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RE: Introducing @MinnowPowerUp - a paid subscription based daily upvote bot that draws its power from a delegation pool.

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Hi @minnowpowerup / @kromosoom,

I wanted to point out to you an error in your description, see below if I am mistaken:

should be 4 Steem.JPG
It should read '4' Steem

Cheers! @dj123


Thank You, it is a mistake. It should read "1 STEEM per 150 SP per week for 4 weeks." Luckily, the next part of the sentence is correct.

You're welcome @kromosoom,

Still I'm wondering how we can verify the calculation is fairly distributed in minnowpowerup.

I mean how do we know:

  • % of shared vote is equal
  • % of vote for comment vs. post
  • % of curation vote that will be received, is that factored into the upvote calculation?

Can you share the code for the calculation, or just point the opensource at github so all of us can see for ourselves.

Thanks again for the transparency.


We will not put the code up on github to avoid similar bots cropping up over steemit as happened with Dr Otto bots. As for knowing if the calculations are fair, it is all on the blockchain: every transaction that was made with our account (received and sent STEEM) and every upvote we have ever made.
It is possible to calculate the number of shares from the transactions, the total votes made on any day and how they are distributed in comparison with the shares subscribed to. It is all public information that is not possible to hide.
The posts are chosen before starting the upvotes. Blogs are preferred to comments meaning that if no blogs are made the prior day, comments will be chosen and if there were no comments also, the votes will be distributed among all other valid users so no voting power will go to waste. And the curations will be added to the total pool along with the 50% vote on our daily powered up post.

in short:

  • Subscribers are read directly from the blockchain using the total amount of STEEM paid in last 29 days
  • Weights are distributed to subscribers based on total shares bought
  • Posts are searched from the previous day and the total weight of the subscriber is distributed among their posts.
  • Weights are redistributed based on missing posts
  • Voting list is made from all viable posts with voting weights and is randomly shuffled
  • The voting strength of the bot is checked every 40 seconds and if it's over the voting threshold, next post is chosen from the list and is voted on

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