Content Creators Will Love Steemit The Most!

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People that can generate massive value in digital form we want them on Steemit!


Today I want to make an article talking about content creators. Since I mainly think they are the future of Steem Blockchain. My experience with content creation is making around 9000 videos and put them on YouTube the last couple years. It’s been a fun exciting journey but also a challenging one. You need lots of leverage to be able to make a living off content creation. You need something very solid. Or as I like to call it a solid content strategy.

The core thing with solid content strategy is to look more at what type of content that other humans would enjoy reading. For example my niches are mainly Technology, Philosophy and Blockchain topics. I know these topics are something that has larger audiences so they are highly scaleable. So there is a market potential there to satisfy many humans. If your niche would be something smaller then of course it will be harder to grow from that.


The 3 ways to gain leverage mainly is Content, Connections and Resources (as Money). So why will real content creators love Steemit? Since it’s so much easier to gain an edge here! If we compare to other platforms what makes Steem Blockchain different is that the people on the platform are truly empowered with something real. Digital Tokens. The way other platforms works is they are being ruled by the mainstream masses and public opinion. You usually have to dumb down your content to make some money. Since you need lots of clicks. And you have to work with the slow Fiat money system that is ruled by Advertisers that you have not build up trust and relationships with. You don’t even know what they will advertise to your audience. This doesn’t establish trust or win-win relationships.

I mainly liked to do "real" and deep content on YouTube. But I realized the mainstream masses don't find content like that interesting. So I started to dumb down my content to play by the rules so I could pay my bills and make a living. On Steemit there is no need for this! Since the power lies in the Stake holders. That will say people that have earned something rare and actually cares about their Stake. This means that deep and real content can work amazing here! You do not have to dumb down your content. Since everyone is so empowered here by Technology and also how this place attracts niche Intelligent humans. So here your focus should be on be as authentic and real as possible!


Why I say content creators are the future of Steemit is because I truly believe not everyone is a content creator. Being a real content creator will take over 10 years of practice to become really skilled and talented at it. Most people can create a little bit of content here and there in the digital sphere but to become really good at it in a specific niche then you have to grind and practice on a daily basis. And always have new fresh original stuff coming out.

Many of the complaints I see on Steemit if I go to that persons Steemit profile page it’s always the same story. They are not focusing on their solid content strategy. That should be focus number 1 if they want to grow. They have time to complain. Already there it shows they have too much free time. If a person would first have a solid content strategy and then complain a little then I would be fine with that. With solid content strategy I mean that it should truly stand out in excellence. It should be 10x anything else. Or even better: 100x. Which means you have to become involved with other people to see what interests them. And then mix that with your own interests to create some cool new remix of content. You get confronted with reality when you work real hard. This will improve all you do eventually but it will perhaps feel painful at first.


Also the reason why content creators will love Steemit the most is because majority of content creators already posted their content for close to a free cost or free on other platforms. So Steemit even with 0 earnings but just the cool connections is really not that bad! They would post their content in the online world anyway! I think this is the major key that people seem to forget very fast.

One thing about Steemit and new users is that it will not work as other platforms where just more numbers of users will grow the value of the platform. Here the users are more empowered so there is more responsibility focus for each user. Something that other platforms didn’t require. Here you are suppose to engage and take more responsibility since you are being empowered in so many more ways.


I also think people just aim too low with content since they haven’t seen what it takes perhaps to be successful on platforms like YouTube. They have only seen people making vlogs and talk into a camera and may think it’s super easy. Slowly they have become more entitled. Suddenly we get a system like Steemit show up and they have no contrast to compare it against if they never been a real content creator on other platforms.

But we real content creators that have worked for many years on other platforms knows the struggle! We know that clearly something like the Steem Blockchain is a system that is superior in so many ways. Same as content creators before my Era before the Internet had to struggle even more. I would say that the game is constantly getting better and easier. It’s just that people lack the contrast and time perspective to see things how they really are.


Most people can’t become real solid content creators since they just don’t know what it takes or have the motivation for it. Motivation to play with the big boys is an art form. And you go real deep if you want to reach high levels in something. This is also one aspect that makes life real engaging and fun. That if you truly want something you can get it. But you will have to struggle and work super hard to get it! But you can have it if you put the time in.

I don’t see any other Blockchain platform right now even close to do something like Steemit. Since I don’t think you can just re-create a community in another place in 2 seconds. The Technology to do amazing stuff has been here for a long time. You can build a YouTube clone but that doesn’t mean the community will come in 2 seconds. It needs to happen very organically and there are no guarantees anything will work out well. Failure might happen!


But I see a real deep engaged community here on Steemit. Keyword here is: Care. I actually see some legit genuine passion around here. And it’s more than just about Tokens and Money. People invest their life and become involved in this. It becomes something more genuine that has real passion behind it. It finally means something. Something like Steemit is nice to experience after browsing the shallow online places like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

I think it will take another 3-5 years for Steemit to really blow up. Since you need STEEM Tokens to trickle down into many accounts so they sit on around 5000 SP. Also we need more time to develop better apps. Since most stuff right now are in a Beta so it’s not really perfectly working. And I think the main Steemit team will become even more motivated to create a better product when other Blockchain competitors comes up. Competition makes everything better! It motivates you to perform much better.

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@phoneinf I have never been to huge into creating content. that's changing now the I found Steemit. What annoyed me about other social media sites was that I never felt like part of a community. The whole alone in a crowd of people feeling.

The constant bombardment ad became normalized after a while, something the majority of user just accepted no matter how annoying they were because most of us figured that was the price we had to pay to be a part of that community. because all the cool kids were doing it after all.

ad's are what finally drove me away from a few major you tube channels that I loved. A few of these channels started as a personal and engaging. a person could relate to the creators because it felt real and honest. but then, they get sponsored or put more ads on their content and from there on out, their personality changes or their content becomes more "sponsor friendly" their always showing off this product or thanking that sponsor, even their set, which once looked real and inviting, Has a more of a Martha Stuert feel to it.

and a lot of this is me personally. I have never been one to connect with others before. Part of who I am is being more of a loner, its just who I am. I believe that is part of why writing interests me .Only recently have I felt the need to engage more with other people on a deeper lever.

well, there is more to rant about here, more to say but since I am years (YEARS) away from being able to make a living from content creation or writing, I must be off to work.

I think I will write more tonight. I have a lot going on in me head now and writing it all out helps me see the better path to take... I hope this post was somewhat understandable, It's early still and my coffee has not fully kicked in yet. but I do have more to say so until then -

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Steem is the future!!!

Great piece! You hit the nail on the head when you said that not everyone is a content creator. But the truth is, anyone can strive to be one. It is evident that most people on Steemit (including me) were not really pros at creating contents, but that doesn't mean we can't get better if we put our minds to it.

Some of us are still experimenting to discover which niche works best for us and I must say, even though I'd rather stick to creating video contents, I can't right now because of the cost involved in producing a great video. So in the end, I will just keep on being a passive content creator until I can be able to do what I really want.

Twas same for me.

Steemit has been the most imspiration platform I´ve encountered, I have all sorts of other social media accounts to promote my content as an artist, musician and writer. But the way those were designed they drown out all independent voices for the most part in favor of a select few.

The whole feeling here is absolutely refreshing, and tremedously motivating to remain dedicated to the productive stream of content I am and have been in the process of creating.

Great post, helps give the motivation to create even more momentum :)

I agree that creating content and sticking to your content strategy can be challenging. Which is why I love Steemit. I can go into topics that resonate with me and I can go deeper. It makes content creation more meaningful, to me at least.

Lots of other social media platform are about frequency and it has a lot to do with who has created the greatest content. For me, that's just like creating another piece of great advertising. And suddenly brands want to jump in on you and take you over. Which is sad because then everything is just polarised, again.

Thank you for writing this piece of article @phoneinf :) Really means a lot to me since I've just started early this year.

Very true. I myself am not a content creator. I just like to have fun gain a few cents and just stay informed on the crypto space. I know what i am and don't complain. Many others don't agree but I'll just ride along and see what happens.


I'm still getting started with content creation. I believe that everyone can be a creator if they work hard and are providing value.

I believe that steemit will be a very powerful media market in the future that content creators actually want to use! As you talked on, it is still very new. One thing I would like to see is a mobile app to use on the go.

Steemit is very good for original content, but not much strong engagement occurs on Steemit vs other sites.. at least on Steemit artists can build up from earning change to working hard to earn far more. It enables better content from fresh steemers!

You have gone quite in-depth to portray your message. Like you said, not everyone is a content creator, but the potential is definitely out there! Don't knock it till you try it 🙃

Very true and inspiring work! I agree with younon the importance of focus. It is a challenge as most are used to not worrying about their content on social media given different objectives between platforms. Another key aspect of Steemit is the curation process. It delivers power not only to the content creators but also those who consume it which incentivizes engagement. It creates an opportunity for community building and sharing relative to other social media platforms where “trolls” can really be bothersome.

I have noticed more than 70% Youtubers start working on steemit and start posting videos on in couple of years time i am looking steem and a very big challange for facebook and youtube.

Although it sounds a little bit like self-fulfilling prophecy, I love it:) And hope that even smaller niches (e.g. strange literature writings like mine) will prosper:)

One of the things that i dont like about steemit is that someone who is considered a whale makes a comment( and by the way that is 99% a stupid comment) all of a sudden 10 of his followers upvoted his comment because he is considered a whale a maybe some of them will get a reward.
And in the most part they dont get any rewards they are just licking the whales ass.
It really pisses my off when i see some amazing comments and they dont get at least one upvote

You said it all.

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Again, great work! Positive notes of inspiration & steps to take action....Content strategies are key!

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@phoneinf.. steem will blow . and there is an extra edge over other platforms . its a boon for content creators.

Steemit is not for the person who wants only money the Steem offers you to show your talent to the Steem community then the community will grow you higher and higher

Dude, what a great post.
I've started content creating couple of months ago and am quite a toddler in the field. It's drastically hard to become a pro content creator.
Learned a lot from your post and about the title, hell ture!

I'm in the same boat! I feel lost most of the time when working to make new posts!

The skills will come the more we work, and that is why I continue to create!

You're totally right. I feel the same sometimes, but we all know the future is quite bright.
Good to meet you, and good luck

Nice meeting you as well.

Let's connect sometime!

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I think for a lot of us, we were in the crypto space. And Steemit inspired us to start bloging! At least thats how i got started.

Check spelling before you post something

@phoneinf yea you explained it in a very goo way .
We should always have a good content while writing a blog here and whomever will do like this will surely enjoy on Steemit.
I am also looking forward to be here for my entire life.

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