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The newest feature on Steemit "resteem"

My thoughts on it and why I think it's the most useful tool so far, if used "correctly"

I guess there is no real right or wrong and it's up to every person individually what kind of content they want to show on their blog, I get it... but here is something I thought about..

Even though I don't have a large following on Steemit yet, am no dolphin and no top-earner, I'm also not completely new at this point, have been active on a daily basis and know that my blogposts will be in the feed of over 200 people. For someone who is just getting started on Steemit with a reputation of 25 for example it is as we all know not so easy to get noticed for the first time and it surely can get frustrating after writing several posts with effort that go unnoticed, especially since we're growing steadily and more content gets created by new accounts every day. 

In "the past" (a week ago on Steemit is like an entire year) it was only possible for you to get noticed and gain followers if you firstly got upvoted by a whale so that your post made it on the trending page. Now the problem with that was that there is a limited number of whales and witnesses who search for newbies and can actually draw attention to you... 

Then @dragonslayer109 had the great idea to pick "hidden gems" and repost content, which then spread into different languages like and multiple featured author series evolving, like "Steemperlen" the german edition by @knozaki2015

Now it got even better.. through RESTEEM we all can now "feature authors", find hidden gems and give newbies a chance to get seen, by simply pressing the resteem button. I do think that it would be nice to have the resteemed posts separately from your own blogposts, but I believe there are still many changes and features to come over time so for now it is one and while I have to admit that I at first thought...  "I don't want my structure to get messed up" and like to maintain everything in a neat order with only my blogposts being on my blog, I somehow changed my mind after realizing that this great feature is actually a tool we need to use in order to work towards the long-term goal which is growing the community of Steemit, encouraging people to stay and blog on Steemit.

That is why I decided to start taking advantage of the resteem button and use it as a chance for new users to get seen. I might be a little late with this post and some of your are already resteeming like crazy, but if you just like I did in the beginning thought.. "I want to keep my blog  clean and maintain my structure", maybe you can now agree with me that the tool is so powerful and should be used accordingly.

If you are completely new here on Steemit and your posts didn't get seen, you can comment below the topics you write on your blog, some information, or contact me on and I will be glad to resteem some creative content creators, starting this weekend. The only real condition I have is that you put effort and thought into it which shows through pictures, formatting and of course content quality. 

I hope some of my fellow Steemian-friends will follow me on this one to help create a social community where we lift each other to grow together and establish a solid foundation before we reach out to the masses and Steemit globally takes over.


Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit


I still see NO Reesteem button or anything on any posts.... how do I resteem???

I can't see it on mine either. It's a conspiracy the Whales are crushing us ;) I've just tagged @mrs.steemit (that's twice now, sorry) on a reply stating this very thing. Mine's just a bit more long winded.

U think Mrs Steemit knows u mentioned her or u tagged her? Lol, if that is the case it be easy to just tag a number of people and get your post seen!

The "arrow" button next to the reply button

I only see that Arrow about 20% of the time why can I not Reese team a post that a friend of mine made? There's no Arrow...

Here ya go. At the bottom right of a post you will see:

Can i resteem my own posts?

I don't have that icon :(

её там нет(
images (7).jpg

The button says promote on mine. Hope this helps

You cannot resteem a post more than 7 days old.

Ahhh thank you! Was looking to resteem an old post but didnt find the arrow!

Good post! I would only wish people I follow would resteem only good quality posts they really like, because once in a while I have my feed packed with only resteemed content...

I'm sure it won't be long before people start selling their resteems like advertising space. Hmmm...

True! I didn't event think of that, but yes probably that will happen in the future once Steemit goes viral just like you can buy shoutouts on Instagram...crazy.. I like this early stage of support and kindness

Oh yes that will happen for sure as it will also happen that people will be buying selling and trading favors for UPvotes.

This is happening now, and personally I do not encourage this if people starts asking for FEES to resteem.

Yes I have been and obviously still am ahead of my time. I can see the trends before they are trends.

It seems like a lot of minnows are leaving now, but I have no doubt that in the "future" (a week on Steemit is like an entire year), there will be many more ways for them to get noticed as Steemit throws out more and more updates.

A lot of minnows are leaving? Is that a feeling or a fact?..
and yes to the second part, I'm sure there will be more and more features soon

I've talked to a lot of minnows who just feel discouraged since none of their content goes anywhere. So they usually give up after a few weeks.

I'm a minnow, I think. I just think the potential of this platform is so exciting. It's not perfect, but then, what is? Minnows, whales, dolphins--no other platform (as far as I know) has such concepts. Maybe others will catch on and accept these memes. I just like to see people experimenting.

Thanks alor Miss Steemit, i took the liberty for me to follow you and resttem this Article of urs as i found its helpful for me newbie :)

your comment " I do think that it would be nice to have the resteemed posts separately from your own blogposts", I so totally agree with. Or at least a tab where I can see only my posts on a page. I appreciate your posts, Steem ON!

I totally agree with everything you said!
Great post!
Steem On∞§∞

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo a resteem

There is no resteem arrow:

Very helpful post. Sure seems to be a problem with the resteem button. I wonder if there is a link to upvoting and the appearance of the resteem button. In other words, if you upvote everything without discriminating like I've been doing then maybe the resteem button disappears. I know I've seen if before but it isn't there now.

I think I'm learning that I need to quit being nice and use the upvote like it's a prized possession.

By the way @mrs.steemit, I am following you now because I'm really intrigued by your articles on working and traveling. My wife and I are retired, have a decent income, but would like to be able to travel more. So, I'm reading your articles with enthusiasm.

Please take a look at my articles if you can find some time.

Thankyou for this information.I was wondering what the reason was for resteem was but in plain language is it a way of encouragement. I'm new to this and trying to get my head round it all.

I think because Steemit is still in beta, not everybody sees the resteem arrow. I'm not seeing the back page arrow button or the red numbers in the upper right corner anymore. that would tell me how many new posts there are. Just some glitches expected with beta I assume

Thanks for this information. I'm following the references of mention in this post.

Great articles thanks for the insight!

Great Information!! Just what this newbie needed!!! Please check out my very first post. I am a professional photographer and I am giving away a Nashville panoramic image to everyone who wants it.

Thanks so much!!! Keep sharing the knowledge!!!

I hope this doesn't sound stupid...I'm new and still getting the hang of Steemit. Where in the heck is the resteem button? It's probably obvious, but I am at present unable to find it. Help!

No worries, always feel free to ask. That's what the community is here for.
The resteem button is the arrow, right next to (to the left of) the "reply" button.

YAY! Thanks.

Great post! there's a few posts that I would like to resteem, but I don't have an arrow next to the reply button. I thought it might be cause I'm using Chrome, so I tried Safari, and it still isn't there. I have 1 next to your name @mrs.steemit(to the right), then the upvote arrow, the arrow to the right of $---- , then the arrow to the right of the vote number. Big gap, then the reply button (no arrow either side) then the amount of comments and views, and finally all the social media buttons. This is an old post so maybe the resteem button has been removed since then. I also suspect this is happening to a few users but they won't say, cause they're worried they'll look stupid, I could be wrong, but I certainly can't see it on mine.

Resteem is actually a good component to create visibility for newbie and also represent your blogs.

I resteemed my 1st post yesterday with no issues. Today however I went to resteem an article and the button is not there. It's also not on this blog either.
I have tried on Firefox and on safari.
I only have access to an iPad and an iPhone at the moment as I am travelling.

I'm a newbie. Am I missing something?

I was wondering the same thing myself this evening! (I just joined steemit yesterday). But reading this post (and the comments) gave me that "ah hah" light bulb! Only recent posts can be resteemed, and older posts cannot. (Which is why I have been apparently scrabbling fruitlessly for that resteem arrow sign.

If am wrong, someone please tell me!

Hello @mrs.steemit ,
I am novice on steemit (1 week ), and I was interest in what is resteem so I just find your post ! Thank you a lot for your explainations ! :)
I love the platform, the way people are, nice, listening, and sharing informations, like you seem to be, as you even understand for us how much it's hard at the beggening !
To be true, it's kind of hard to me, and hope I will not feel any discouragements.
I am a FRENCH studiants, and we are not a lot of french people over the platform.
So I try my best to write in english and be understandable, what is a kind of effort to me, it s true that we don't have a big reputation for being good in languages ahah !
So I wish I could find an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. I saw that you proposed to help the beggeniners if they merit it, what is really nice of you!!! So I am actually calling at your help for just few minutes if you can, and asking you if you may share one of my post. I know that can be incongruous to ask for, but I feel that would never comes naturaly to me, even if I'am trying to create relations with many people and comment posts.

My post that I wrote is about the basics of steemit, it is a kind of tutorial, and I think this one is nice made and can help a lot other begginers :)
So I propose here the link of my post:

I saw that you post a lot about your own experiences in life, so I can really understand that resteem my post would be unappropriate on your blog!
I even feel that I should try (we never know) and not be shy about it, and I'am conscient that has more chance to not work than working.

But even if you can't, thank you a lot for having reading me, and I wish you a good pursuit over steemit, nice experiences, and to enjoy it ! :)


Great post, how do you resteem dtube video's, or is that not possible

Hello Mrs Steemit. I wonder if you might be kind enough to consider resteeming my article which was nominated for Curie but didn't make the cut. See if you think more people should see it perhaps? respectfully yours @ukblogger

I look for arrow next to reply but none,no promote button either.

Hello newbie here, I have a couple posts in travel and one in community, about personal finance. Would love it if the offer still stands and you would like to resteem one of them. Even if you can't I want to thank you for looking out for the newbies/little guys and gals. :-)

great article ! thank you

I will be exceedingly glad if you can resteem one or two of my post. Thank you.

Hello Mrs. Steemit!

I came across this article on Resteeming, and even though it's 10 months old - it gave me a new perspective on the real power of the function. I did think the same way as you regarding Blog-page structure.

This made me thinking. I've been on Steemit for a few weeks, and yesterday I posted an article that actually did catch on a bit. Since I was in the range around 80 followers, visibility is still not huge.

What you write about resteeming, got me very curiouse on how the reaction would be if the article was mad visible for much larger group of people.

I think the information in the article can be interesting for many newcomers to Steemit. It was this interest and curiosity that made me research it in the first place for myself.

If you would consider taking a peek at it, I would be most grateful.

It might not be spot on your genre, and I would then understand.

Reading your post here also got the nerdling inside me very curioise about testing the effect of Resteeming =)

I'll leave a link for it here in case it would be of interest to you.

Dilution of STEEM - How to Break Even

Have a great day @mrs.steemit! It seems like your living the dream already!


Thank you for this information! Looking forward to re-steeming my own posts.

Thank you! This helped me to understand this function.

Hi @mrs.steemit, I found your blog post about "resteem" by accident and I can totally feel the relevancy with my most recent blog on how to make more money online on steemit.
If you can be so kind @mrs.steemit, to help resteem my blog post too, whenever you're free? Thanks! :)

I think that's such a great feature! Thanks for helping keep the minnows encouraged!

Excellent and well thought out, thank you Mrs.Steemit,
Im a new minnow and what you have shared is quite helpful.

Hi there. I am unable to resteem my own posts.. any help?

Thanks for the info. Is there a way to erase a resteemed post after a few days to keep your feed clean...?

I was looking for the same awnser and found out that this is impossible. I won‘t be using this feature anymore until this is solved.

I rarely use it myself at this point...

thank you :)

Thanks very helpful info. I still can’t find the Resteem button. Where do I find it on a post? I am new and Have not made 1st post yet. Please follow me if interested in Crypto masterminds, Ketogenic lifestyle, Womenpreneurs, FAcebooks Ads guru, Affiliate Marketing Guru. Thanks for your help.

@mrs.steemit Good information,
You just got new votes up as well as another follower!

Thanks and return is welcome,

I write about Crypto, and do Technical Analysis using Elliot Wave Theory. I plan to use other forms of technical analysis in the future and maybe even some Fundamental Analysis. Would appreciate the support thanks!!!

I'm curious, is there a way to tell if my posts are being resteemed? I'd love to get some of my "country living" stories out there, but I don't know how far they've been able to migrate. Followed - thank you!

Thank you for the info. found it helpful

does resteeming has any restrictions/conditions? will we have to take permission first from the content owner? Does it has something to do with the plagiarism?

Pls kindly Resteem any of my post, i really need to get somewhere. thanks