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Dr. Otto is basically an auto-upvote bot created by @inertia and was first used by @booster but is now being used by a couple of other accounts such as @discordia, but @booster is still the most busy and popular one since it has a huge amount of STEEM POWER. If you want to know more about Dr. Otto, click HERE and if you want to know more about the @booster, click HERE and check out @booster's latest posts.


My new tool is pretty simple to use and it's absolutely free! YES.. I'm giving this tool away absolutely free to the community and I hope it would help Steemians, especially Dr. Otto's bidders. As you can see below in my screenshot, the tool is by default set to read and analyze the data from @booster. You can of course change this to @discordia or any other account that is running Dr. Otto.



Once you press Start/Reset, my tool will read the data from Dr. Otto's account which can take a few seconds or maybe even minutes depending on how busy Dr. Otto has been in the past few hours. Then my tool will automatically refresh the data and calculations in one-minute intervals. The analyzed data will give you everything you need to know about placing the smartest bid possible.



My tool will also calculate a default bid of 1 SBD and will then tell you how much upvote your bid will get you on your post, both in percentage and in value. Please keep in mind that these amounts are only an estimate and the real amount can differ a bit based on changes in the price of STEEM as well as potential new bids that might be placed after your bid. My tool will of course continue to keep you up to date and will refresh the data every minute but it'll still be only an estimate. You can change the amount of bid to whatever you want and my tool will consider the new amount every time it refreshes the data. You can also click on Calculate if you don't want to wait for the automatic refreshes that occur every minute!



You can find my profile on github by clicking HERE. You can run this tool on github by clicking HERE. And last but not least, you can view the source code for this tool by clicking HERE. Having said that, you can find the links to all of my tools on If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know. If you find this tool useful, please consider upvoting and/or resteeming!


Please make sure you use the latest version of Chrome. I haven't tested my code with IE or any other browser. If you can't use Chrome for whatever reason, and you're having issues with your current browser, do let me know and I might consider changing the code in order to make it work on your browser.

Don't forget to UPVOTE, COMMENT, and/or RESTEEM!

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Hello msg768,
Will you please add @minnowhelper to your tool.
I edit booster to minnowhelper and i press Start/Reset and it not work.

Is @minnowhelper running Dr. Otto? How long has it been running Dr. Otto for? It needs to run for at least 2 windows before my tool can analyze the current window.

Dr. Otto is running 2 days ago.
Can be seen at

Hmmm. That's strange. I will have a look when I have some free time. Okay I just had a look at it and there was a minor issue with this scenario which I fixed. Give it a shot now. It should work now...

Thank you very much!!! Now it's working

Your welcome :]

Will you please add @lovejuice to this post and to the tool if it's account specific.

You can simply edit booster to lovejuice before pressing Start/Reset and it will work just fine if @lovejuice is running Dr. Otto :]

This is a great tool/gift to the community.
@msg768 thanks for this.

Your welcome :]

this is awesome!! I didn't realise you had created quite so many tools like this, just looked at the 'find out who's not following you back' as well!! super interesting!!
keep up the amazing work :)

Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it :]

Great tool. Thank you @msg768.

Is it possible to use your upvoting bot in a similar way to booster and discordia? Is it open source ?

You can change the textbox that says booster to discordia or any other account that is running the same bot aka Dr. Otto and press Start/Reset and it will do and yes it's open source :]

For a couple of days now, tool is not working for me

Great tool, I found myself refreshing every minute lol

Thanks! :] You found yourself refreshing what every minute?

Ok let me rephrase that. I found myself clicking the start/reset button 😂

You only need to do that once as it will refresh automatically every 1 minute and the automatic refresh will be faster whereas if you click start/reset, it will start from scratch which can take quite a bit depending how busy Dr. Otto has been! :]

Good to know. Thank you! Bookmarked.

it doesn't show when I start it firefox or java ..??

It doesn't seem to be working now because of node issues. I only just changed the node server again so it would use the one that's working. Try refreshing and give it another shot :]

it is working!!thanks! A couple of hours ago I sent booster 1SBD and got an upvote of approx 1.5SBD which was a voting weight of 1.9% according to


but here it says 14% and 12$ reward...surely am missing something...---


The 14% in your screenshot is approximately 139 minutes before booster has started voting so more people must have placed bids after that. It keeps refreshing every minute so obviously you can't just expect the numbers to remain the same when there is 139 minutes left and anyone could place a new bid after you and change the game! :]

I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 2.17 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @zeartul.

hello this sounds awesome but how can I use it to get some earning or votes

thank you so much. will check this one out.
i have use boostee and radowhale for sometimes and i have no idea wheter i made a profit or loss.

No worries. Make sure you bookmark it so you will place a smart bid next time :]

I just did bookmarked. once again tahnk you so much

Your welcome :]

Thank you for this tool. I used booster so this tool will help me.

Your welcome! Please consider resteeming it so more people would place wiser bids. It would help everyone at the end of the day. Currently we have some clueless bidders ruining it for everyone! ;]

I was doing this manually with a spreadsheet in excel for my proxy up vote service. Now I will not have to do it manually. I would love to chat with you about a business idea that I'm working on and see if you would like in. Perhaps we could corner the market before the market exists.

No worries. You can message me on if you want :]

wow, this is useful! Thanks a lot, I will have a try!

No worries. Good luck bidding :]

@msg768, what a cool tool! I added your tool and a link to your instructions to my last post on how to use a bid bot tutorial.

Thanks a lot for that! :]

Hi what is the difference between your tool and this: because it apparently does not give the same estimation.

I'm not sure how this tool is calculating the bids but it appears to me that it's doing something wrong and mine is more accurate. Having said that, my tool is not 100% accurate. It's only an estimate.

Nice tool! I just used it to place my first bid :)

Thanks mate and that's great. Good luck :]

Thanks for devoloping this great tool. I <3 it.

Your welcome. I'm glad you like it :]

Firefox on desktop shows @booster will start voting in -54 minutes and safari on iphone shows 125 minutes for the same.

this is awesome, thanks much.. but did not work for nettybot!

Nice post, thank you for the information 😁

Great can you upvote me too

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