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Your Two Cents Is Welcome

I created an updated video to include on a few potential crowdfunding campaigns in order to generate some funds so I can continue creating for everyone in the community. I've spent too much money on loans and credit and feel I'm way more qualified to just to settle for loans and continue building my debt... I'm confident, creative and brilliant enough that I can find sponsors for my material and that would make it soo much easier to create for you guys.

Now it's Your Turn To Chime In

I tried to minimize the boring parts and keep it interesting and inviting for potential contributors.

The video includes the recent promotion of the workout series Get Fit Or Die Trying

and one of the episodes from #nobodysperfect

Now that you've watched the video above.. let me ask you a couple of questions

  • Was the video interesting?
  • What would you suggest changing?
  • What should be added?
  • What should be taken out?
  • How much wood Could a Woodchuck actually be willing to wood?

Naw but seriously.. I'm currently looking for the right platforms to submit my proposals to and if anybody has any suggestions.. I'm very willing to hear them out in the comments below.

Take a look at the "Story" to the campaign itself

"My name is Wallace Carranza, a professional actor and passionate filmmaker struggling a few health issues I would like to explore thru the use of film. As an artist, I learned to express frustration, anger and depression by writing sketch comedy and creating characters as a means of self therapy After several internal battles with my pride and ego, I came to an understanding that what I dealt with wasn't anything to be ashamed of. I finally took a huge leap of faith and released a video to help chronicle my struggles on a Crypto based social blogging site called Steemit.

The success of that video proved how others like myself are searching for an answer as they feel ashamed and embarrassed. With my career on the rise, I decided to use my ability of storytelling to bring others hope by producing positive and engaging videos. A few years ago, I made the decision to fully commit to acting and filmmaking in general. I gained instant success as I rose thru the ranks as an actor and finally last year got my big break. I was cast on a huge network cable drama which the first season came to a close a couple months back. It has since been renewed for season 2."

So far I've been unsuccessful on indiegogo but then again.. I was shooting for funding to get a studio. I've since brought that vision down to upgrading equipment and cost of production.
I've discovered a few more film related crowdfunding sites and am going to look into each and do my research to see what might best suit my needs.
A Few Sites I'm Researching: (Keep in mind I'm looking for flexible or open funding)

  • Pozible - Australian based crowdfunding which supposedly accepts bitcoin donations
  • Indiegogo - considering creating a new modified crowdfunding pitch
  • kickstarter - the obvious and most popular one but they are only "All or Nothing" funding
  • Seed&Spark - Exclusively for film & video

Beyond Bitcoin

I'm also looking into making an RSVP on the weekly episode of BeyondBitcoin hosted by @officialfuzzy and hoping maybe I will be able to make a proper presentation and let others know more information in regards to me producing more on steemit.

Thanks for checking out this video and commenting below..

Till Next Time.. Adios Amigos

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I should provide feedback, I know this....but what if I have developed a bias towards you and I love you no matter what?! hmmmm...getting back to you after epic steemit post...really I just wanna post "epic steemit post" and thats it lol - I have so much to say and nothing all at the same you experience this? Shit I figure someone somewhere will inevitably like my shit because - global population, c'mon.....

haha, thanks..

AH yes! Acting and film, I knew him well....LMAO no one would PAY me to act omg - just find that ONE person who will and say no to everyone else - that's my real-talk advice! Then you will at least have one muthafucker on your resume who paid you which is better than 50 who didn't, I promise you - this I learned from experience. (P.s. just don't post your unpaid ones lmao)(shit I really don't know - it's a combo of luck and skill - just touch that first person @mrwang - just that first person - then all their friends with money will follow suit....(make sure that first one has money, and friends)!!! :-* CHEERS & best of luck my good man.

Adubi_Imagery (2016) (@adubi)


hahaha.. I'm clueless as to what's going on but I love it... keep commenting. I'm lost as fuq in your comments but they are encouraging some how..

Keep em coming

Love ya too ;)

acting help me rediscover my emotions after boot camp disciplined them all away.....a most excellent pursuit - okay here is my real feedback: You are blinking too much...very strong composition - you're so suave! Now note: When you submit an audition you must give it your all, if you aren't giving it 100% you're wrong, and even then it really all depends on who's choosing and to what end they desire...just put in your 100% and stop worrying from there Babe! :D XOXOXO Great work! Now go do better!! :-* (hint: do three or more takes then choose the best, but I bet you knew that)


awesome sauce.. and thanks, didn't realize I had some suave thing going :)

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