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So throughout the past 2-3 weeks we have been running our bot, While it has been very successful of course there are always some "hiccups" We have decided to create a Ninjawhale discord server so you can get support ASAP if something is wrong. This will not only be a place for support but a place to meet new people and even get some free votes!

The #1 rule is .... do NOT spam your posts. There is #postpromotion so put your links in there. ( 1 time per day!)

YOU CAN JOIN HERE - https://discord.gg/dtcJEK6


Thanks guys and take care!

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nice post :)!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
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Who Votes Ninja Whale VS Shinobi Goat!!!

Looks Completely Pay-Per-View Worthy!!!!

Shinobi Goat looks Pretty Skilled & Crafty!

Characters that chew grass or straw always yield a huge freaking sword out of no where!!!

Ninja Whale is a Freaking Tank THOUGH!!

Looks like he'll probably fold Ninja Goat if he can Grab him with that right Flipper...

Not Even Kidding!!! ... 1k

Oh yea, almost forgot! Great Freaking Article!


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I made a payment for voting, and it has not happened yet

Would love to know more about it.

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It sound good

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found You, try it out now @ninjawhale


OK now see people need to include the post url in the memo
You did not write that in the above post. what happens with my order ?



LOL, don't know, how much bulk upvotes can help an article, but send 0.4 SBD to try this new concept.

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send 0.4 SBD to try this :) following for more!

ok ninjawhale I see you.

Hi @ninjawhale what's the usual time delay? Has been 3 hours since I sent my URL and 0.4...


Hey, you must have sent the SBD when I was editing the bot. Your votes have now been processed.

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