A beautiful flower to the CN - 一朵美丽的鲜花送给CN (原创)

in flowers •  3 years ago 

Yesterday, the Chinese festivals,I am in rural fields,Found this bunch of wildflowers,Do not pick roadside wildflowers,I do not pick,I'm just looking:),Enjoy 15 times zoom lens of flowers,

这是我昨天回乡过节,在村口见到的一束野花,路边的野花你别采,我不采,我只看, 一起欣赏放大15倍镜头的鲜花

Every day to see #cn have to eat, play, calligraphy, poetry ,But more, the loss of popularity, a beautiful flower to the CN all optimistic friends


Happy Every Day!

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Upvoted, although steem in the fall, and yesterday saw @abit and @xiaohui, @laonie, @sweetsssj, @deanliu, @elfkitchen, @oflyhigh, @ace108 and more are supporting CN, There are other large whales,I will be in CN region to elect some good articles as Steemit of SEO promotion plan, although this article only with some flowers, But can also be used as a classic case, SEO promotion to the photography community,The title may be "the world's most expensive flower"

赞一个,虽然steem在下跌,昨天看到@abit@xiaohui以及许多人都在支持CN区,每天还是有大户在支持CN,我将在CN区历史选出一些好的文章,作为Steemit的SEO推广计划,这篇文章虽然只有几朵花,但也会入选做为经典案例推广到摄影论谈,标题可以为 ”世界上最贵的一朵花"

Thank you, your flowers has added to my seo plan

The artice here

nice pics :)

Many thanks, I support your social plans


  ·  3 years ago (edited)


Very beautifull photos @birds90 !

Very very beautiful photography @lajulius


Cool photo! Welcome to me blog @alex2016

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