as affecting reputation.



do you realize that "Hate Speech" is what has been used to bring censorship to social media and exactly the reason that emboldens people like Bloom to flag on Steemit? What constitutes hate speech changes from country to country. Denying the Holocaust is hate speech in several countries though all evidence shows the Nazi gas chambers were a complete lie. So even the Truth has become Hate Speech.
Hate speech is not "universally abhorrent beahviour".....what is abhorrent is people who are trying to limit people's free speech.
Unless someone incites violence or engages in abusive behaviour he should be by 1st amendment rights be allowed to say whatever he wants. I remember seeing Dan and Ned in an interview making a commitment to the 1st amendment when Steemit launched....I wonder what happened since then.

Thanks, @lavater, for this response.

I am too quick and careless in having adopted that term (hate speech). Thank you for pointing that out and describing how the term has been used to excuse oppression. I withdraw it, with appreciation for your clarification.

However, would you be kind enough to comment on my other descriptors? I.e., explicit racism, system gaming/cheating/theft of resources? You've added "inciting violence," about which I also agree.

Do you agree or disagree with my principle point? If people on Steemit are being abusive, engaging in ad-hominem attacks, and so forth, do you see the value of having a separate flagging mechanism?

And by the way, I don't believe our rights originate in any document. They are either real, inherent, and unalienable, or they don't exist at all.

Nice to "meet" you here, and thanks again for responding.

yes I agree with settng up a separate flag system for clear cut abuses: plagiarism, harassment, abusive language etc
Opinions as long as they are expressed in a civil way and not inciting violence, no matter how "abhorrent", should not be flagged.

I think we are "in violent agreement..." ;)

Thank you both for your comments. I agree with you both that the frequently misused term "hate speech" can have a negative impact on free speech. That's why it would be best if there was some sort of two step process involved in downvotes and flagging. One account can downvote/flag and then a second account could weigh in.. these two would obviously not be two accounts working together. I think that would help catch this sort of abuse.

100% agree with you lavater. We need to fight hard against those who are trying to take away our ability to speak up. The 1st Amendment needs to be abided by and upheld.

I wonder what happened since then.

I think EOS and SMT's are the shiny new toys, Steemit is soooo last year.

"...I suspect that Down Voting presently also negatively affects reputation scores"

It does. The reason @berniesanders reputation is -18 (last I saw) is because he has incited even more powerful accounts to retaliate against his flags.

It is for this reason that I so oppose the use of flags except in cases of abuse of free speech. If you disagree with someone, then state your case. If you flag them, you aren't disagreeing, you are attempting to censor them.

If you censor because you disagree, YOU are the problem.

Note: I am using 'you' in the general sense.

I appreciate that you've responded on this topic.

I would really appreciate it if you could provide references to current Steemit code or documentation to support this, if possible? Thanks in advance...

@skeptic can tell you personally =p @berniesanders flagged him into the negative more than once, IIRC.

Best I can recall, the white paper might have been where I read it. If you haven't read it, it's not too long, and relatively math/jargon free. It's linked in the menu just to the right of your avatar pic.

I don't really recall where I gained the specific understanding, except by watching what happened to @skeptic, and then @berniesanders, in return.

Only a flagger with higher rep than yours can decrease your rep, IIRC, unlike rewards. I bet Google could search up particular and precise details.

Thanks for the added comments.

If I can just block these two accounts..that would work in the short run. I think this is something Steemit should look into as well.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

What I'd like to see is an end to flagging:


I want to see that bollocks GONE!

A downvote could carry the average weight of the upvotes on that comment or post.

Why should a fired up numpty with $800 in their wallet be allowed to censor a comment by some lowlife plankton with only $2.45 in their wallet?

Flagging is censorship by those who have more money, exactly like in the real world, but Steemit does not have to be the same as the real world!

I gather from some of the comments on my previous posts on this subject,
that a few people strongly disagree with this opinion (but most of them are not plankton...)


Yeah.. I have yet to figure out how much their flags and downvotes are worth.. I didn't see it on steemd.

This is awesome! Exactly what I was looking for, thank you so much! Added it and now I can see how much bloom was downvoting me lol

It's really handy - I like to go into settings and change a few things - mainly disabling the histogram.

It was bloom that inspired my post from 4 months ago

See with a reputation of abuse and harrasement why hasn't anything been done to limit his ability to target accounts like he did with mine and others? It just seems to go against the whole premise of steemit being a community built on cordial interactions which is what I was told by many people in the beginning.

Commenting so I remember to check this when I am off my phone

GET OFF YOUR PHONE! - you will turn into a bot...

Did something happen to this add on? I don't see today @sift666

It seems to be working OK for me - that is using Firefox - I usually use Opera but I just use Firefox for Steemit because the add on doesn't work with Opera

Yeah it seems to be working again.. not sure what happened.. I haven't changed browsers.

Well said. If each person's down-vote carried the same weight wouldn't it mean that only behaviour/content that the majority finds objectionable would be penalized?

Exactly.. for a downvote to hold more weight than someone elses upvote is robbery.

"Why should a fired up numpty with $800 in their wallet be allowed to censor a comment by some lowlife plankton with only $2.45 in their wallet?"

I strongly agree with your sentiment, however, I also strongly agree with the logical corollary, which is that their upvote shouldn't carry more weight either.

It makes of the right to free speech the right of money to speak.

I vehemently oppose that, because it renders humanity chattel.

While providing rewards for content has produced an exciting community on Steemit, stake weighting voting power has produced endless problems, injustice, and oligarchical concentration of rewards.

While those with the most stake, including the founders, who mined theirs, large investors, witnesses, etc., disagree, as the parties benefiting from the abusive situation, they should not be expected to altruistically seek justice.

They should, but such moral and ethical standards are increasingly scarce, and we shouldn't naively expect them to.

When wealth is used altruistically, such as @surpassinggoogle not self voting with a delegated stake from @ned, or @ned making that delegation without charge, as have @fulltimegee and @stellabelle, those people have shown a remarkable adherence to principle, clearly above and beyond what is common.

Those of them that still support stake weighted voting haven't fully realized the implications of it, and I suspect that they will, in time. IIRC, they all support stake weighted voting, while fully demonstrating an altruistic dedication to principle.

I think this simply demonstrates that people are incapable of perfect understanding, just like me.

If the principle of stake weighting is wrong in flags, it is wrong in upvotes too. Either way, it's wrong, and you are right.


It's a tricky one - equal weight votes give rise to moron zones like youtub...

I don't think so, because rewards. It isn't that stake weighting causes people to be civil on Steemit, but that being uncivil might prevent them from being rewarded.

Youtool rewards no comments, AFAIK, and fewer and fewer channels not owned by buddies of Eric Schmidt.

This is an excellent idea. It would mean an end to buying influence and destroying people's reputation and business... A frequent tactic of the current Social Media Mafia.

It really is something that should be dealt with. On all of our other media platforms we can choose to block an abuser... but here it seems that we are expected to just deal with their abuse, until they choose to stop if they choose to stop.


While I tend to stay away from topics you tend to post about I do agree that steemit should be a platform where the downvote should only be used against oppressive content (such as blatantly sexist, racist, or otherwise violence promoting posts etc) and not used as a form of oppression. My upvote probably does nothing for you but show you that you have more support. The few articles of yours that I looked through appeared to be original so I will give you the benefit of the doubt and state that you did not do anything to deserve this. My sincerest apologies to you for having to deal with this.

Thank you! Absolutely, you can google my name and see that my articles are featured on many reputable sites such as Global Research, Mint Press News etc. Bloom and Ronahi simply do not want certain agendas exposed and that's what I do.. I expose corruption, terrorism, and propaganda.

Thankfully they haven't found my work yet. I write for Russia Insider, Seeking Alpha and Halsey News. My politics are definitely the opposite of left-wing.

Soros-paid trolls need to be removed by the steem community...

Absolutely, it's beyond ridiculous.

@sarahabed I was wondering if you had steemit chat that I could start a correspondence with you on. As I stated this isn't necessarily my field and as such I have been reaching out to some people that know way more about it than I do. We can communicate another way if you would like but there are some questions I would like to ask and to do so in a private manner as not to seem accusatory. Anyways I hope to be speaking to you soon.

Hello @kryzsec, to be perfectly honest I am really backed up and don't think I will have time to do much one on one chatting. If you would like to ask a question here I will try to get to it. I have a few articles I need to finish and some interviews later this week and I also haven't been feeling well for the past week. Thank you in advance for understanding.

You spew anti-American propaganda. That's all. Its obviously from your side of the story. If you were half-way intelligent you could figure out a way to conceal your hate for the country you live in.

I also would include posts that are obviously intended to game the system...
commenting on months old posts that then get a gaggle of minnow upvotes, etc.

Those that are trying to steal from the reward pool without adding anything to the conversation should be very selectively frowned upon... at least until their rep score is below 15 as a warning to everyone else.

Otherwise, avoid the content you don't like reward the content you do.

Agreed.. now just for my understanding, if a post is more than 7 days old and you upvote it, what happens to the value of your upvote? Where does that money go? Or does it really not go anywhere the post is closed as far as payouts right?

I believe that is true. Nothing counts after 7 days as far as I know, minnow-eye-view.

not the post, but the comment on the old post. That comment can be upvoted because it is less than 7 days old. That's what they're doing... going into old posts and hiding upvote sharing.

Ah okay so they make new comments on old posts, then they upvote them and that somehow generates a profit for them? I didn't know that.

Well, you can still comment on old posts (I do this alla time).

Then you can upvote the fresh comment for 7 days.

Giant Hell yea! to your excellent post!! Thank you so much for speaking out on this vital topic of free speech and the problem of censorship on Steemit! Following, upvoted, resteemed and suggested for @originalworks upvote!

Aww thank you! Greatly appreciate it.

that is really unfair and these people should be investigated and blacklisted. I think they are the "steemit secret police"who are there to spy on people under false pretense. I am glad however that you can identify them and point them out to others so we can be aware. Freedom of speech is paramount in todays world of "false info" being spread by the main stream media. Thanks for sharing this useful info with us.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Shame you didn't do any investigating of your own. Congrats, you're very
perspicacious, I'm steemit secret police, here to spy and waste my time on idiots for no reason. Blacklisted for revealing someone who is spreading hate and false information ? Well done, you're really on the right side of things. ;)

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

You're very welcome and I am glad to see so many people are happy that I posted about this. I was hesitant to be perfectly honest, and I didn't want to sound like I was simply complaining but I did feel that it was entirely targeted, unethical and unfair behavior and didn't want anyone else to be targeted by these two accounts.

@bloom has just given me my first flags =p

Badge of Honor!

@sarahabed, I am @disarrangedjane. I have sent you an e-mail on this subject to your email address listed on your blog. You can open it. It's not malicious. But I wanted to speak to you about this issue privately. @globocop can vouch for me. LOL. Have a great afternoon!!!

Hello Jane, just responded to your email. :-)

I have read all this very carefully. It will be hard to solve if we want to maintain freedom of speach. In theory those downvotes should be balanced by upvotes as there usually there are two sides of the coin. Duality is very strong rule in the universe itself. Black / White. Cold / Hot. Good / Evel. While it may sound a bit too much philosophical it means that each system has to ballance itself. If we start changing the rules and giving more power to the upvotes and less to downvotes that would already be censorship in it's essence that goes against the very principles of freedom and decentralisation.

While flagging and downvoting is a way of censorship and i am sure it is an extremely unpleasnt feeling after one puts so much heart into it, it's still upmto the community to ballance the scales.

In this instance you have my full upvote as i personally like your articles. But just by gaining support we can outweigt different opinnions as "the truth" is a subjective term that depends on personal experiences that can not be changed even by fact. That strong it is.

Continuing to this i have a question that maybe somebody could answer. If we want to maintaim complete freedom of speech. What would happen theoretically is somebody would buy 100 000 000 of steem power and start downvoting exactly everyting that is being posted. I mean exactly everything. It might be a lot for an individual but some government could easily buy all steem market cap in a blink of an eye if steemit freedom hot out of hand and that would not suit it.

Is there any way technically to do anything against such an attack and if so would not that go against the very concept of steemit.

Thank you for your continued support and that's a great question. I would hope that there is something built in that would counter such an attack but if there isn't one.. now would definetely be a good time for the creators or managers of steemit to come up with one.

Well, remember that the witnesses control the code; the blockchain itself. Votes for witness are stake weighted too, and this means that anyone with enough money could just buy the accounts from the founders with their mined stakes that are the bulk of the Steem in existence, and just vote in witnesses that would run any code they wanted, and make Steem, Steemit, SMT's, Busy.org - everything that uses the Steem blockchain - theirs.

It's called a Sybil attack, that takes control of the blockchain by having over 50% of the stake, or on other blockchains, nodes, or hash power, and Steem is the simplest to take over.

It would cost money. But not government money. Fakebook could do it. Alphabet (Google) could do it. Amazon could do it. A small cabal of these guys could do it, and hardly feel it.

When you have $10B's, $50M is change.

excellent post ... my vote is very low but I give it to you as support ... I think censorship in any way is negative and unfortunately happens a lot in steemit ... and it is a criticism that I do in many of my post to @lince... that is the simile of steemcleaner but for the hispanos writers ... which is used as an arbitrarily self-proclaimed police of the cervantes project ... I do not know if you speak Spanish ... if you do I invite you to read them ... 100% according to what you said ... and those who put the flag will be because they have no basis to defend what they think ... and that is the difference between writing with fundamentals for having investigated how you do and an attitude of fanaticism as those who put the negative vote ...

Thank you! I agree with you. When they hide our comments it is done to intentionally silence us and add support to their rhetoric. It shouldn't be allowed or at the very least it should be discouraged.

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Thank you @globo!

What you are doing on Steemit is awesome, and exposing flagging accounts (there are quite a few) and zionist agenda accounts will hopefully stop them throwing their weight around.

If these pricks take over, Steemit could become another fakebook...

Thank you! The last thing we need is the censorship from facebook and youtube to spill over here.. and we need to do whatever it takes for that to not happen! I appreciate the support.

You might like this post I did about flagging four months ago quoting stuff I wrote about flagging 10 months previously :)


haha i will flag your arse @sift666 if you dont answer the email i just sent you...oh hang on you have twice as much SP as i do...bugger that blows that :)

Downvoting definitely stifles free speech since it robs you of the money the upvoters want you to have. Personally, I have decided to stay away from topics I feel may be controversial and just post my photography and the occasional article. I'm trying to build my reputation and account. I don't need the headaches that these flaggots bring. I have said early on that the downvote has too much power.

While I think you should be able to downvote, I don't think it should take away from the money the upvoters want you to have. I have seen it used just because they feel that you made too much money on the post.

Best of luck to you.

Yeah, you're right it really is punishment and abuse and there should be a way to be able to stop someone from abusing you on your posts. They do this so that people will be disheartened and stop posting.

Flag trolls come and go here on Steemit. It's an unfortunate fact of life. Calling them out like this is probably the most productive response.

Hey, you should give me some credit aswell, I called her out first. Don't be fooled, you have been played.

Thank you! I hate having to come down to their level but sometimes you need to put people in their place and these two were really pushing it.

I wish I had your manipulating skills.

Good .
I from india

No time to read this post completely, but I see your posts are all political, war, etc? maybe that down-voters just hate your posts, as simple as that.

I don't hate her posts because they're one-sided pro-Syrian government propaganda (politics), I mostly hate her posts because they are filled with false information and slander on Kurds, which I personally find offensive. She's pretty good at manipulating people with twisted information and spreading negativity without you even realizing it. For instance, here she's acting like a victim to foremost gain sympathy for futur benefits (good advertisement) and secondly trying to rally people into doing something/anything against the people who would expose her.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Of course they hate my posts, but it's not as simple as that.. because the real question is.. why do they hate them? Is it because I am exposing the agenda's that they are promoting? Is it because when someone reads my articles which are entirely backed by facts that their opinions will be swayed? For them to then create posts about me filed with libel and slander where they falsely claim that I am using hate speech, or that I am a racist, antisemite, etc. is not okay. When you get a chance to or if you would like to.. read it in order to understand what they are trying to do. Why would they hide my comments? If they weren't intimidated by the information I am providing?

It's easy to "hate" political, religious... articles, for personal reasons, etc, etc.

The problem is Steemit punishing too much for a down-vote.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

No, it's not intimidation. Propaganda is not good for this platform. Your so called journalism is one sided all the time. The same propaganda over and over and over. Your an anti-american living in the USA. Not good. If you love ShitSyria so much, then why the fuck do you live here?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

How is freedom of speech and expression in ShitSyria? Not so good huh?ShitSyria actually ranks extremely low in all categories regarding freedom of expression. Quite ironic that you are " journalist" crying about freedom of speech and ShitSyria is actually the opposite in regards to what you stand for. In fact, 14 journalists were killed by the Syrian government recently. Do you want to know how they were killed? They were hung and shot in the head. So much for free speech.
@bloom @ronahi and @likedeeler can downvote you as much as they want. . They obviously don't like propaganda and one sided views. Censorship would be moving your propaganda in total, which does no not happen. Worse that could happen is you lose some of your Steem. So stop your bitchin'.

Interesting that you are an American and pay American taxes, your tax dollars go to support all the so called atrocities that you speak of. If you felt so strong about the subject, why do you choose to live in the USA and pay taxes that go towards a cause you are against? You have the freedom to live anywhere, why do you live here then? You would think that you would take action other than printing bullshit. Guess what, the more money you make from your bullshit, the more you pay in taxes and quite ironically more money that is fed into the military. @sarahabed pays for the USA military. How do you like them apples.