Canonical links and Optimizing Posts for Rankings.

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 I have been rather quiet the last 2 weeks – it’s been a case of, I have had nothing important or of value to share, so I just didn’t post.  But today I have a little news many of you have been waiting for.

Canonical links

As I was very quick to have a meltdown over Steemit Incs decision to change canonical links in favor of, I think it's only fair to be just a quick pointing out in some cases, this has now been updated.

Last night I was checking the source code on a steempress post on and I noticed that the canonical links were pointing to the WP source.  Nice work.  Happy day.

It is to my understanding that steemit inc have whitelisted certain Apps that comply with their standards.  What these standards are I do not know and have not explored.  But what I do know is that for Steempress users, canonical links are no longer an issue.

Optimizing posts to Rank – my effort to help

In terms of not posting myself.  I did have a post, a business update post.  Something I do most months.  However, the bigger picture here with these canonical links is that needs to increase rankings.  To do this, we need more searchable content.  I have had a few chats and comment conversations about the same and well talking is getting us nowhere.  Now its time for a little action.  And I hope some others will follow my lead :-)

Getting content to rank on Google or other search engines takes a lot of work.  The business update post was more of an online diary of my progression.  However, working online, earning money online, income reports, all that sort of stuff is highly searchable.

So I am now editing the article to make it more search engine friendly.  I am expanding on the detail, so it becomes a long-form post, rather than a short-form post.  I am researching long-tail keywords and other posts on the same topics. This content of this post will be fully optimized for search.

The aim is to get this post ranking of the first page of Google and bring more traffic to  I have never written a post on steemit with the aim of ranking anywhere and I don’t think I am alone in that.  But with a change of mindset and more focus on rankings, if everyone did this maybe steemit inc could thrive and keep the sell-off to a minimum. 

When I publish the post, I am hoping to reach my target rankings within 2 weeks.  We get a nice little boost from steemit incs domain score on our publications and if I promote this post like I would promote my business blog, I really should be able to rank well.

This might be only a very small effort, 1 post from 1 person is not going to have any impact on the bigger picture. But if everyone reading this post did the same, and made it a regular occurrence, I believe this would have a tremendously positive effect for and steem in general.  

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Hi Paula, great news on the quick response from Steemit Inc.

I wonder if you might do a post or two on how people can improve their posts to optimise for search engine ranking.

I know a few of the basics but my knowledge is limited.

A good 'How-to' could be very useful.

[PS Apologies if you have already done such a post and I missed it.]


I think @blockurator has recently done a post on optimising search engine ranking, so I'm calling Allen over, and he could perhaps share the link and/or update the post?

Thanks for the tip - now following @blockurator to look out for these posts.

You are welcome! I have to say that from a creative writing point of view, I loathe SEO and consequently (and wrongly) I've ignored it....

Thansk for the follow, @pennsif!

You are welcome. For creative writing I guess SEO is not quite so important as for more business type content, maybe...

For creative, seo is just as important if you wanna be found.

A few SEO related articles is a great idea

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I will look out for the SEO articles to learn some new tips.

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 2/3)

😁 thanks Peter

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I was talking to a couple people about how I could improve for SEO as I have no idea. this might be a good thing to explore for all content creators.

Most people would like to improve their seo but dont know how. It's a minefield. But I will do some posts over the next while sharing what I have tested and what works and does not work for me

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Thanks. I'd just like to see if I can perhaps add to the traffic flow in

great to have you onboard with the idea.

Posts on mindfulness and mindset are highly searched. I know this is an area you are very strong in. here is a really quick solution. Google some keywords on the topic( not as generic as mindset as there would be way to much competition) See what comes up first and then write a post 10 times better than the one that ranks top. the trick is to find the right keywords, something people search for, but does not have too much really amazing content.

So I know that's all not much help when it comes to understanding SEO, but it is something you could take action on that could very easily rank well without much need to know SEO.

This is great news @paulag and thank you for taking up the cudgels. This also vindicates my decision to stick to mostly the longer form. Funny, in my very early blogging days, someone berated me for writing too much!

I don't know if it's the long form, but a recent (not the last, but the third last) has had an enormous spike in attention - on WP from Google searches. I have no idea why, but for my little blog, it's meant a major spike in the stats.

Nice work on the spike, I must go take a look at the post 😉

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It would be wonderful if those know how to optimize SEO shared some tips because that would be to everyone's benefit around here.

Agreed, I will do some posts over the next few weeks

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I got the question I published today up to page five on Google. Hooray!
But it's not what anyone will want for an answer...

Hehehe I need to go look now 😉

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I could have a lot of fun with this Google stuff and SEO. And I'll freak out a lot of random searchers as I go...
evil laugh

I need to start doing more of this evil laugh too, its way more fun than the dry stuff I do. Onwards and upwards :-)

When i was doing wordpress stuff I used Yoast.

I find adding links (make hyperlink name of its weird looking) photos (pick an obvious filename) and headings to my post helps.

Title and first paragraph are inportant. First 5 tags are important etc. Grammar, spelling and readability also important.

I always share the steemit link when I do share.

Hmm now I'm tempted to open a wordpress account for my blog but I don't like the idea of waiting a week to steem press it. Any luck going backwards? Publish steem first and set the link as wordpress or something. Am I making sense?

Why would you have to wait a week? I will be publishing to steem with 36 hours now.

I'm not sure about going the other way, maybe an rss feed or something like tribes

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One thing I think most can work better on is linking out to similar content of their own. Even if it is closed.

I’ve built out indexes of my own work in an effort to retrain readership that if I don’t have something open atm perhaps I’ve written something in the past. The main index has exceeded posting size so I’ll be rolling out additional pages in the coming months when needed.

I now have 10 months’ worth of content all linking out to the main one. Including other sites.

It’s also nice since I can now target opportunities that can increase traffic to individual pieces of content. Which also give me a reason to make slight edits if needed to show that page is being maintained.

Wow you really have raised the bar in the last year @enjar. I hope it pays off

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Hi Paula,
super amazing that you are going to optimise your blog posts for SEO! I am a BIG fan of SEO myself and this is a great opportunity. Many bloggers will now have, thanks to the great Authority of, a chance to rank their posts high. This opens endless opportunities for the creator if she/he knows how to use this well.

The boost from due to domain authority is massive. It should be a selling point to attract influencers

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Good to hear about canonical links, I heard @roadscape in @pennsif's TRIBE.Talk it would be a matter of one or two days to fix it. And they did!


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