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Strange Things Are Happening

I wrote this post last week and blew off publishing it to work on something more constructive about Carl Marx Jung. Until I saw a comment from @flagfixer about an upvote to cover money lost from downvotes. Its OK I guess, that post was already downvoted by two accounts. As of writing this article; the accounts from which the downvotes came from have both been deleted. Very strange indeed.

I've seen a few pages with generic usernames. 0 posts 0 comments, 0 replies rank 25. A title like "You are an abuser ==> You got flagged! Simple". Maybe something similar, seems innocent enough. Just another inactive, dead page right? Sure but it gets weird if you look at their Steem stats.

What you find is a constant stream of downvotes, 100% of the account's activity. Luckily Steem is designed so that a low-level account downvote cant ruin you. So far I have found two accounts doing this to my recent posts, so I can only imagine much more waiting in the wings.

Why tho?

From their motto of stopping abusers, I can only guess that they aim to target posts that have been visited by upvote bots. To counter the abuse of upvote service they have decided to start their own form of abuse. Vigilante justice I guess. I’m sure they realize that those accounts at rank 25 don't have much voting power and their 100% downvotes add up to $0.00 and all they are doing is running their profile's voting power into the dirt. See case above

They function almost unnoticed though. You might never notice on downvote on your fabulously performing post. While your popping bottles and laughing it up spending $10-1000 SBD on your article, one hater grimaces in the back. Mad at all your success. Like I said, in the beginning, these accounts have no activity all so they just squeak by. Could this be the rise of downvote bots, paid bounty hunters of downvoting power. It might be funny in a flame war between dolphins or minnows but widespread flagging and downvoting would only hurt our community.

So whoever you are out there, whatever abuse you think you are stopping, I doubt you are doing anything of the sort. You're just annoying anal retentive assholes like me check their Steem stats on sites like steemworld.org. I dare you to go out and write an awesome post, throw some cool shit in there and maybe put a couple bucks behind and see the results instead of worrying about the ‘abusers.’ You sound like incels who can't get laid and blame it all on women and alpha males.

Dense Meme


This is just something weird I noticed if its part of a larger trend, let me know. If its nothing and just being paranoid let me know too. Maybe you guys are just mad that Steemit is business like anything else and if you pay for advertising, marketing or promotion, you see the results. How about you get off your moral high horse for a second and go with the flow. I see the game played out daily across multiple accounts.

You cant sit on the sidelines whining you've got to get in the game. Tell your girl to take her top off. Tell your dog to work that cute factor. Jump off a waterfall. Something! While you wait somebody is gonna go out there and get it. It's the same if you want to get seen here or any other platform.

  1. Make some good content
  2. Put some $$$ behind it

“It’s got to be organic” Whatever! Your favorite pop star just had a heroin overdose. It's not all the way it seems your kiddo. What happened as just noticing a dumb downvote ,has pissed me off about people use their energy to make downvote bots. So I’ll dab a couple SBD on this post just for you salty springs and see it do better than the article you poured your heart on and only got $0.14. You LOVE STEEM? Want Steemit to be better? You wanna make the big bucks? Then buy in and put those fiat bucks on the blockchain cocksuckers.

In the meantime check out this song by me and my band ;)


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Yeah, well, it seems someone created an entire "downvote bot farm" a few weeks back. There are over 100 25-rep accounts that do nothing but downvote hundreds of seemingly arbitrary accounts.

One post I read speculated that someone has an axe to grind with Steemit and the "point" is to discourage as many people as possible, with an eventually eye towards "causing Steemit to fail."

Some people are just a little sick in the head.


Thanks, I had a feeling and whats you said pretty much sums it up. Let's hope the evil geniuses don't get their hands on the Queen's Majestic Mastercard and get enough SP to take the Steem network down.

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