STEEM Price Is Up so let's share some more love: Tipuvote! Profit 3x + Bigger Tip! Bonus Vote

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Hi guys,

The STEEM price is on the rise so @tipU is able to share some more love :)

First, the tipuvote! profit factor is now set to 3. That means that if you pay, for example, 0.1 SBD for tipuvote! @tipU will make 0.3 SBD upvote:)

To use tipuvote!

  • send at least 0.005 SBD to @tipU with link to the post in memo (like using voting bot)
  • write a comment with tipuvote! word under a post that you want @tipU to upvote

Remember that you need to have deposit first to use second option. More info here.

Second, when you send a tip! @tipU will always upvote the post for free. The free upvote value went from 0.03 SBD to 0.07 SBD and I hope to make it 0.1 SBD very soon :)



Nice update, thx for sharing @kingjan

Hi @tipu.
I just tried your service

here is the link to the post . i send upvote request three hours ago but didn't receive anything. is it normal or i did something incorrect?

No, it was error on my side :) will fix it asap, upvote incoming :)

Thanks. i got my upvote. i was just trying how it works and It's nice

Next time you will also receive automatic confirmation about the upvote :)

Awesome! I need to read further into how this all works so I can give this a try soon. Spread the rewards!

Check this one out :)
It's a bit outdated but I will be making new one soon :)

Thanks, I will!

Great post yeah i can't believe how much steem has increased.

Hi Thank you but i send you 1 Sbd for my last it is not time more just even it is not double 1.6sbd voted me that should be 3SBD what is reason kindly explain.

@tipU does not have enough voting power to make 3 SBD upvote. You received message that you can withdraw the rest, send tip! or use tipuvote again with tipuvote! comment :)

@tipuvote thank you for sending reply kindly make it how much is maximum Sbd pay for up vote and your Bouns vote we did not receive explain. and my 0.5speed how will repay are against that you can on my post will be great full i will put it in my other post thank you.

But i send 1 SBD for that post so kindly check

This is my last post i paid0.5SBd and i recive vote of 1.3SBd which is not accroding your post it is 3x which must be 1.5 sbd in the last 2 days i waste more then 2sbd are That is fair and we dont want waste single send ut is heard earned this not good.

You received message that you can withdraw the rest of your deposit :)

How with draw explian and send me the today is up to day i also send you 0.5 for upvote which is near more then 2 hur back still i did not recive up vote you up on the my today is 2 posts one send you link and one is my 0.5 is also pending to you link is this

Just check your wallet, @tipU is sending you back the SBD because...

Sorry, @tipU is not voting now because he needs to recover voting power.

If you want to withdraw, send 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: withdraw

i did not receive 3x and also Bonus vote kindly can explain that.

I tipped a couple hours ago. But did not indicate the post to upvote. You can upvote my last blog "Steemit will make 10x more millionaires than Bitcoin". Thanks

Hi @tipu. I make a deposit of 0.1SBD and subsequently keyed in tip! in the comment section of the post which I would like to get the Upvote. Unfortunately, 4 mins passed and there was no Upvote. Wonder what happened?

Hm, you tried to send tip to yourself :)

Oh! I can't do that? I thought u can send it to yourself too and earn the free upvote too? So what is advisable in this case?

Tip someone else or withdraw ;)

hi i sent 0.005 sbd with link in memo, can you explain how soon do you usually upvote?

About 1 minute, should be less. Remember that you can send more - currently max upvote is about 2 SBD.

Thanks for sharing your valuable post that so helpful for steemit users ❤❤❤❤

Upvoted and resteemite❤❤

It is a good thing you are doing. Now I have to figure out how to do what your blog says to do.

Hi, I send you 0.1 SBD! Please check it!

All good :)

@rosarysoldier I sent .005 SBD upvote yesterday and have not received anything. I also followed up afterwards, and there has not been any response from you. So can you help with the matter?

I will check it out :)

You need to paste link to the post in memo

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