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RE: Introducing @MinnowPowerUp - a paid subscription based daily upvote bot that draws its power from a delegation pool.

in #steemit7 years ago

NB! As an launch gift, @MinnowPowerUp has acquired a modest delegation of 750 SP for the first 28 days, free of charge!
Explain this for me please


This has been added to the pool already. Has been there from the launch in August. So every upvote for the first 28 days are a little bit bigger due to this delegation. But this promotion is about to end in a week

Tell me is this still working can I send 4 steem and get upvots every day? @minnowpowerup

It is still working, I have received upvotes from the first day, every day. Your STEEM will be used to get more SP so you will receive your upvotes for the whole duration of the delegation

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