List of top quality posters on Steemit - Quick analysis of those worth following and upvoting

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Hello Steemit!
Here's a list of the top 30 users with the highest "Content Quality Score", defined as the average total payout value (in SBD) per post, considering at most each user's 20 most recent blogs for which they were the author. It was made by pulling data from the blockchain thanks to @xeroc's piston.

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If you've been around for the past couple of weeks, you'll probably recognize some of the names. Shout out to them for their great content. So why have I done this and how can it be useful?

Filtering out good content and understanding what makes a good post

As you've probably already seen, there are several techniques to try to grab the community's attention and make a post that will end up being popular. One of those involves creating as many posts as possible, hoping that one of them will catch on. You probably know that this is most likely the wrong approach. Not only is it a waste of time, but you also "spam" the website and people will remember you as "that guy who keeps posting mediocre content".

Instead, one should focus on trying to understand what makes a quality post that Steemit might find worthy of upvoting.

Everyone is different. I'd never be able to produce most of what other users share on this website. I don't travel, I don't have any fascinating life stories to share (yet!), I don't take very good pictures and I'm not a great writer. That said, you don't have to go to far down that list to see that there's definitely some interest for us computer and technology enthusiasts - so I hope I can provide some of that content.

Understanding what to upvote

As you may know, everyone is limited in the amount of upvotes they can give. This means, again, that one has to be careful in which posts he decides to upvote. The economical incentives on this platform are such that users should upvote what others consider to be good content and not necessarily what you think is of interest.

People like @steemed have shown interest in looking for good authors for his bots to upvote. I believe this kind of list might make it easier for us non-whales to really track good content. It might just be help a small fish get an edge in such a competitive upvoting market.

On a personal level

This is actually part of a bigger project for me. It was information that I wanted to acquire and wanted to track over time. I thought others might find this interesting so I decided to share it.

Expect more from me soon!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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(I'm not clever enough to finish the meme, sorry hah)

In all seriousness, I like where your head is at. Steemit isn't a "shotgun approach" type of website where you're going to be successful by spamming a bunch of quick content (though I see a lot of people trying). The majority of the people on that list have spent significant time creating their content.

Steemit rewards those that carefully craft value into the community. Whether that is in sharing something unique/funny, conveying an interesting and engaging story/experience, or by contributing to the "meta" of steemit using whatever skills they possess to enhance steemit's success.

You know what I'd like to see? I'd like to see how many posts each of these users have, and how many words exist in each of their posts on average. Those would bring some interesting depth to the numbers!


Here's how to finish that meme...
"But When I Do... I Always pretend to be a young girl with big boobs who likes to travel"


I'll make sure to get that done. Good ideas in the comments so far, it should keep me busy for some time. Thanks for the comment and congrats on your high content quality score!

It's nice to see both wealthy and new people mingle together without an air of superiority. I've had conversations with a good many of these posters and they all show non superficial support to everyone regardless of status! Great statistic as well. Proud to be swimming along with you guys/gals.


You're perfectly right. The fact that it's also in their financial interest to keep the platform interesting, welcoming and free of spamming/hate/trolling might just end up being the reason why it'll be used in the long run. Not because it'll attract people that want to make a quick buck, but because large investors/content creators are there to make sure that Steemit will grow. Really fascinated by the economics behind this platform.

Sorry to post twice but "Everyone is different. I'd never be able to produce most of what other users share on this website. I don't travel, I don't have any fascinating life stories to share (yet!), I don't take very good pictures and I'm not a great writer. That said, you don't have to go to far down that list to see that there's definitely some interest for us computer and technology enthusiasts - so I hope I can provide some of that content."
is such great advice because I agree. I could never write a fashion blog or makeup tutorial, but since @heiditravels and @guerrint are such sweet ppeople I'd be happy to offer them ideas of my own that they could implement if they wanted because here sharing ideas is valuable to everyone. You may not have made thirty thousand on a makeup post but you can show proof that new content is drawing lots of attention and show people who disbelieve you when you talk about steemit. And @heiditravels has an awesome platform to continue traveling without needing a day job if she doesn't want as we look forward to the content she provides about the places we may someday want to visit. When posts go viral I'm excited to see that person rewarded and like that often people take that money and invest it to help others because basically each vote is a small token (or large for whales) of appreciation for the interesting content that keeps us coming back :)

Hello @owdy
I've noticed a lot of your posts lately have focused on content and quality.
I'm working on a system to bring more authors and content creators on board for exclusive content and I'd like to prove that authoring more than a simple blog post can gain traction too.

Was wondering if you would read this short story I wrote and comment there, upvote and give some general feedback. It's a short story exclusive to steemit, not published anywhere else. If it can get some visibility it will prove to all the content creators that I know that steemit is a better way of doing patronage than Patreon or other subscription models.


p.s. I upvoted you! This was a great post!

Great post i will be featuring it today

Totally have list envy


Thanks for the feature. May I ask how you were able to find my post? I was under the impression that if your post didnt't get much traction in the first 20 mins, it'd be almost impossible to find.


I look really long and hard every day for good posts

Found you on @dragonslayer109 's lastest daily gems post. Good share, and all the best!


Thanks @crypt0, I've been a sub since your first Ethereum news video, good to see you around.


Is that true? Then you're a big part of the reason that I've felt encouraged to build the channel and I'm ever grateful to you. Thanks so much, @owdy. I hope this and every post you put up forward blows up big time. Let me know when you post via hashtag by adding "craigrant" or "truecrypto", and we'll make sure that you get some good up-votes!


Done ;)

could you publish the same list but with the score obtained by number of upvotes and comments


Sure! Good idea. I'll try to post that tomorrow. I'll edit this post and add it then if I still can. If not I'll make a new post.


if it's possible, you should put as an additional parameter also the 'reactivity' of the OP of the post to answer to the replies. that would make the picture of a good quality poster.


What do you mean by reactivity? Something like the number of replies they've made in their own blog? Something like "Total answered comments" or "% of answered comments"?

Yeah . this making steemit become more capitalism. I believe steemit has reach more than 50k user . you have to give others user sone chance too.
Btw visit my blog if you have some times. :)

This is exactly the type of information I was going to install @xeroc's stuff for. I wanted to see who's posts are most popular, who's posts have most comments, what comments have been paid most, who has most posts.
What time of the day most whales vote in, what time of the day most votes are cast, what time of the day most posts are published etc.
Also, who is getting the most payouts out of the platform and transfers since ever, this month, by week and so on.
Good stuff man! looking forward to the rest.