This airdrop looks nice. How do I get more reputation here at steemit? Thanks for the answer in advance!

people need to response to your post

You have to get some upvotes. Here I will upvote your comment and hit it with my bot trail.

would you be so kind and help me hit two more rep point to have over 50? :)

Yeah I will try to help as much as possible. It might take some others to help out as well.

Thank you, thank you :))

Unbelievably kind. What a place I've found.

Thanks to nice Steemians like you online in the last 24 hours I've made it to 27. I have no idea how that value increases but I made a few posts, received a couple replies and got some votes so I'm assuming that you guys helped me. Thank you!

Mate help push me to 50 also, i am at 49.983

Looks like you're now at 50

I hit yours with my highest upvote, sorry i couldn't make you rep 30

Push me also up to 50, @alvinauh...i am a few feet away at 49.983. Thanks

Hope that helped.

There you go.

People with higher rep need to upvote you, people replying does nothing I'm afraid, I don't know where people are getting this idea!

Sir can you please help me out too ? As I am also having a low reputation of 25 only? It's a generous request and humble thanks too for helping out @gaurav9971

I got you to 28! You can do it!

Can anyone help me too??? Plz

I hope that helps, sorry couldn't get you more

I just put you over the top, now you're above 30. Enjoy!

Guess, I can't qualify for this yet. :(

Got this message now what?

Please pay for the attestation: Payment request: 49000 bytes.

Alternatively, you can prove ownership of your address by signing a message: [Request to sign message: cityguides HD7DNLIWGEHGJ5KWRNU2DT5QDGZ7OTD6], in this case your attestation reward (if any) will be 80% of the normal reward.

I got this message too...can you help me what I'll doing??
Everyone Help to answer it

You have a choice, pay the attestation fee or sign a message. If you sign a message then your attestation reward will be only 80% of normal reward.

people can help with a reply

Hello, could you help me reach above 50?:) I miss 2rep points :)

Not all heroes wear capes.

Lets Go Champ!

Pls help me to grow.

you are so kind bro. i love it. have success always with you.

Yes now i am qualified thanks sir for whatever you have done😍 god will give you success

bot is not responding


Thanks but I guess the bot had too much alcohol and sex cos it won't respond

It's currently under extremely heavy load. Just give it some time.


How do I get my referral link?

You're awesome! From a 26 to a 38 in one comment lol


Not used to seeing so many strangers try to help someone at once on the internet. What a great community. Looking forward to becoming more involved. There is a lot to learn here for someone with very limited crypto experience.

Dont't worry, you'll do just fine. 🙂

Steem connect not working

Oh no! I'm at 28, can anyone help?

I have small reputation, too. Can somebody boost me?

I would be forever grateful for some jump-start as well :D

let me know if you didn't get anything

Someone already send me. Thanks!

Would you mind helping a fellow Steemian out please?

Amount: 49000

Thank you! I am not seeing MB like the intrusions said, instead I see 49000 bytes. Does that matter?

Lol ! 😂 It's the same, just different units !