Write blog, A Chinese Girl Sweetsssj Earn $ 6000 a month / 写blog,一个月赚$6,000的中国姑娘

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Today saw a block chain website steemit, This site looks very ordinary,But anyone can write article, make money,I saw many articles on steemit, such as CN region, there is a Chinese girl Sweetsssj, very pretty, and very talented, Her Blog Address https://steemit.com/@sweetsssj

Just over a month time, upvote over $ 6000,I began to think she was just beautiful, attracted many fans,Later,found she that there is great talent,Not only strong language skills,Travel around the world, more stylish, fans increased rapidly, she every day to share her own life on steemit,

She is very popular in steemit,This is the article she wrote:

Kissing Santorini's Magical Blue Sea. 第一次亲吻圣托里尼的蓝色海面,赚了$1,710.54


The secrets of why girls go to the bar. 女孩去酒吧的秘密, 赚了$2,795.00



steemit is a new thing, if you have talented, want the show yourself, but the content must be original, quality articles will be upvote, low quality will be downvote, yesterday in the CN authors, https://steemit.com/@birds90

A beautiful flower to the CN , shooting a flower, also earned $160,

If you are interested, you can also try,Just just minutes, you can have a steemit account

website : http://www.steemit.com

今天看到一个区块链网站steemit,这个网站看起来很普通,但任何人都可以在上面发文章,写博客,赚到钱,我查看了许多文章,比如CN区,有一位中国姑娘,长得很漂亮,也很有才华,她的blog地址https://steemit.com/@sweetsssj 短短一个多月时间,获得点赞超过$6000, 我一开始以为她只是漂亮,吸引很多粉丝,到后来,发现她的确很有才华,不仅中英双文好,在英国留过学,世界各地旅行,比较时尚,粉丝量增加很快,每天她分享自己的生活,只要她发blog,都能赚到不少
Steemit是一个新鲜事物,如果有才华,都可以在上面展示,但内容必须原创,高质量的文章会被点赞,低质量的会被踩, 很有特色, 昨天在CN区有位作者,
https://steemit.com/@birds90 拍摄一朵花,也赚到了$160,

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妹子真漂亮 :)



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