Mark Zuckerberg Eyes Cryptocurrency For Facebook In Attempt To Take Down STEEMIT.COM

in steemit •  2 years ago 

Mark Zuckerberg is interested in cryptocurrencies and implementing them into his website Facebook...Sound familiar?

On Thursday morning the CEO of FaceBook Mark Zuckerberg announced that he is "interested to go deeper and study the positive and negative aspects of these technologies, and how best to use them in our services".

In this video

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth provides his theory on what mark actually may have in store for his website when it comes to cryptocurrencies and it might not be what you think it's gonna be!

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Wow, you got all of the morons to upvote this trash. Congratulations! I highly doubt someone like Mark gives two fucks about this half bit "social" site. Great title though, you drew in all the dumbfuck suckers as expected, eh? @jamesc @thejohalfiles that's you! Morons.

Also @pressfortruth, pretty fucking pathetic that you have to shill for donations as well. $1k+ for this trash isn't enough for you, eh?

You’re being a bit harsh, but I do agree with you in a much less aggressive way. If Zuck isn’t buying out Reddit, Twitter, etc. Steem isn’t even on his radar.

Also in regards to the clickbait title you’re 100% right. Like all social media SteemIt has a clickbait problem. I’m not sure how to solve it though.

Also in regards to the clickbait title you’re 100% right. Like all social media SteemIt has a clickbait problem. I’m not sure how to solve it though.

I like the idea someone suggested of having a dedicated flagging pool rather than needing to draw your flag funds from your regular steempower.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Or just differentiate between downvotes and flags and charge for downvotes but not flags. Flags are free but reserved for content that is explicitly against the rules.

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Also in regards to the clickbait title you’re 100% right. Like all social media SteemIt has a clickbait problem. I’m not sure how to solve it though.

Clickbait cannot be resolved easily, I think. Take a look at YouTube. We all know YouTube is now owned by Google, and we also know Google is a tech god. But still we always see around rampant clickbait titles and clickbait thumbnails on YouTube.

If Zuck isn’t buying out Reddit, Twitter, etc. Steem isn’t even on his radar

These platforms are not even a direct competitors to Facebook, so I see don't these as directly threatening Facebook's dominance.

Steem on the other hand is a different monster. It is a blockchain and any social media sites can be cloned and build upon it. In a way, Steem is an indirect threat to Facebook for sure. If you take a look at the number of engagement on the trending posts on Steemit such as this, it should give you an idea on how powerful the platform is and how viral it can be.

clickbait is good in a way but yet its

He tried to buy Twitter many years ago and Twitter said NO.

He may buy whatever company he wants, but not Steem. Steem is a decentralized platform and is community-driven. He is fighting against community members, not a single CEO.

Twitter is a publicly traded company so I think he could now.

simply don't click on click-bait, I chose to look for simple laughs. Quite honestly Facebook and Steemit have very different ways that they are put together and different things all together that drive the platforms. Here it's not only content but the ability to possibility make something on said content right on the site. Facebook to me is a place where I chat with more friends and family or connect with other artists. The two site have entirely different driving points to me, I feel if I can see that so can Mark and he wouldn't waste his time on this as he has enough on the plate keeping facebook on the up and up without mixing crypto's in.

I agree to your post

I would bet monies there are quite a few facebook shill accounts on steemit.

If this article were on Facebook the title would be "17 Reasons Why Mark Zuckerberg Is Trying to Kill Steemit!"

Its only a post, dont let it ruin your whole day.

Wow! completely out of line. Let's keep it a little more respectful in the STEEM community.

Disagreeing with a post is fair enough, but maybe try to respond in a more useful way.

It's also not fair to denigrate Steemit as a "half bit' social site simply to push your point. Steemit is a great platform with a very unique ecosystem that rewards users for their participation. But based on your negative reputation, it's not surprising that you see Steemit in this way. It's too bad that you are using the name of Bernie Sanders while behaving in a way of which he certainly would not approve.

Dude, I would say this may come into reality in the future. 10 years ago, have you ever though of NOKIA filing for bankruptcy? Maybe its better if we open our doors to possibilities, as such.

If this post is true, which was shown on the video, then its their way of adopting.


Yes it is possible but Mark Zuckerberg will definately do something before facebook dies off. Probably will try to buy his way like instagram , whatsapp or copies it like snapchat to kill it off.

Steem will be more focus than facebook, because are bored now

Lol Seems Like You Got Alot Of upvotes too

Make Steem better baby.


D bag society lol

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Great steem shilling!

My new years resolution is to buy bitcoin in 2011

You think loving someone who hurts you so much was your biggest mistake? Think again!


Nobody can destroy Steemit !!!

Nope....steemit is truley the best

What’s the difference between Bitcoin and NASA?
Bitcoin’s actually going to the moon.

Not anymore. Verge (XVG) is the new NASA.


Are you a boat?

No Because He would be covered in flex tape after he was sawed in half

I just hope they are not gonna implement this system of steem it to other social media platform then steemit get a bad rep from it

I hate this guy, mark-zuckerberg just look into money. Facebook just serve the rich and government, not a good social platform!

great he wont win from steem never

i agree with you
i love steemit

I'm very excited about the possibilities of education on steemit! I am a music teacher and often teach at a highly discounted rate compared to my peers (even for free sometimes) because I know that music students often don't have a lot of money and the pursuit of a career in music is a tough road to say the least... Wouldn't it be great if my students could get paid for taking private lessons with me?!

Very true words sir. I, as a musician, know the struggle of making a loving out of music. But I'm really loving how Steem and DTube have been helping out musicians to reach their goals. Maybe starting a music class on Steem would be a great idea.

how can I do this...I was looking online for it but looks great!

1). Save .gif to your computer from wherever
2). Drag the image file into your comment in the browser
3). Magic...

Thank u for your help

He is doing this for hours now. And his fingers don't get tired. Amazing. I think there is a special room in the Facebook HQ where he is sitting an doing this all the time.

Best comment I've ever read today @tagsplanet It would be wonderful!

That would be awesome. I think Dtube would be great for that. You could host questions for your students on steemit too. I think you could definitely work that out.

cool..but how do you begin to use dtube.

what the heck is Dtube and im a musician and havent heard of it

It would be awesome if we got more educational content here :)

@Davidherbert I agree! That would be great for you and your students. I also think that it would be a great idea for someone to develop a blockchain or tangle-like platform on which music content could be uploaded that ensures files can't be duplicated or taken off the network. That would, in my opinion, drastically reduce piracy which has been the #1 problem for the entire entertainment industry since the invention of digital media.

you can teach here , whats stopping u ?

Thank you, @gleek ! What would be the most efficient way to start?

This is the world we are living in.

This is a great image... Like said below me,
This is the world we are in..

Selling your soul is so last century. We give it away for free.

lol cool Mark Zuckerberg is on steemit! mother fucker...

boycott facebook
join steemit

lets do it.

Hahaha Mark on steemit against Facebook)))


hahaha...its great

LOL good one! :-D hahaha

why are you mark, are you here to earn monies, i guess you are damn fucking rich anyway let us earn small monies for here mark please


All we need now is to get Trump on here....

but #trump will call #putin first LOL

putin ruling :))) Lmao


Trump is VIP

lol He'd certainly bring posts to watch.

I am rolling on the floor

That would be funny it was the real Mark Zuckerberg though wouldn't it? He should trade his facebook account for the Sseemit account... lol

LOL... good awesome why to do steemit marketing! =) I bet that if you post that on facebook, tons of people will come visit steemit.

that's abrilliant idea !

Lol 😋

are you human?

Zuck just came to leave a steamer.

Lmao ahahaha too funny :)

Lol,i bet he gonna cry now

LOL !!!

STEEM is undermining more then just Facebook. Once SMT's go online they will be undermining all forms of social media and marketing....@Dtube is already wayyyy better then Youtube! We just need to keep our foot on the gas peddle.

i disagree with this ! DTUBE Will take much more time to compete with YOUTUBE , but yeah its good enough

Dtube is still in the early stages so let's wait a little bit and see what happens.

I cant stream anything on 1080. DTube won't compete until that happens and all my favorite you tubers jump on the D Train.

Follow me i am new here please.

me too,,i am a new here,please follow me

Me too am new as well and trying to learn this stuff on here

I am new here also please follow me


I agree totally hate facebook but love the stock

yeah the stock is good ;p

It would still take some time for steem to actually compete with Facebook on the same scale. Im thinking that maybe Facebook might end up using SMTs

I am all for Dtube but it is not appearing as user friendly as youtube. any clown can upload a video and watch oe on youtube.

I had put something about you Zuckerberg on my page btw just added you

This is crazy sht lol.

welcome to steemit @markzuckerbergs

Regard From Aceh


Excelente red social selectiva e insentiva ambas super geniall

Seems legit...

hah, cheeky.
Sorry Zucc, you missed out on this one buddy.
FB was going to go down the gurgler, regardless of whether Steemit existed or not. The content and algorithms used to curate your feed are preposterous! Good Riddance Zucc!

you´re a genious!!!! lol

Facebook is busy using deceptive business practices to that take their clients money without delivering service instead of rewarding them for participating. For example, clicking the "BOOST" button on a post. It's literately there to just take your money. It is curious why so many people would use a social media that has admitted that their mission is to exploit the users in every way. Hopefully this business model that Punishes clients and customers is going the way of the dinosaur.....

You're definitely right, it's time to venture into new communities where we get out of the traditional, networks must be dedicated to the common good for their users @sadyena

Thank you! Hopefully Mark isn't trying to create another way to rip everyone off and punish people using cryptocurrency.....

wow... this unbelievable and totally incredible... Mark on steemit...
we all be glad to here more about ur success through your articles on steemit...

this is the best environment you can think of...

Have a lovely time on steemit...


He already has the network and it’s monetisation model is working really well so I don’t think there is any need to change.

Steemit uses an entirely different model which would require a fundamental redesign of Facebook. I can’t see this happening. He may implement a Facebook dollar or similar and allow you to tip or send this via the site, but not implemented in the same way as Steemit.

STEEM is undermining more then just Facebook. Once SMT's go online they will be undermining all forms of social media and marketing....@Dtube is already wayyyy better then Youtube! We just need to keep our foot on the gas peddle.

Way better in terms for content creators not so much for viewers.

But I have faith it'll compete with YouTube one day!

Yeah, I think people here tend to over dramatize. Facebook won't rewrite their whole site and business model to “clone” steemit and if they would, they win it's that simple. Its like with If YouTube would pay youtuber enough there is literally no upside for most end user to change their main video platform. There is no war and never will be guys.

You can view steemit more like a lower tier blogging entry point. By looking at the content you notice its vastly different from something like reddit. Steemit is more like a blog u don't have to create your own website for. It follows a completly different concept and that's good because if it would be just a copy why would anyone use it in the long term. Most people come here for the money lets be real and if they see they won't make any they would eventually switch. It's not the case though cause posts here tend to go in a completely different direction and that's great.
Keep it up guys :)

I agree, too much drama here sometimes. Your perspective is the truth.

that sociopath zuck will do whatever it takes to try to get more power and control. Ask his hawaiian neighbors

Yea, I'm definitely not a fan of his.

He'll hoard most of the money

I Agree grizgal, steemit is steemit facebook is facebook

Yeah... We all can build valuable content :-) (Giren, nice name! Be careful against Vegeta jejeje)

Valid point. As for the tipping... tip!

Hi @grizgal! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @cfminer!

Check out new tipuvote! feature :)

I agree. I think this is quite a reach!

Let's just hope it won't really happen.

I made a full post about how he can use Smart Media Token's on Facebook.. As you can see STEEM is the fastest!

Can we get Facebook to use SMT's?

Highly unlikely that they will adopt something that they did not develop & have total control over. Either you succumb to Facebook or be prepared to be obliterated. There are enough case studies out there to support this.

yeah ! they will make something new if they are actually going to adopt cryptos

great point; unfortunately they don't have a track record of 'playing nice' with competition

What a great graphic.

ppl still like bitcoin :D

Cool chart

Yeah, seriously, if people already have decided to move from FB to Steemit why would anyone move back ?!

Money. Trust me, people sell out.

Yeah people do sell out... But not steemians ;D

Facebook is getting worse. The content is getting boring and nobody posts something clever. Since I'm with Steemit, there's nothing better for me.

I feel Zuckerberg shouldn't be underrated If he finally decides to make the shift. He has done alot of shit with other social media platforms, what is left for we the community is to make due use of this platform for the ultimate purpose of which it has been built on.
And for Steemit Inc. I believe are already harnessing ways of building a formidable system to enhance the community's value. Steemit has come to stay, no competitor can beat that.

We can only be vulnerable to threats when we "users" abuse the platform. Do what is expected and you surely would get the due reward.

Steem On !!!

yeah i agree with that ! he's already proved he's a genius & he can come up with something very powerful with a combination all cryptos BTC ETH STEEM with transactions as fast as 50K per second

He desires everything (lucrative) to be in his control but the thing he doesnt know is he is not as mighty as he thinks.

Just take it easy! Mark has just sold his Facebook and finally decided to signup for a Steem account.


That's the Spirit

What's the difference between Mark Zuckerberg and a mosquito? One stops sucking after you slap it.

Steem will always be the best, why didn’t but he ever think of the idea all this while, to hell with Facebook?

i dont think he can buy steemit. most probable adaptation of cryptos that could happen with facebook is facebook introducing two crypto currencies like
FBC - FaceBookCoin at 0.00001 and WhatsAppCoin - WAC @ 0.00001$

also for likes, posts and comments .. Thats it ...Done he will not just stand again rather he will become the worlds richest again for the next decade...

one problem they would be facing is with the previous votes, likes and comments. They can reset a few and verify every account again with their phone number ...

As long as we exist! Never!

Steimet and Marc are different. This is a nice new idea from Steam @steem