I'm a Steem Whale Looking for Writers

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I have a lot of Steem voting power and can help good writers be rewarded for their work by adding them to my bot.

About Me

On the rich list I am @steemed, @itsascam, and @steemroller . I'm a steem whale because I mined early, wasted money on hashes before a relaunch, and mined again without knowing who was behind this project or what the goal was. I just poured resources into mining because it seemed like a coder was on the other end and I thought I might take a chance. I figured out how to mine without any real instructions, and, unlike the dozens or hundreds of junk coins I've mined, have been handsomely rewarded for my efforts.

How I Use My Bot

I run a curation bot and I think it is a good thing, even though others dislike the idea. I currently use my bot as a reading list curator not only for Steem, but for myself. At the end of each day I go back and review what it has voted for and read each article, mostly for enjoyment or information, but also to ensure that the bot is making good decisions. In other words, I tune my bot through its membership rather than trying to improve its voting logic, which in my opinion would be folly.

Until recently, my approach to membership has been to identify authors who have been rewarded previously and configure my bot to up-vote these authors on every post they make. In my opinion, this is a great system and will likely increase my voting power in the future. Right now, though, the authors currently in my bot can not be productive enough to optimize my voting power.

I Am Looking for New Authors

That's where I hope new authors come in. What I need to do is identify some good authors to add to my bot so that I am hitting the optimum voting frequency. By optimizing, I increase my own curation rewards, help to enrich talented authors, and improve Steem in the process. As you might see, this system is implicitly set up as a competition so that good, reasonably productive, authors stay in the bot. I plan to keep this practice up as the number of authors in my bot grows. I anticipate that the number of articles my bot votes for will eventually equal the number I can reasonably review in the same amount of time.

If you are a good author, please respond here and let me know to take a look at your work. If I find your articles interesting, substantive, and also think that your writing will appeal to others, I'll put you in. Beyond that, I expect that authors who get added to my bot will maintain their high standards.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hey, I wanted to say thanks for all you've done for me. I am glad you understand about being a slave to creativity. That's me. I'm a slave to new ideas, and have a terrible time keeping track of things, like working ideas, past ideas, etc. I appreciated the interview from @infovore and I wanted to give you my deepest thanks. I believe you have upvoted me a lot. You've helped me get out of poverty, actually.


How are you going with the 'keeping track of ideas' thing? Is it getting better?


no i still have the same issue.

Hi there,
Great post, I love the concept of Whales promoting quality content.
I don't write many posts, but when I do I do put a lot of effort in them.

Some of the posts I wrote include:

This really resonates with something I wrote on "thoughts on the future of steemit":

If you want to make Steem the next big thing and not yet another failed project, post and upvote great content.
You get what you reward.
It's now a turning point for Steem.
Your choice will determine its future.
Choose wisely.

Hi @steemed, I appreciate what you are doing to help fellow authors. I am an economist blogging about entrepreneurship, side hustles, investing, budgeting, and life tips. Although I am fairly new to Steemit, my posts show the high standard of my work. I am bilingual in English and Spanish. So I am starting to translate my posts into Spanish to reach more people.

You should take a look at @steemship's insightful post on Steemit's Top 11 Posters. You probably follow a couple of the writers he recommends however there are others on there well worth your consideration. These include myself, @nanzo-scoop and @mummyimperfect (who I introduced to the Steemit).

Whilst some of my posts have been aimed at Steemit's existing demographic. I've also written pieces that (whilst they may not have caught on just yet) will be of interest to future Steemit users. In my view, catering for different niches will be important to the long term growth of Steemit.

I plan to introduce more quality writers to the platform (see e.g. @ak2020) once Steemit moves out of Beta and rewards materialise. It will be easier for me to convince people once they see Steem dollars in accounts, rather than the promise of Steem dollars on posts. So watch this space!

If you're still looking for writers, check me out @libertylol.

I try to write a couple times a day. I do longer researched posts about the concepts of Liberty, Free Markets, Limited Government, Individualism, Peace, Tolerance, Media Bias and Corruption. I also post shorter writing prompts in order to pique the interest of readers and determine what their thoughts are on different political philosophies. I try to ensure we all determine our own confirmation biases. Finally, I post about Liberty-based podcasts that make for great listening.

Let me know what you think!

Hey @steemed , if you like quality and high standards I think you might like this:
An Unstoppable Force And First Compelling Mass Market Solution.

Cheers, @xtester

Pick Me! Pick Me!

The last couple weeks I've been posting a lot of my original photos and curated posts, but I do really want to get back to focusing on writing more. I've done a few pieces which I can list here. It would really help me so much to get the boost from being on your list, I know that pretty much everybody would want to be on the list.... I provide good content for the platform, but people tend to overlook low payout content, no matter how hard you might work on it. It's quite disillusioning to see $6 on a piece you worked hard on.

I don't really want to beg for it, so I'll just leave these here. I would really appreciate your help, if you'll have me. It's amazing how with just a few lines of code you could seriously change my life, because I am putting in the work anyway, just need a patron!

Some of my work, I write mostly personal essays on various things, life and death, the Caribbean, growing up, struggles etc. I've done some article-style posts as well.

(this was two months ago when it was mostly whales around and this was very successful in comparison to the others) https://steemit.com/writing/@jamtaylor/caribbean-child-a-biographical-snapshot





Thanks for reading, either way!


Are you still looking for writers? I'd love to be one of your new writers. And if I don't make the cut, I'd love to have some constructive feedback. :D

I would be honored if you would consider me for inclusion in your bots. I am planning to become more prolific in the coming months.

maybe i'm not the good author you need, but I write about (ita-eng lang)

  • my hobby, aquariology in particular
  • design
  • mining guide
  • physical btc collection
  • general info

in future, I want promoting italian section-post with rewards and tips

Hey @steemed you commented on one of my posts earlier and just letting you know that I posted one of my travel stories today, I think you'll enjoy it, check it out and let me know!


Heidi --- are all those followers (about 5k) because of a big push from @steemed ?


I never experienced a "big push" of new followers, just have steadily grown over the past year and two months.

I have been writing my life story over the last few days, I would love it if you checked them out: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Not sure if this is still active or if the offer still stands. But I've been slowly and sure transitioning my adventures over to SteemIt. You can see them here.
Will be continuously updating the SteemIt community with my travels.

Naturally I would like to be on your list. I'm a prolific writer and published a book titled, Un-Crap Your Life last year as well. I'm just getting started and joined this site just 10 hours ago but I'm very excited by the possibilities. Check out my stories and let me know what you think.
Also your bot sounds interesting. Are you planning on sharing info about it?


Very interesting writing indeed


The bot, the bot. Tell us how to make a bot.


I think what you have posted is good, but I can't tell if it is original or not. I'm looking for authors to provide original content to Steem.


I'm original now. You would be wise to upvote me.

I would gladly be on your list!
I don't intend to write often - maybe once or twice a week, but I tend to put an effort into it and come up with original content. My posts have generated a moderate 100$ - 200$, and I don't intend to post links, videos or images. I have tried them a few times but that was enough. My goal is to increase the quality of my posts, and likely it will result in a little less quantity.

Very friendly gesture from you, by the way!


I really enjoy your writing and I cant wait for that "follow" button to appear. :-)


If you post only solid content like this and this under @markopaasila, I'd add you to my bot. But you also post less substantive content under your account as well. There's nothing wrong with the latter, but it means I'd burn voting power on some posts.

Would you mind making a different account to post your miner reflections and questions, so that I may optimize my voting? I understand if not, but I wouldn't be able to add you unless you did that.


Sure, I'll do that. Under this account I'll post only the best I have, and I'll make another one for random stuff. One question: your bot doesn't vote on comments, does it?

I'll throw my hat into the ring for consideration.

Top Ongoing Series of Post


Thanks for the opportunity!

I've said quite a lot that the current Steemit system doesn't incentivise good unique content enough (it falls off the page quickly), nor does it incentivise reputation building (poor follow/notification system).

Hopefully those issues are addressed as the paradigm is tweaked and refined over time. Outside of that, I'm delighted to see new initiatives such as this to encourage a higher standard all round!

While I'm capable of high quality material, I've so far mixed my posts between strong articles, personal photographic work, and some lower quality anecdotes and discussion. If the incentive was there though, I would cut out the lower quality stuff and focus my efforts exclusively on strong writing.

Here are two posts I made extra effort with:

I hope you will consider adding me, and please let me know if there's anything you would like to discuss.

Either way, thanks for this initiative. It's good for Steemit.

Please check out my work if you get some time. I am a #glassblower with 5 years experience and crypto-hobbyist. Below is an intro/giveaway I did that ended up working out :) The first link has a lot of info you may find interesting about me and my trade. I hope you like my profle, it will constantly be filling with new glass!

Next giveaway I do I hope for it to be big enough that I can mail an item to every person that comments for 24hours, and mail an extra special gift if they sign a verified friend up to steemit.


Check out my biggest inspiration and one of the master artisans of the borosilicate glass industry. Im a super newb in comparison lol

Hope you enjoy my content and have a great week! ✌

I don't think you've ever up voted one of my posts and if the content I've publish is not for you, no worries ;)) ....but obviously I'd love to have your interest! So feel free to check out benjojo. I'm putting together some ideas for post series and I'd be overwhelmed with joy if you found the time to read the horror script I wrote!


Great stuff. In you go.


Hi @steemed!
Just discovered this post, and if you're still looking for writers, I'd love if you would take a moment to read some of my work. I say a moment, but I can get long-winded sometimes :-) My posts so far have covered a variety of topics, including: how I feed people around the country for free, attending events like the Jackalope Freedom Festival, meeting & befriending heroes of mine like Alais Clay & Adam Kokesh, and delicious, healthy vegan recipes.

I am readying for launch a solutions-oriented crowd-sourced literature project, which will bring together the most talented writers I can find, on Steemit and out in the physical, to create stories that inspire & empower.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for helping make Steemit great!

@steemed, It would be an honor to join your writers team. I give a unique perspective on music, life and family.

I am learning HTML so each post looks stylish with intriguing content.

I love to help new steemians improve the layouts of their posts. A lot of people have brilliant ideas but it comes out like a mess in their blogs!

Hello @steemed,

If you wish, I invite you to take a look at my posts, I tend to write 2 or 3 times a week and I would say most of my content is concentrated in Crypto subjects but I also write about sports, politics and maybe a funny gif from time to time. In average my posts get around 10-20 votes, but I have a couple that have gotten more than 30.

I try to put all my good posts on this account "chitty" and I have another account for shit posting and stuff I find less relevant. This is also why this account has the most steem power and in theory it will get around 2k SMD and equal value of steem power after the 4th.

Hi @steemed
I started a project with friends. We're going to travel around Europe with the money received from Steemit, and do photo reports about our trip. Also in the plans for the popularization of Steemit, as well as meetings with the Steemit community in the countries that we visit. The first post was about St. Petersburg. But he did not seen none of the whales, although we collected a lot of votes. We spent a week on this project and it was a shame not to get the result.
If you add us to your list, we will be happy to continue the project.
Here is a link to our article.
We will publish our articles once in every 2-3 days. The next article will be about Moscow, then we're going to visit Finland, and then to go further into the EU.
If you decide to help us with upvote, then the answer to this post or vote for our article on St. Petersburg.
Thank you for attention.

@steemed , I hope you still read the comments on this post as it is fairly old. Not sure how to get hold of you. I read your interview today in Steemmag. First of all congratulations on the vision of mining steem in the early days. I am glad it paid off for you. I am a business man myself and risk and reward is what it is all about. My question is how does one get on your author list? I am still fairly new to Steemit and only made a round 10 posts. I am a colleague of @gavvet, who is on your author list. He is a great guy and I always read his posts, but more importantly he is really assisting to build the community. He recently started promoting authors and I was lucky enough that some of the posts that he posted on my behalf made a few dollars. Can I please ask that you read some of my posts and if you believe there is potential to add me to your author list?

Hi! This post was made 2 months ago and I don't know if you are still looking for authors. But I would like to take my chances anyways!

I have been creating posts with original content since I joined Steemit over 10 days ago. And although I know that 10 days is a very small time period, I think that my content is good and it should get some traction. I am soon going to start my original fiction series and I could really use some eyes!

So, check my stuff out and if you like it, I would be thrilled to be included. Cheers! :)

Hi @steemed , I'm @littlekitty!

Little Kitty
I'm a very (cute) small cat with one blue eye! I write posts about life, philosophy, politics, and tutorials.
Mommy helps me write my blog and post to Steemit, she takes high quality pictures of me (and she makes gifs!). We've been learning about generating OC, practicing our writing, and the steemit ecosystem. We also made a list of ideas for posts and are working on generating content for consistent posts. Here's what I have so far! I appreciate the look! Meow and thanks!

-Little Kitty


What can I say? I'm a sucker for a cat-story.

have a look at my stuff :) i didnt post here alot but im a blogger


I'm looking more for article format.

Hi, @steemed!
I am a talented and ambitious.I live in Russia and I know English and French very well.
My introduce
and a small article about my work....
I hope youll find time reading my short original article !

Interested in this . Feel free to have a look over at my content to see if it suits your tastes.

Hey @steemed,
I've written a few posts that I feel deserve a lot more credit than they have recieved, But hey ho. I would very much apreciate If you could check my content. Here's a few links to some below;




I'm also currently working on 2 series', one of which will be about music and the music industry, which will be called 'For the love of Music', The other I intend on being a philisophical series, to Which I discuss modern day society and life itself.

I am a productive writer. I joined in May 2018 and I have written 186 posts and 1869 comments. If you are still looking for productive writers please contact me or check out my blog.




Please check out my work @steemed it would mean the world to me.
I am a women working in the fashion industry, this is my passion and I am living the dream as a young model.

Hello @steemed
Would you like to check out this post I made recently, I have a lot of good feedback. And I do think that there is a lot of potential. Thanks in advance

Tipping is something that I'd like to see whales doing.

We don't have yet Steem dollars, but when we do, I'll probably start to tip good writers every now and then. We really should have a tipping button when dollars start to flow into system!

I might even give some Steem Power for new users who are exceptionally good writers but can't afford to buy it themselves. It's good way to incentivize them to use Steem more often.


Tipping feature would be nice, but if someone has a whale-sized stake, then an upvote is a pretty good tip.

Greetings @steemed. I am @bennyjay.
I recently joined steemit - about a month ago.
Came across your post just now. I don't know if the opportunity is still available but if it is kindly check out my blog @bennyjay and my write ups on @airhawk-project. I look forward to receiving a feedback from you. Thank you

Just started writing in Steemit. If you like my content add me to your list.

My first posts are up - two worth 100's? Anyway - thanks for the offer to authors - I have 14 E-Books on Amazon and have blogged 1000's of quality posts in the past 7 years.

I ran across this post recently after following the rabbit hole through your recent Steem Power and Governance (which I found fascinating and look forward to the next parts.)

Having been a little irked lately about curation bots not looking at content, I really appreciate seeing posts like this, at least giving me an idea of how the human is staying in the loop.

With that said, I see the structure of steemit, the possible economic and social possibilities than are geared towards enhancing personal responsibility and freedoms. I try to focus on mental awareness's and questioning that people need to effectively move from being told what to do, to what they want to do. The goal isn't for them to agree with my answers, but rather just to be asking the questions.

I know this thread is a couple months old now, so no worries if it's too late or buried. I still applaud this post and having some better idea of how you approach curation.

you can count on me as a publisher content

Hi @steemed,
I'm interested. Thanks for checking me out. :)

Phew, a whooping 102 comments already, and the post is 2 months old. Damn, looks like I'm late.

However, in case you're still monitoring the comments, I'd love to keep composing high quality articles for this awesome community. If you look at my profiles you will find a few articles that I already wrote, and there are more coming over the next weeks. I don't have written that much yet, since I am rather new on here. However, I always try to put my greatest effort in my writing.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Hey Steemed I made my first article today. More articles are coming. I'll be writing about different topics. Mostly about money and life.

Please check my last post. Thank you :)


Hi Steemed,

Another a pro writer here tossing a cap into your writer-search ring.

Here's a link to my first Steemit post:

I have lots of samples online, too.

Would be very grateful for your esteem,

Hello @steemed, @itsascam and/or @steemroller :D
I've recently joined steemit, about 2 weeks ago and I've just now recently started to get some attention from other "whales". Hopefully it will continue the same way further on too. If you're up for it, take a look. If not. No worries :)


You can try me! My best article is the following


which got a lot of upvotes on Reddit when I submitted the url, but not a lot of value here. I haven't written much in the last week because I figured that it might be a waste of time if the people upvoting couldn't even award a cent. But that can change if the whalebots are willing to give people a go.


That was some very interesting writing. Don't get disheartened. Just keep publishing and as the platform grows, more people may find your work.

Just getting started on Steemit and would greatly appreciate being added to your curation bot, if it's still running. My current drive is raise awareness about the benefits of Steem Power/powering up as I feel strongly that the early adopters of Steemit will be critical to the long term success of the platform, which in turn is critical to the global community. Steem Power will pay the bills while they focus on creating a better world. Cheers!

You can check out my most recent blogs. :D

Hello sir, I write good content to share with the Steem community with original content ( I just recently posted some photos I took) and I post as well news and videos. please consider me. thank you

If your still looking for new authors I hope you will consider my work. I'm a self taught crochet enthusiast and designer. after testing the site with a few different posts I've decided to focus on crochet posts and tutorials (i hope to add video tutorials soon). here are a couple of the crochet posts i have so far.

steemits first crochet pattern - https://steemit.com/crochet/@phoenixmaid/alice-motif-crochet-pattern-us-terms-skill-level-confident-intermediate-advanced
5 tips for crochet newbies - https://steemit.com/crochet/@phoenixmaid/5-things-every-learner-should-know-before-they-pick-up-a-crochet-hook

Hello @steemed,
Are you still looking for writers? I would love to be on your bot list. You can check out what I've posted on Steemit by clicking on my moniker. Please note that I've been doing a fair amount of experimenting, just putting stuff out there to see what sticks. If you like to read more of my work, you can check out anything I've written for the Devtome (a kind of precursor to Steemit, actually) here: http://devtome.com/doku.php?id=wiki:user:wiser
You can also check out some tutorial articles I've posted on the CryptoMoms forum here: http://cryptomoms.com/forum/guides/31/

I actually really enjoy writing guides to help people navigate various aspects of dealing with cryptocoins. I've put a few simple ones here on Steemit and will be happy to post more if people will find it helpful. I suspect that with a lot of people coming to Steemit from outside of the cryptosphere, those tutorials would be very helpful to them as they consider whether or not to explore that world further.

I also like to write about my thoughts on life, the occasional short story, and sometimes post a picture I took, though I'm not much of a photographer. My real strength is in writing and I do a lot of that, mostly for fun, and also for hire.

Thanks for the opportunity, and I look forward to working with you :)

hey, i am not the best author. in fact i am not an author at all, but i am trying to improve my writing everyday.

i think i am bringing unique content to the platform everyday, so please have a look. this one is a new one:


btw. are you still reading this post?

Hi @steemed,

I just read your interview in the SteemMag and noticed that you support authors through your bots. Do you like science? Well I hope that you do because we will be posting daily science news to steemit and we would be honored to be added to your bots. If you have any questions or anything, let me know. Here is also our introductory post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@sciencenews/hi-steemit-do-you-like-science

Have a great Sunday!

Hey @steemed, I have just joined steemit and don't have much to show you, I have only written my presentation, a proposal to steem (to translate the website) and a meme while I was thinking about the next steem to write (which I still am). I'm a translator, like I say in my presentation, so i WORK with words and will write content not only in English, but also in Spanish and in Italian (thus reaching more steemers). Also, I plan to LIVE MAINLY OFF steem, so I will write big amounts of articles and contents in general, if that's what worries you.

If you want to evaluate me, here are the links to what I wrote up to now:




Hope to hear from you soon,

This is great to hear! I've really been putting my heart and soul into the articles that I've been publishing. The problem is, the only ones that do well are the ones that the "whales" upvote. Because that is the only time people see them! I would heavily appreciate it if you were to add me to this list! Here are some of my original posts, so you can take a look for yourself!





If you don't add me to your list, I hope you at least enjoy the articles! Cheers!

Please take a look at my work if you are interested! Not all of it is pure writing, I've done a giveaway and some other things, but I'd love for you to take a look, even if to just give feedback! Thanks! @voltarius

Suck it i cant figure this shit out


Thanks @bigmann23, I got the same issue.

I understand my timing is a little off.

Better late than never?

I joined a few days ago however and in all honesty, this may be the first story I have actually read through to the end. The simple fact that your upvote is very powerful here would have been more than enough to draw me in but I adore how you took your time to explain to others what that means and how it directly can effect them. From someone who isn't entirely sure about all of the functions and features here, I thank you much for the simple and direct explanation.

Of course, I would be completely thrilled should you take a look at the few things I have posted so far. Please understand that while some of my writings can be considered controversial and (the first one) flat out silly as heck, I am a creative and insanely passionate individual who is ultimately hoping to bring about a positive change in the world as I know it.

With your help I could quite possibly gain a head-start and sometime's all it takes in life is for us to be one step ahead in the race to win the race.

I just launched a New Game for Steemit that I think you will like.

Steemit Elimination Game - The First Game for Steemit (seg-talk)

hello steemed. i am very familiar with your curation bot and it's impact on the platform. i will be writing about your bot in my next article.

I will leave you my most recent post that highlights the berniesanders and steemservices bots and how they may effect the platform in the near term.

would like to request an add to your curation bot to help facilitate awareness within our community the use of curation bots.

thank you


Hey @steemed, I write poetry and non-bullshit personal development essays. I currently have a few books out and have been writing to Facebook and Instagram, but Steemit seems like the place to be.

I'm super excited to be writing here, and it'll be my main platform of focus from here on out :) I hope I can contribute some inspiring content to the community here.

Hi, I'm new to Steem and I want my posts to gain some traction, although i feel like the concept of minnows/dolphins/whales makes it very hard to start out. I was wondering if you'd consider adding me to your author list. My posts are not Steem-centric and you can check out what I've came up with so far. I plan to release a post of similar or better quality to my existing posts every day and hope to achieve "dolphin" status eventually, although I'm aware that it doesn't happen overnight. Thank you for your consideration!

I don't see how I don't put my name in this hat, but you'll excuse me if I don't hold my breath, as ultimately I hope to make currencies obsolete with a system that doesn't require banksters.
In fact, I can sum it up in 4 words.
Keep working, stop paying.
Thanks for your time,

Hello @steemed !
I am planning to stay a steemer-for-life and would love to have you upvote my posts. I am having to re-do my first two posts as the steemitup.eu site disengaged my photo links . But my third and most recent post is complete and will give you a good idea as to my intentions. I am fully committed to original content and would love & appreciate your support 💝

If you're still looking, myself and my partner @krystle have been making original fiction and web apps for steem :)
Would love to be considered, but im a small fish and I dont know if my posts are popular enough yet...
Thanks for the insight into whale tactics !

This is new.... I could only dream of making it on the list...I wonder how this impacts the platform in general? Curation Bots..... Is the net outcome of this good or bad for the steem community...? forming lists and using bots to vote in the interest of money.... cant blame you. But wont this have an adverse effect?

Experiment: How much would I make if you would to up vote on this comment alone?


probably more than what you will earn in like 3 years working hard?


Probably huh, lol... good one!

I post quite frequently at Steem but I don't write much. I'd like to be on that list too but I don't know if I qualify or not.


Create a separate account for "quality" posts and use the current for the shotgun


hmmm Ok, I'll think about it.

Please consider @jcweiss. So far I have contributed Q&A templates with interesting examples and discussion of the inequality on this site. My blog has been a test bed but will be much more refined (i.e. limited posting) if selected. Best, @jcweiss


Hey @steemed,

my mission is to create tons of business, marketing, and money guides here on Steem. To make sure we get quality and substance on this platform and not just memes! Feel free to hit me up if you want more specifics. Here's a few of my recent posts:

Finding a winning business idea: Part 1
Finding a winning business idea: Part 2
Finding a winning business idea: Part 3

How To Automate Your Instagram Account Like a Pro!

Thank you for providing this opportunity! I stumbled across Steemit this morning and was immediately inspired to write. I just released the first Chapter of my story entitled, "The Peculiar Conundrum of Terrance Finnely" below and would be very grateful for yourself and your bot to give it a read.

Hey I am content creator I have been trying for Verona to get people to notice my posts and it isn't happening I would appreciate it if you were to check out some of my posts some of my favourite posts are

Hey man. I'd like to think I'm a good author, and I could definitely benefit from this. I'll be posting a wide array of diverse articles that span from life experience, to politics and philosophy, and even hip hop.

Here's a couple links to my pieces of work so far in my first week here on Steem. I hope you enjoy.




Most recent: https://steemit.com/money/@senseiteekay/tips-to-remember-when-your-posts-aren-t-trending

you have the power to make me rich. you have the power to also keep me poor. What a sick life you have!

Hi @steemed,
I'm new, and I'm excited to be here. I'd love you to check out my couple of pieces. While I'd love your endorsement, I'd also welcome any feedback from you.

Hi there @steemed, I'm looking for opportunities to rise up :) I've been writing a plethora of topics since I joined 4 weeks ago and doing pretty decently. I just came across this post - hope it's not too late!

Hi there Whale :)
I've been studying NLP for years now and decided to post some of my knowledge as something that can be easily learned by other people by just reading it. So my idea of providing content it's about sharing tools of NLP so people can be successful at anything they want. I'd like to interact with the community too! In the long run with steemit and with consent of the person, I would like to pick one or two people from the crowd of followers/commenters and do some light life-coaching encouraging people to post about that experience on steemit too.

Hey, there, @steemed

I don't know if you're still using this post, but I might as well throw in my hat.

My content is not very conventional: I post pithy articles, YouTube videos (from my channel with almost 4k subscribers in about 2 months -- I interviewed Tuur Demeester... that was cool), and recently I started posting an original comic series.

So, there you go.

Btw, congrats on catching your altcoin Moby Dick! And then becoming... a whale... yourself.

Hi @steemed I hope youll find time reading my short original article and wish I could be on your author's list as it will drive me more to write and improve. :)

I love writing and reading. That's why I created 2 years ago a social network for it. https://steemit.com/writers/@dudutaulois/scrive-and-steemit-less-than-3
though I'm not a professional, I found pretty good writers there (portuguese mostly)

I am not sure if I am on your shortlist, but of course I would like to be.
I have to admit not all my writings you will like, as I get those days when I want to write about something silly.
Even have some fun with other steemians, but hey that's what's blogging is all about.

There are up days and down days, feel free to down-vote or change your mind if the post is not up to bar.
I hold no grudges and do not take anything personal.

One day I might research my post and make sure it's full of meaningful and useful info, another day I might just write about an episode of the X-files or twilight zone or whatever TV show I watched recently and find it relating to real life.

I love your website, I am on steemd.com as much as I am on steemit.com I find myself with 3 tabs open on steemd.com and 3 on steemit.com in addition to the other 40 tabs I have open on regular basis, and thank God for newegg and great value RAM on cyber Mondays. I would also like a copy of your bot for testing purposes ;)


Just to set the record straight, steemd.com is run by @roadscape . It is nice, though. I spend a lot of time there myself.


Hi @steemed I'm interested in being added to your author list. I have been on for a week and I'm going HAM and looking to bring home the bacon!!! If you look at my blog my last 3 blog post are pretty solid even though the last one didn't catch. I'm working on more as we speak! Thank you for your consideration

  • Brian Phobos

lol what an embarrassment, I was giving you credit all this time because of your nickname hahahaha
Sorry Roadscape, that was a glitch that just corrected itself on steemit.com. :)


Hi, Steemed. I am new (2 weeks now) on Steemit. I found this post of yours. Do you still consider to add authors to your bot? I will appreciate it if you can consider me.

I know this is a month old but I posted my first serious blog post today, if you want to take a look and decide for yourself if it's worth following :

Don't know if the offer is still open, but I joined Steem about two weeks ago and am doing my best to create interesting, thoughtful content on a regular basis - with not so many reads, although I have had a few posts take off already. I joined Steem because I'm tired of sharing things on Facebook and other social media where no one really pays attention anymore, and I'd love the opportunity to share my thoughts with more readers. As a professional freelance writer outside of Steemit my standards in this regard are pretty high. Would appreciate the help!

Just came upon your article (which is kinda famous reading the comments by sort order). I'm the developer of SteemWhales, a rankings website for steem. I will blog mostly about it and changes to the website.

By the way if you had all your accounts grouped up you would be in top 5 right now ;)

I am not arrogant enough to think that I am a good writer. I tend to write about whatever pops into my mind, although I do tend to post things I think other people would find interesting. I have been busy with stuff the last couple of days, hence the lack of posts, but planning to post some as things ease up.

Hello @steemed,

Please consider adding me to your vote list. I intend to consistently publish original writings about my life, areas of expertise, tutorials, and other such things to help drive the adoption of steem. I will also continue to evangelize and drive diverse groups of people into the platform to increase the breadth of content here.

Thanks for reading,


Rob...nice Avatar! Is it your handiwork? :)

Hi @steemed, I have recently been honoured as Steemit Community Manager for Bravenewcoin.com, which is an API licensing, market data and content provider for bitcoin and crypto, their aim is to be "the Bloomberg of Crypto Fin-tech", providing enterprise grade readership content and the most accurate bitcoin and Digital Asset indices, referencing over 130 exchanges for the bitcoin price average for example.

All of our articles on Steemit have already received significant support and upvoting, My mandate is to post daily content, so if you follow us at http://www.steemit.com/@bravenewcoin you will be sure to have at least one corporate grade article per day.

Looking forward to your support.


Ricardo Goncalves
BNC Steemit Community Manager
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I'm not a good writer but what do you say if you will take a risk? You can check my first articles.

Feel free to check my profile out. I'd be happy to be added to the list. I only started today, and already am addicted posting articles here. I find the whole system here amazing, and it intriques me. I'll be posting plenty of HQ Content.

Hi Steemed, I hope you are doing well. I feel I make pretty good content, please take a look if you get a chance. I will keep trying to improve my work, so maybe if I do not make the cut now, I can in the future.

Very interesting approach. The recent discussion about possible changes to the curation rewards mechanism was initially triggered by bots upvoting posts based on the identify of the poster, with the assumption that is a bad thing. But here you have turned it completely on its head by proposing that specifically curating a list of good authors and using bots to reward and promote those authors adds value to the platform (and I agree). It will be interesting to see how this works out.


I'm not sure. It's certainly nice to see high amounts being paid for great authors. But good writers do get rewarded by the crowd, and those already known anyway.
It'd add value to find underdog good writers. Adding on the votestack of those that already have been recognized by the broader community dilutes the share of new ones getting lost in all the new posts even more. And I'd say tampering those is more valuable than those already hooked :D


I don't think you can really generalize from the current situation, nor especially from a few star personalities on here like Dan. In many cases looking at writing and blogging more broadly it is be very hard for writers to make consistent income and I think we may very well see that on here in terms of crowd voting. For a serious writer, knowing that you essentially sponsored by a whale or two seems like it might be a very useful business model. I think the experiment is very worth pursuing.


That's a good point to consider. Thanks for that insight!

I would love to be considered, I've started a book and some tip and tricks here on steemit, and I plan to maintain them.

Hi! I'm Stephanie and I've been a traveler and blogger for many years now. I own www.budgetbucketlist.com. Just posted my first post on #steemit and I'm thinking about a long-term commitment to steemit! :)