Welcome Newbies and Not-So-Newbies - Hints and Tips

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...To make your Steemit experience more enjoyable and less stressful - for ALL

You arrive here on Steemit.com and it's a BIG scary word to start with but you've been on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and you know how it all works, how hard can it be? You'll be a millionaire in less than a week.

WOAH! Back the truck up!

Who says this is exactly like all those other social media sites?

Do not listen to them, this is NOT like any other site you've ever been on.

The 'follow for follow' method like on Twitter does not apply here. If you add everyone that adds you, your feed will be swamped.

Add people who write what you like to read.

Add one or two at a time and see how your feed looks.

To get to your personal feed, click the green 'steemit' logo at the top left of the screen


If you like something you've read, comment AND upvote. It doesn't matter if you're a newbie, you only give $0.01 Steem with each vote. The amount is not the point here, the fact that you liked the writing, the work that went into a post and you appreciate the time and effort is the point.

If you really like a post, say so. Say exactly what you did like - and if you're polite and respectful and can give constructive criticism in a NICE way, do that too. I for one, will appreciate that and thank you for it.

Making an upvote has more than one advantage - No, really, it does!

When you vote on something, you say, 'Thanks for the work, thanks for entertaining me.'

THEN something wonderful happens.

The post gains attention. The more people that vote on a post means more people will see it - snowball effect.

ALSO after 7 days, when that post pays out, YOU also get a share of the reward pay-out.

YES! Really-really!

That's the beauty of Steemit.com - you give the love and receive the love - BUT in order to get any of that 'CURATION', you have to UPVOTE posts.

To see this, go to your Wallet (Click the three lines at the top right side of the page and select wallet). Then go to the thick black line across the middle of the page and from the choices of Blog Comments Replies Rewards, click Rewards

There you will see a dropdown box with Curation Rewards and Author Rewards

That tells you exactly what you've received and which posts you received the rewards from.

You can do that on absolutely every account on Steemit.com. Have fun with it, be nosey!

One other thing...

If you get called out on not upvoting, please dn't think you can get away with 'My voting power is low' because there are a few sites where you can actually SEE what your voting power is and you'll be caught out in a lie.

This is a great site:


Also, cite your sources.

Pictures from Google - Free to use search

Have fun! Be nice! Don't lie!


I have learnt a lot from reading your literary and general information blogs. I must acknowledge that you are really a mentor and guide for many newbies, including myself for sure. Your blog is rich of most necessary knowledge to begin on Steemit; much different from other social media platforms.

However, I politely disagree with you on saying, 'thank you...' on the every comment we make to the content of authors we like. It is because, if we say 'thank you... thanks...etc' on more than 10 comments a day, its a spam and we are labelled as spammers.

In my best of opinion, one has to comment initially at least more than 10 posts/blogs in order to get noticed. It's very difficult to get an upvote at the beginning, though there are exceptions but not everyone here is intellectual and effective comment writer.

Thank you for writing this informative blog.

I agree. A comment of 'Thank you' is not the way, but I did say:

If you really like a post, say so. Say exactly what you did like - and if you're polite and respectful and can give constructive criticism in a NICE way, do that too. I for one, will appreciate that and thank you for it.

And this:

When you vote on something, you say, 'Thanks for the work, thanks for entertaining me.'

The upvote is for saying 'Thank you' - the comment is to say a little something more... like you just did :)

I am grateful for your kind advice and support. Thank you for encouraging me and everyone else following you:)

I'm not exactly a newbie, I've been here for about seven months now, but these tips are evergreen and everyone regardless of their amount of time here should pay heed to them. The biggest mistake people make here is acting selfishly, like as if they are the ONLY person here who wants to earn. Truth is that everyone is here for that, and that won't happen if each person is focused on their own aims. This platform works on everyone helping each other. Making connections with other like-minded people is very important. This is where upvoting and commenting is equally important. And this excludes spam comments like "please upvote me".

You're exactly right!

Where I go to look and see if the commenter has replied AND upvoted, I noticed something...

michelle.gent curation reward: 0.025 SP for @sequeira/re-michellegent

I got a reward for upvoting your comment. It was a small reward, but a reward, nonetheless.

This is what people don't seem to realise.

You give and you receive.

It really is that simple.

Hi there. These tips are really good. Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome :)

And be yourself. No one likes a phoney.

Oooh yeah... that!

Great advice @michelle.gent, and I hope that it is taken on board.
I wrote a post a long while ago also making similar points and I must admit that I had to smile when after the initial "thank you sir for your good advice" the very next post got a comment of "nice"... 😂 and no upvote.

Thank you! You're one of the commenters that I don't have to go looking to see if you've upvoted or not :)

Thanks for saving me that trouble ;)

Finally getting back to steemit and just wanted to say good morning!!!!

Hey! Welcome back! I wondered where you'd gone.

Hey lady!!!! I'm commenting all over so I apologize if you can't find my comments hehehe it took me forever to find THIS comment to reply to you!!! (I'm on my phone) but I'm planning on camping out for a while now that my health is back in check (me hopes!!!) Lololol. I'm trying to catch back up on reading but I think I'm not gonna do a very good job of that and just have to start fresh with all my favorites and their new stuff :) I tried to jump in on yours in the middle with the bouncer. Think I can go forward or should I back track? Hehehehe
Sad to see that some steemians have dropped off (like I did) because I so enjoyed their work!!! I'm gonna have to haunt them until they return for my reading pleasure hehehehe

Thanks for the information.
I am grateful for this because i am a newbie

So kind of you.

You're welcome :)

Thank you so much @michelle.gent for this piece.
Honestly, being a newbie so confusing. It's great to know you thought to reach out and educate us.

You're most welcome. Thank you :)

resteemit and upvote done

Thank you, it's all appreciated.

There’s a good point here about making an upvote even when you don’t think it has an monetary value. When I first got here- I felt like it was pointless for me to upvote posts that were making hundreds of dollars because in the grand scheme of things- my vote didn’t matter. Well, it does show support and shows that you were willing to give what you had to offer.

Hopefully people will learn a thing or two from this post - unfortunately I find that a nice chuck of people read these kind of posts a million times and don’t learn a thing...that’s why we see those pathetic spam comments. Anyways much love

Well, it does show support and shows that you were willing to give what you had to offer.

That's it exactly!

Hey @michelle.gent First off thanks a lot for sharing a very useful stuff in such a brilliant & simplest way. Everyone can learn easily either he / she is minnow or even not a minnow.
I have been following you since I have joined steemit. You are really serving this community in a very real way. I love your blogs and your sense of presentation.
All the best and Stay Blessed!

Thank you too!

Upvoting goes such a long way. Even if the upvote doesn't matter financially but then the very fact that someone upvoted my writing means it meant something to them and it added value to their life in someway or the other, just knowing that much is enough and gives the artist enough motivation to go on. Waiting for your post's where you give us tips on how to write better.

Thank you, I appreciate your comments and you're quite right! Financially, the $0.01 doesn't matter on their own... but every day, every week... they all add up.

The writing tips will be along again, shortly.

And the best part is you get paid for upvoting as well. SO it's a win win situation. Even though Steemit is POS, it still is an amazing platform.

Completely!!!! I would honestly rather a post I wrote to get 300 votes and be worth $0.05 than write a post that got only one vote by a whale for $50.00
For the writer/ artist/ comedian/ singer... It's about the connection. Money is nice but it fades away. Relationships last longer (usually. lol)

Quite true haha, it's nice to see that a lot of people took an interest in your writing.
But then again... it's $50 lol
Tough choice, that's all I'm saying

Nahhhh. It's really not though. Lol. Its kinda like that saying... You can give a man a fish, or you can give him a fishing pole and TEACH him how to fish.

Invest in the community and the return will be much richer (that's not talking about money).

When I first started out... When EVERYONE first starts out.. (unless they have a whale friend who brought them here lol) reality hits!!!! You pour your heart out into a post and it's rewarded with 3 pennies. Lol maybe ZERO pennies!!!
But here's the thing.... If you have the time and you keep posting good stuff... People who enjoy your work will eventually find you and support you! With comments, interaction, friendship and ... Votes.

But it really does take time... And honesty!!!!

And then maybe you won't have to make that choice! Maybe you'll have the support of your community.. AND a whale :)

And who wouldn't love that!?!!!? Lolol

(And see... This is why I love the comment section. Cuz @michelle.gent opened up opportunity for good discussion... And then the people who like interaction start to talk and make connections!!! You don't just have to wait for people to see your posts!!! You can support your friends AND find like-minded souls at the same time!

So now this is where I go look at your profile.... Read some of your stuff... See if we connect because of your writing... And possibly follow you and toss a few upvotes your way!

And THATS why it's good to keep writing solid posts :) cuz people will check you out.... Best to have a little something to serve them when they visit!!! ;)

Nice post👌👌👌. #Upvoted. Can i resteem the post?

Please do and thank you :)

ok. thanks.......... done.

Your curation numbers for the week are impressive. You should write a guide to doing it effectively

Thank you. I vote on what I like. If I read something, I usually give an upvote - rarely below 20% (unless my voting power is reduced).

Thank you very much for this post, it's very useful, it's written in an understandable way and I like it like that. So, I went to see on steemnow.com and I found a lot of information.

I just resteemit and upvoted, thanks for the clarification I really appreciate it. But please how can one cash out because am still a novice in that regard I also introduced some friends to Steemit also I need explain some this things to them too thanks.

To cash out is more complicated. My advice is to wait a little before cashing out because your vote increases the more you power up and therefore, so do your rewards.

I recommend you use @blocktrades when you get a wallet to send the crypto to.

OK thanks ma.

... and welcome home.


Recently, you are busy and do not spoil us with your attention :)
An entry-level article, now the number of new users is growing and many newcomers are lost. A poor search function aggravates the situation. But the more such posts, the more help will be to new users. This is a good job.
I use a slightly different website for information, if you are interested, you can look at https://steemworld.org/@yournamehere
Thank you for the article

Thanks for that link too!

Yes, I'm afraid I've neglected my commenters and I really need to get caught up with everyone.

you have a good reason not to respond to all comments, you honor the memory of your friend, so I support you.

Thank you for being understanding :)

Great advice for newbies (and perhaps some not so newbies also). Best advice for those wishing to make this a long term home, and perhaps even a successful endeavour - don't plagiarise, and like you say - cite your sources.

It definitely has to be a long-term thing. Just think how hard you'd have to kick yourself if you cash-out and run and then Steem goes to the moon! ;)

I did mini cash-out and dawdle (as opposed to run), and yes I do kick myself - but in fairness I had no choice (medical bills). But yes, I have kept a large percentage of it and still working away on the blog. It does - in my opinion - have a long term future, so perhaps the moon is our destination?

It is the place I am calling home for the foreseeable future. No other blog site has grabbed me quite like Steemit. All the best.

Hello @Michelle.gent you are a wonderful person. You entertain and you say it as it is without mincing words which to me is a beautiful thing. If we all could tell people the truth about certain behaviors or characteristics they possess, the world would become a better place. Keep up the good work

Thank you. Yes... I do kinda 'say it as I see it.'

My blog need this resteem :)

most people come with that notion that they will make money fast , unless you are a lucky person who gets voted by the whales then brace your self for a long ride. i agree dont follow everyone , that was my mistake and i had to unfollow people later

Was that the only thing you got from my advice?

You totally missed the point about saying thank you for the author's time by clicking upvote... because you didn't click upvote.

And that chain-reaction means that I don't click upvote on your comment which means that YOU miss out on my vote.

You obviously want the reward because otherwise, you wouldn't have clicked upvote on your own comment.

Ah well, here's another lesson for you.

Your loss.

Nice @michelle.gent .i am very thankful to you for sharing precious post in excellent and simple manners that every individual could understand easily. I am newcomer in steemit platform and today i followed you. I hope it will be good chances for to learn from your blogs.

Thanku.that information help us in steemit. Once again many thanks.

STEEMIT IS JUST A GREAT PLACE TO BE . This social media platform isn't just about ripping its users . Unlike Facebook , Twitter and many other social media which take advantage of their number of users , to make billions of dollars through adverts . Yet the billions they make don't benefit their users in any way . steemit is exactly the opposite of these social media platform . Here in steemit it feels like home .

That's not what my post was about. I didn't write a post to criticise the other social media sites. I said that Steemit isn't like them, not that they are bad.

Also, the point of this was to show newbies, like you, that your upvote gets you noticed and can sometimes get you an upvote in return.

You'll notice the replies at the bottom of this page haven't had my upvote. That's because I went and looked to see if they upvoted this post - and they didn't.

Like you didn't.

You have me cracking up!!!! 😂😂😂

Well, you know... I say it as I see it and sometimes, I just see BS ;)

Great information. I am less than 30 days old on steemit. It has been a lot of fun but also a big learning curve. Post like this one really help

The information helps but you're not going to upvote it?

OK... I don't upvote comments if you've not upvoted my post.

I think you had more reward to gain than I did, from this...

I don't think they're getting it..... Lololol

And probably won't. When I first came here, my reputation (and followers... And then.. votes) SOARED so fast it shocked me. It's a different mentality. I mean... Don't get me wrong. Everyone loves votes!!! But if people run after the vote without at least being reciprocal... They'll fizzle out fast. But so many people come here to take instead of give. When I saw my vote go from a 0.03 to an actual penny.??? I was thrilled!!!! I spread that around like manure! Lololol

It's FUN upvoting people. And when your vote counts more....it's even more fun!!!

Now I'm up to 9cents a vote (at 100%) even though I've been silent for a year ...go figure! (Investing relatively early still paid off for me!) And notice I'm talking about my VOTE VALUE. Not my account worth lol

But really.... It's a mindset. And so many people won't get it no matter how many times you say it lol

For me... Getting votes is great. Of course! But I was talking in the chat today and said... I would rather get interaction and comments and make connections...and THEN have that result in votes. For me it's about the community and the shared creativity and the mutual appreciation.

And thanks for missing me @michelle.gent!!!! I had some major stress that led to health issues for quite some time. I blogged about it on my feed last night (and do NOT feel the need to upvote but I would love you to read it and see where I've been). And I've even writing.. even though I haven't been posting. But hope to start again. This place was therapeutic for me :)

Glad to hear back! ♥️

I usually upvote all post I comment on. I apologize I must of forgotten. I meant no disrespect by it. I really did enjoy your post.

I like it so much.yes. always stay like this.double yes. come to me. yes yes yes :)

Hello, it's nice to read your post which is a guide for those of us who are just starting out in this wonderful steemit world. Personally, I like to read the posts carefully in order to be able to comment them with fundamentals, as you have almost no vote, but I give it with pride to the quality posts, which although they have many subjects in their portfolio, I feel that my contribution is important for the teaching you receive with your reading, thank you very much for such important tips.
My English is regular, I help myself with Deepl. com.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

Do not listen to them, this is NOT like any other site you've ever been on.

Agree here. Steemit is very different and better than others social app. Facebook is a shit social app. There is no value of creativity.

This information came in handy thanks @michelle.gent for thinking of us the newbies.

Thanks lot for sharing such valuble tips,Keep sharing ,God bless you.

The sad thing is many people are only here for the rewards...
How else do you explain not upvoting other people's post but dropping comments and hoping to be upvoted.

If one can't give the little they have, they don't deserve more.

You were one of the great minds I got to know about when I just joined steemit and it is even more wonderful now knowing your stand on this now.

Keep being wonderful @michelle.gent. I appreciate you.

The link to this post is currently on my whatsapp status, many newbies need to read this.

Wow...Great post just touch my heart 💜💜💜

Thanks, Michelle. Some great tips here and I 100% agree, I see 'upvote' button as 'LIKE' button on Facebook, a sign of appreciation for the content created.

Dang. I was really hoping for the millionaire in a week scenario ;) Great tips. Interact in a real way - and real rewards will come.

A great concise intro for us newbies, thank you.

I'm new, exactly one week today and you have already answered this particular bugging question. This past week has been a major learning process on here for me, and the more i log in, the more questions i have. I have noticed 'upvoting' a steemian's post is one of the most effectual driving force where the "upvoter" and "upvoted" gain from one way or the other. But one thing still strikes me....i see a good content and get to read through and definitely give an upvote. The same post has many viewers and sometimes commenters, but not even up to half number of votes from these categories of people. And i'm like...why don't you just upvote already if you like the content enough to view and comment??? It doesn't even take up to 5 secs to upvote.

No body is an island. Everybody is in the hustle, and everybody wants to make it through the help of each other. Why don't we see things from that perspective too?

All the same, thank you a lot for throwing light on this area for me. I discovered you from a very constructive comment you made on a newbie's post, and i knew i had found a teacher and a mentor. I am following you ASAP!! Thank you again

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