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RE: Official Byteball Airdrop to Steemians

in #steemit3 years ago

i just remind myself how i wrote post about gettign free GBYTE in dec 2016 - :)


So you're a first-rounder? :)

Please send me ?

Please send

I am :)

use my link to download i will send you 50,000 bytes

My link :

after doing this contact me in Discord : @saimegh#5402 or reply to any of my posts

should i send you my address here?

contact me in discord we can talk there my id : @saimegh#5402

couldn't find you !

Are you in steemcleaners channel ?

i will be active there :)

steemcleaners :

Please donate

you should have enough in your wallet ! just follow the next steps!

hi, I'm in for the airdrop too 2NQBERAZ6UKEEP67QA6WO3MUPIB6IQHC :)