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RE: Introducing @MinnowPowerUp - a paid subscription based daily upvote bot that draws its power from a delegation pool.

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How do you calculate curation rewards? @minnowpowerup
20 STEEM --> 750 SP --> $0.1 * 10 votes * 28 days = $28 --> 25.5 STEEM

20STEEM --> 750 SP --> $0.1 * 0.75(minus curation rewards)*10votes * 28days=$21--> 19.1 STEEM
Is it right?


I paid 28 Steem for 7 shares. I am getting $1.33 per upvote per day for 29 days. So it looks like I am going to get $37.41 at this rate for my $28 Steem spent. Very good return of 34% per month. so far. :)

do you forget curation reward -25%

Cool so you just pay the steem to that @minnowpowerup? You don't need to put something in the reference?

Hi @mxzn, I did not consider the curation awards in my calculations. After curation rewards I will get $28.06 for spending $28. This is disappointing as we are back to break even and there is thus no return on investment. :(

What are the other members getting after curation rewards?

Just buy more delegation power by self it will be more effectively ;)

Worst is you pay in steem and sbd price changes overtime. So it has the potential for a major upset.

I was about to ask the same. Curation rewards change everything! This could actually be considered scam for hiding that info. Most minnows don't consider that, get excited and get into the trap :s

15 minutes reading and trying to understand all this during my lunch break = destroyed in 10 seconds reading your post.

U.u could be worse! At least you didn't lose any SBD.
Btw, my comment which you upvoted was made 20 days ago. Please remove the upvote so you can vote something else n.n a post should be upvoted onlh 6days12hours after being published. Also I recomend you to read about Voting Power :)
Have a nice day!

oh "remove the upvote"? that request looks bad I think.. :D ...
I guess you should accept all 'likes' as good intentions, even if no money is going to it...

Oh but it's not for me. The person who upvotes loses voting power, the upvote should go to something that will actually count. If it has been paid out a comment is enough to thank and express good intentions, or upvote something newer from the author. This needs balance between feelings and strategy. For example, you can remove the upvote from my 12 days old comment and upvote this one xD or upvote something else in steemit. Because upvoting something that has been paid out doesn't reward any part.
You are new here I can see... Maybe you will change your mind after a.few weeks n.n

Thank you ;) You should accept peoples likes to want to like you and your opinions here; it is not always about the money, and I guess you do not lose power like'ing posts that are over 7 days, but anyway I will investigate it further. Althougth you are beeing generous to the person that gave you an upvote is kinda a "turn off" ... unless that is your true intention (say to the guy 'go away' you are bothering me) it is 'gentler' if you be so kind and accept all 'likes' everyones want to give you by own decision making or "Free will"... xD

Unless they don't know... Some people don't know about the right tome to curate and think is forever. I say it to inform too.
Well, you just need to check your VP somewhere like, upvote an old post and recheck n.n and let me know!

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