My Steemit Marketing Plan Part 2 (Guess what time steem stop fall) / Steemit市场计划,猜猜Steemit跌到哪里去

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My Steemit Marketing Plan Part 1

How do I make 20-50 million users traffic to Steemit

Today I just came back to see the price of steam from 0.001 to 0.00080, and still continue to fall,did not want to stop means,I am by looking at,By calculation, there are still about 500,000 steem need to waiting sell, Who can maintained such a large steem,This requires a super big whales to buy steem power


Purposes, Retain People, Need more people to buy

I have an Traffic Plan,steem has a lot of high-quality articles,If steemit goal is to blog,Replace the traditional blog and Weibo,We need to put traffic into cash, For example, in addition to the upvote, get more incentives, such as advertisers introduced similar "google adsense", you can be loaded into the author's article, Or, do e-commerce,It is also an option.

If do not do anything for three months in the future,Guess where steem price will fall?

I Guess the price to 0.0005 Or less, and will soon, Therefore, we must act quickly, let us see change, Look carefully at my first introduction of a traffic plan, which is very helpful

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If it goes to 0.0005 this is very good news because then I can buy much more Steem Power.
I have a long term plan.
@steempowerwhale 🐳
🌞 upvoting your lifetime dreams!


I started also is your idea, but I later found steem salespeople sucks,They do not have the ability to market

good price to get some steem power? :D


get some sp? 0.0001 Better? When that happens, Maybe nobody in the steem, Only a few big whales, For 104 weeks, they did sell out


I bought 0.0026, has lost 60%, At that time I also think it is a good price.

It has to drop to spread out more, the price will up and down. Down doesn't always mean bad it is a chance to buy.

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Great thinking @myfirst!

I just made this post inspired by your concept..

Upvoted and followed


Thank you, we can have an idea of the same

Yeah I totally agree with you about needing to bring in revenue/buyers into the system, either through some form of advertising or maybe e-commerce. We need to get corporate people and investors into the system instead of just bloggers.