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Steemit has a massive SEO advantage, because of the massive amount of content that's being created.

And it shows!

This is from SEMrush, which tracks millions of keywords and combined with estimates from adwords they show traffic.

There's an explanation for it.

At the core of google's algorithm, there's the number one. The number one stands for 1 page with a 1000 words, which means that a page with 500 words has 0.5 as value in that formula.

Over the years google has been making all kind of changes to their algorithm, but the principle of it is still at the very core of it; 1 page with a 1.000 words has 1 'point'. That's where the term pagerank comes from.

Each page (of at least a 1.000 words) has basically 1 point, by linking out to another page it will pass on ~70% of it's value to the other page, so that page, as long it also contains at least a 1.000 words, will then have ~1.7 pagerank.

But when it links out to 2 pages, they would each get 35% ... 10 pages each 7% ... get the picture?

And if the page has only 500 words, it will not pass on ~ 70% of 1 point but only 35% ... because 70% x 0.5 (only 500 words) is ... 35% .. 10 outgoing links ... each only 3.5%

And that's why you need to make sure that all your pages have at least a 1.000 words.

So ... there are thousands of posts being created every day, and so far Google has indexed more than 500.000 pages already, this while not all of them have a 1.000 words, but the comments also count. Everything together it's really significant.

I have honestly no idea how many pages reach the 1.000, but what I do know, although there's a loss, when the page has less than a thousand words ... the total amount of pages also count. So, although shorter posts have less value, it's still positive value that ads to the total.

Next are the links of course, as the page itself holds the pagerank value, but the value increases, which is generated by links ... it's all about links.

Now, if you look around on this page, there are not that many links, which means that those few links that are always there; the links to the tag pages (the internal link structure) get a lot of pagerank.

While each and every post will rank on the new tag(s), from which it gets pagerank as well.

And because those tag-pages get thousands upon thousands of links, so they actually have a lot of pagerank.

And that's is also why google is constantly re-indexing those tag pages and following the links on those pages, which is why the posts are all getting indexed and why Steemit posts are ranking remarkably well on Google's SERP's.

Steemit has a massive SEO advantage, which is the total amount of content, and while it's just getting started, it's already visible.

SEMrush ~ SEO estimates Steemit


This is a good idea. In fact is a well known thing that Google loves long and detailed posts. So writing more on Steemit means probably more opportunities to get the contents seen on Google. Thanks for the advice!

everybody gets the advantages of the total volume of pages on steemit, and of course that posts get links from the tag pages

but ... if you have less than 1.000 words, you will loose some of that advantage ... that's why ...

Very helpful post and good advice! - Thank you!

Good to think about, I haven't considered things from an SEO point of view. I'm more focused on increasing the visibility of my content within Steemit, but attracting external viewers from outside the platform is also a good thing. 1000 words doesn't seem like much, especially if you are naturally verbose. If you focus on writing good content, I think that target can be achieved with consistency.

Well good all of my educational based posting has at least 1400 words. So I am helping!

I spent a period of my life in the digital advertising industry and I wanted to thank you for posting some basic elements of SEO strategy and the significance of Steemit in that sphere. I don't think most of the Steemit authors knew about the 1,000 word count rule.

I have upvoted this piece and will be featuring it in my daily hidden gems blog. I think it's a great niche that needs more content to help the community at large promote and grow their following. Great job.

great, thanks!

I'm flatter :D

This is good to know. I wasn't aware of the specifics of the Google algorithm, although I knew the term Page Rank. Thanks for explaining it. Being a part of the growing Steemit platform helps all good writers of content here, it would seem.

it well help to get traffic from google, directly to your post

for steemit as a whole it means massive amounts of potentially new users ...

I love What you're doing, keep it up and let me know if you got a website

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