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RE: Steem linkback bot update: v0.2 release

in #steemit7 years ago

I think there's a tweak needed for your bot. While it does have advantages in offering users more visibility over linked posts some people don't like it.
What if people who don't like it downvote the comment and the bot never comments on any of their posts?
The people who like the bot will upvote it to counteract the low reputation muting.


That's actually a great idea, I'll implement it before I'll activate the bot for the next linkbacks batch.

To provide some context, there were only 2 flags (1 from an author) and 91 upvotes on 1000 bot comments. Taking into consideration replies to the bot's comments, the reception from the community was very positive.

Indeed, not all bots are bad, some are extremely helpful and letting the community decide on this is only positive towards the growth of Steemit! Thanks for listening to my feedback @ontofractal!

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