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RE: Steem Hard Forks & Now People Are Making Even More Money On The Blockchain Based Social Network Steemit

in #steemit • 6 years ago (edited)

Me Too !! And thanks , im more then willing to take it , haha !!👍👍👍


People helping others out without expecting anything in return, is the what life should be about. :) :)


totally agree! and just for that phrase you got a new follower here man! :D

So true !! Steem on my friend !👍👍👍

Im following and helping everyone here, good luck all :)

Exactly. Nice work

That is what missing in today's life...

Ohh hope my account is even 100$ now lolz... minnows for life.

Hah ! Yup !!👍✌😂

You have 1k in your account!!! that's like x10 of what i needed lolz. I won't give up creating good contentttttttttttttttttttttssssssssssss

Haha ! Patience and Persistence my friend ! I had well over 11,000.00 after a year of blogging , Before I got laid off and to power it all down ! that was when I could I get steem for .15 cents !! Those glory days are gone now and its going to be harder to get that again ! Good luck , you will do it eventually ! Just never give up ! 👌✌👌✌

Wow freaking 15 cent!! 1 dollar spell on steemit seems like will never be broken. But if this things go out of beta and be like facebook. Now will a great investment. I'll try invest small and slow, won't invest more i willing to lose! Thanks for the pump!! This song represents me!!!! Won't give up!

Awesomeness !!💕👌✌

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