SteemFest Lisboa, SteemFest Amsterdam, What Steemit Means To Me and My Commitment and Promise to Steemit

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On the back of my post yesterday where I flagged someone.

I’ve been replying and chatting with a few people and I think the common consensus is that we have to look after this Steemit Platform because we can’t ‘leave it to someone else’ – We are the ‘Someone Elses’ and it has to be US or it’ll be no one.

I thought about it all, deconstructed it (as I seem to do with my writing tutorials to reasonable effect) and I’ve come to the conclusion that last year’s Amsterdam SteemFest1 was the savior of this community, whether we realized it or not back then.

Looking back, @s0u1 and I went out on a wing and a prayer to meet people we’d hardly interacted with – basically, we were all just nicknames on an online forum back then.

On the run-up to SteemFest1 we spotted other meet-ups and we met @opheliafu and @cryptofunk at their meet in Birmingham just so we had a bit of a feel for how things might go at the Amsterdam meet.

Well, the Birmingham meet was a great get-together but in hindsight, I doubt if anything could have prepared us for the AWESOME SteemFest1.

@roelandp set the bar so high for that Fest, I believe it’s a good job he’s doing the next one too!

Because we had such a lot in common with EVERYONE at SteemFest1, there was common ground wherever you looked. If you had nothing else in common, you at least had the exciting commonality of Steemit and its uniqueness.

EVERYTHING was exciting to chat about – from Dolphins, Whales and Minnows, to the voting system and how it is weighted, and even a few tales of the Flagging Wars (sometimes with the scars to prove it!)

From all of that, we forged a strong foundation – a base on which to build-up Steemit.

The updates and streaming of conferences helped to integrate the rest of the Steemit community back ‘home’ and because everyone felt included and wanted to be updated with everything that went on in Amsterdam, I believe the community became even stronger for that. It formed a fondness for the platform that will always be there. Even if someone comes up with a bigger and better Steemit in years to come, we will always have our ‘first-love’ fondness for the original Steemit.

That’s why I think SteemFest 2 is going to be an even bigger SMASH than the first (and that is one tough act to follow).

Friendships are going to be made stronger, new friendships will be forged and strategies to build businesses can be formed and perhaps even finalized.

Again… because of this solid foundation we’re building Steemit upon, I also think we have a duty of care not only to ourselves, the ones using Steemit now (even those joining today), we have a duty of care for those joining next week, next month and next year – and beyond.

It’s down to us to ensure we nurture and foster the minnows coming in now and we have to ‘bring them up’ to feel as much a part of Steemit as we do, because that’s the only way they will then feel part of this Steemit experience and want that feeling to grow.

Yesterday I (and a few others) had a bad experience with what I thought was a minnow – that was my wrong assumption, I thought he had joined in August (he had, but 2016, not THIS August).

That guy should have known better, but we should also have made sure that we were taking care of him, and others like him, rather than allowing him to find his own way and make up his own personal ‘culture’ for Steemit. What he was doing was telling Minnows ‘his’ rules – namely the ‘minnow back-scratch’ where Minnows upvote EVERYTHING their small cell of Minnows post (including replies and comments).

If Minnows come to Steemit realizing their vote is valuable and can RECEIVE as well as GIFT on an upvote, maybe they’ll be more likely to upvote the good stuff and be the curators we’ve all developed and grown to be.

Yes, I admit I’m not the best at going out and fostering Minnows, but I feel it’s something I should do.

I try to help the Minnows I’ve introduced to Steemit and I point them in the right direction when they ask – after the usual introductory ‘Don’t spam, don’t plagiarise/copy and paste, and don’t ASK for follows/upvotes’ – and we have our own group on facebook where we can share our posts and make sure everyone can ask questions (not everyone wants to use live chat, sorry) but I think maybe we should open that up a little.

If anyone is interested in joining such a group where minnows will be listened to and their questions answered, (as much as we can, of course) then please let me know and I’ll sort something out.

We can’t keep allowing people to make up their own rules for their own benefit (Minnow back-scratch indeed!) to the detriment of the rest of the Steemit community because I’ve seen it before, once a ‘rule’ gets a foothold, it quickly becomes adopted and bad as it is, it WILL soon become the norm rather than the exception.

In conclusion, (sorry to waffle on), I resolve to help when asked and guide not only Minnows to the ‘best practice’ where their upvote and their development on Steemit is concerned.

I can’t offer to upvote and make their accounts bigger because, as ever, my ethos is to treat Steemit like any other blogging and/or social media site where you write your stuff, share your stories, research and opinions, make observations and generally write good posts and IF you catch an upvote or two, that’s a BONUS – the prize is…

Having a platform on which Blog posts are:

-Listed as they are published

-Listed on a separate page for your followers

-Listed when they have a good, fast following (Hot)

-Listed when they hit the dizzying heights of Trending

-And can be promoted with the in-built currency.

The fact that there’s a possibility of getting some crypto from all your efforts should be the LAST thing we focus on when getting people to join, not the first, that way people arrive with no expectation of making a million in the first week and therefore, the pressure is not on to make money to start off.

I always tell people I introduce to this Steemit Platform – “You’ll not make any money at first so don’t worry, build your audience, build your ‘brand’ and most of all, enjoy it.

Images etc from Google and Pixabay


Steemit has given my life a new shape.
It has also changed my perspective towards life. I'm glad that I came across steemit. Steemit is my home, my school and my work. All my friends and family members aren't left out cos I've brought almost all of them to steemit.

  • I wish i had the opportunity to attend steem fest 2, Its a dream I wish to turn into a reality.

That's a great expression - Steemit is my home and my school. I hope to add 'Steemit is my work' to that :)

See you at SteemFest3!

Yes definitely, I forgot to include that.
Comment edited!.

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

copy and paste?

you're just giving more chances to get your account flagged.

You made me laugh today. Cheers to you.

Great stuff!! I'm so jealous. Would love to go to Steemfest. What an awesome opportunity and experience that would be :):) Perhaps next time around :) I've started reading some of your stories however haven't gotten far yet. From what I've read so far awesome stuff. From reading this post I can see you're another great ambassador for the platform. Ty :)

I look forward to seeing you at SteemFest3 then!

Thank you for taking a look at my stories, I'm glad you're liking what you see.

I've always embraced and to be seen as an ambassador would be a great accolade. Thank you :)

Let's hold thumbs for 3 :):) This post of yours was constructed like an ambassador. It has honesty and integrity written all over it. Gg!!

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

My wife @silviabeneforti and I are working with Roelandp, Opheliafu, Everlove and other artists to attend the Art event at SteemFest2. Hope to see you there! :)

You certainly will! We're so psyched to see and learn as much as we can this year. Last year was mind-blowing but I do believe we've wrapped our heads around it a little now... on to the next level!

encouraging a whole lot!!! i have personally gotten people to join when they realise they are not making much money and they leave....i have a personal blog and i remember some days there would be no views at all but i kept on with it because i loved it and now sometimes it has hundreds of views... similar way i started my instagram people really should know that with blogging or even anything in life you take a step at a time and eventually the hard work will pay off

That's exactly true. Some people don't have the work ethic to keep working. Those of us that have seen the potential are starting to reap the great sense of satisfaction we get from this wonderful platform.

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

@michelle-gent just reading your post takes me back to SF1. It was truly an experience beyond experiences. Connecting with others from all over the world with our common thread - Steemit - was truly a profound adventure. From screen name to heartfelt connections we rose, and then it was as if our relationships just took off on a whirl-wind of expansion all their own. I suppose that is why we are encouraging others to make SF2 if at all possible.

Living in community, as I do at the @gardenofeden, it is VERY apparent that it is EVERYONE's responsibility to take care of things. Blaming others never serves, never resolves things, and never gets things done. Only when we OURSELVES take responsibility for the whole will we create the profound reality we wish to experience.

This is a very thought provoking and inspiring post. I'm inspired by your commitment to be more present with the minnows. It can be frustrating to constantly be badgered with begging and spamming. I agree with nurturing our minnows. Showing them, encouraging them, and helping them find their way in the vast sea of Steemit is the answer. We must continually show them the example and we must have patience to help them see that the way they have been shown is truly not of benefit to the whole. Keeping the best interest of the whole in mind is truly being of service to the community, so stepping up our part to help them find their way will benefit us all.

I really appreciate your post. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you for your eloquent and thoughtful post. I didn't get chance to speak with you at SF1 - so many people, so much to learn - but I'll certainly make double-effort at SF2

Hahahaha---the same for me!!! It's a date! <3

together towards success in steemit. steemfest to be a steemians gathering world-wide, must be very exciting to meet them. hopefully the next year can be held in asia

Thank you. Yes, it's really exciting. Last year, we had no idea what we were going to, whether it would be just a few or a great number of Steemit members. We found all the people there to be diverse in their interests, yet instant friends because of Steemit. That's an achievement in itself and something I am in awe of.

This year, there are MORE people going and so I STILL don't know what to expect! Exciting times indeed!

I hope the next one is in America (sorry, I'm being selfish). We have a road-trip planned for next year and it would be brilliant if we could combine the road trip with SteemFest3!

Asia for SteemFest4 perhaps? 😀

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments Really sorry my comment is coming in now. I really appreciates all that have learnt following you, reading your post and taken some of those steps you've been using on this platform.
Concerning all that you said in this write-up about some people coming to this platform to think about making money alone. I will need to be honest here and say that am not only here to write and write without making some little box but I can tell you that is a SECONDARY reason for me while the PRIMARY reason is to build myself and become a better person with my writing.
This is the only platform for me were my creativity and originality can be appreciated and recognized. I never love spamming and I don't intend to start it at all because it will kill the real me and make me a fake person. I wish everyone can understand what you have said here because they are profound words.
I intentionally put you on my steemvoter though my steempower is still low because that is the only way I can say thank you to you anytime you come up with those beautiful and educative post. (my opinion).
Remember you inspired me to start a campaign on BULLYING and I want to believe that has been helping someone in one way or the other. So you deserve this and even more than this.

Concerning the upcoming steemfest. I wish I can be there but even if am not there is no problem because having someone like you there means we are all better represented and our interest will be made known.

Thank you once again with this reminder through this post that, there's more to STEEMIT than the few cent and dollar you are making. It an avenue to actually showcase that talent in you and allows your voice to be heard all over the world. Thank you and greetings Haydn and every other member of the family including you dogs.

Always your fan @optimistdehinde.

Thank you so much. Your words make me proud to have been such an influence on you.

There is more to Steemit and I think, in the years to come, we'll see the benefits of being the early adopters - benefits which include more than just monetary gain.

Thank you again.

thanks to you too

I started following you a week ago.
All your publications are wonderful and useful.
Thank you

Thank you for the follow. I'm glad you're enjoying my posts, thank you 😊

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

Excellent post. I only found your writings recently and am truly enjoying them. The thing that stands out to me is your honesty no matter the sting of fact. I am so glad that we have strong personalities here on Steemit that join in working together to make this great platform even greater for the users and, eventually, the world.

Steemit was never meant to be a "get rich quick scheme" and, therefore, takes time and patience to build a following.

Let's enjoy Steemit and all it offers and especially to have found such a marvelous opportunity early in its' development. The best thing is we can all benefit by doing it together.

Thank you! It gives me such pleasure to read that people enjoy my writing.

Yes, I can be blunt, but that's me... once I embrace something (like Steemit) I become very protective of it and don't like to see others perhaps being taken advantage of.

As I said, the people I introduce to Steemit are told not to expect payouts to begin with. I looked back at my first post... 2 upvotes and one of those was mine! But I built on it, I figured out how to make my posts better and more inviting to the readers of Steemit (it's a different way of setting out a post to every other blog site I've used). I'm STILL learning, but I hope I'm also helping others to learn faster than I did.

To me, Steemit shows what a community can do when brought together. We have such a diverse and eclectic mix of skills, it truly is mind-blowing!

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

Steemit is also waxing strong in Nigeria. I forsee steemit having a billion users sooner or later. We early users are lucky we have an headstart. Keep steeming and mining steem with your mind

I think you may have something there! A billion users! Mind-blowing!

We'll get there

steemit for me is an incredible platfom. whereas lately I can find the life of this distant bar. not only that, I can also sharpen back any potential of my writing. thanks to you and this amazing community [email protected]

You're so welcome! I love seeing new writers finding their feet on this platform, making posts that are imaginative and entertaining,

Keep going, it only gets better!

thanks for the support of friends, may continue to improve my reputation :)

Hello Michelle. The dolphins are really great. This will get a great steemfest in spain. Great Post, thanks for sharing.

Haha! The dolphins in my post or the ones on Steemit? Actually, both sorts are awesome?

I hope there's a SteemFest in Spain one day, it's close enough for a short plane ride and the weather is great ;)

Steemit is a very great platform and i think its our duty to protect it.
When i joined steemit i was told to upvote as much as i could. I really didnt know the value of my voting power. It took proper training and coaching for me to understand the platform.
I think its our duty to protect this platform.


As I said, I try to mentor every Minnow I've introduced to Steemit. Some have joined but not yet posted, but I'm sure they'll get here sooner rather than later and even if they don't post for a few months, once they start and ask questions, I'll be able to answer and guide them.

Good post, wish I have a chance to go to Steemitfest once :)

I'm sure there will be many more yet!

See you at one in the future :)

When as many of us as possible just keeps on producing nice content and is nice to the rest of the community, I can only foresee positive outcomes.

All the people who try to do nasty things will be picked out so easy and why would we keep on following these people, why would we allow them to have any say in our comment sections?

While that is true, I also hope the bad behaviour can be admitted and altered. This Steemit community are a wise and caring collective and anyone that really does want to figure it out and try again would get a second chance, I'm sure.

I on steemit for 2 weeks, but so far for me it's like something from the future :D But it's cool that there is a place where people can share everything they want. Learn new, earn. Unite and change the world for the better. Of course, we are at the beginning of a good path =)

Haha! Yes, it does seem totally futuristic, doesn't it?

The people behind Steemit are visionaries and I can't even begin to imagine what they'll come up with next!

beautiful post, I congratulate you

Thank you :)

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

Great advice, enjoy the journey, be part of the community and learn new things, one of the best things we've ever been introduced to, thank you

You're welcome!

I'm glad you found my advice useful and came here. The meeting at GoodWood certainly came at the right time. We're ready to make the next move!

Looking forward to it and having another catch up!


I think it's going to be even awesomer than the first ;)

No, that's not a word... well it is now, I just made it one!

I'm sure Dr Samuel Johnson would approve of such a word.

I'm sure he would ;)

Brilliant and thoughtful post - resteemed!

Thank you! As one of 'my' minnows, I appreciate that you're here ❤️ I do wish you'd post some of your wonderful poetry again xx

I'm glad to be here (even if it means I need a gentle push on a regular basis, lol) and appreciate the time and effort you put into everything you do. I've been toying with the possibility of posting a 'serialized' story in the same vein as several I've seen here .... although my stories are really, really tame compared to most .... just thinking on it ....

Well, you know what my opinion is on that - you're an excellent writer - both poetry and story - and I think you should get it done! :)

What are you waiting for? :D

Apparently for you to kick some confidence in my arse, lol! Thank you for that, by the way. xox

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

I don't really care who you are (or who you think you are) - you've spammed every single comment on here, and that only ensures that I will never read any post you make. This is a really good, positive post and you've basically shit all over it. Shame on you.

Amazing post, very motivational thanks a lot for this, I sure want to be part of this great community and help this platform to grow beyond measure. Thanks.

Thank you!

take your time, just enjoy writing and posting for now, build your audience, interact with your followers, especially on the comments and it will come... just be patient :)

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

Hello. I liked & upvoted your post. I joined Steemit in Aug. 2017 just as hurricane Harvey blew into Houston Tx. Joined because I'd just signed up for a newsletter re: cryptocurrency as an investment. I read around & enjoyed quite a few posts. Problem is I'm technologically inept. Only here now after stumbling across my old Steemit post on my fb timeline. S'been over a month I think. Got to reading & vibing again but still just as confused by the Steemit mystique. Must need some kinda crash course. Truthfully, I'm still figuring out fb. Probably no hope for me but if you get that deal up & running 4 minnows, please let me know. Can't say when I'll be back. I'll 4 sure be back though & be checking for that. Thx 4 the content friend!

I'll get that group sorted out, but if you look down my blogs from a few days ago, there are four 'newbie guides' that may help you figure it all out.

You don't have to be technologically 'ept' to use this platform.

My advice is to write your blogs, interact with people, comment on other blogs that catch your interest, reply to every comment on your posts and have fun. Pretty soon, you'll gain a few followers and it kinda snowballs from there. It starts really slowly... glacial speed, but once it gets going and you make friends, you'll notice your rep rising (the number by your name). THAT is where the magic happens, not the money, that's secondary. Get that reputation up!

Good luck!

Here are a few blogs I made to try to help newbies. I hope you may find them useful. Please don't upvote them, they're past their pay-out and you'd be wasting your voting power. If they are useful and you would have upvoted them, please use those upvotes on another user (possibly one below 30/40 Rep) :)






This is a super post,! You make so many valid points. I wish I could be attending the steemfest in Lisbon, but it is not in the cards for this year :( Maybe for the next one...

Thank you @cecicastor. I hope to meet you at a SteemFest one day!

Sincerely, my life on steemit community is another life entirely ,which as been really helping my life outside steemit to affect my living positively. I always feel guity of not managing my time very well each day i discovered that i didnt login to this community.
Most of all , my biggest dream is Steemfest and i would really be glad to be a participant with all things i can do. I cant say how and what i would be if i miss it .

Steemit is Another World to Me .... I love this .

Thanks for sharing

You're welcome!

I do know the SteemFest will be streamed as much as possible so you'll not miss out on the brilliance that's to be shared.

See you at a SteemFest in the future!

Thank you so much ,am glad for this

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

There will be bullies, I think you did a good job of handling it. I think your viewers have done an amazing thing in not giving voice or notice to the bully. Only one person who has probably had it up to his/her neck with the same constant drip drip drip comment of a weak penis just got to them. "(sorry people sometimes rude comments are needed.") I hope you have a steeming good time in Lisbon and that one day, you and others can make a living on steemit.

There are always bullies. There have always been bullies. This platform levels the playing field, I think. Yes there are people that have invested money in this platform. Unfortunately, I haven't been in a position to be able to do that yet, but that time is coming and I will invest when I can.

We all have a voice, but when that voice is being used to try to manipulate a new user (which is where this all started) especially one that I introduced, personally, then I'm going to have a problem with that.

I was fair, I removed my flags after showing what could happen. Then I saw an abusive string of comments on @quinnaker's wall from this user that just proved that I'd identified correctly that this user could be a problem.

I've read another post today that says an abuser will always try to justify his actions. Sometimes it's not a good feeling to be proven correct.

What's this wonder
What is this beauty
I brought together the beauty of words and the beauty of the landscape and the image
Really creative
Published and very good content

Thank you! I appreciate your comment.

True talk michelle , i believe he who never made a mistake never tried anything. The key to success in any life endeavour is making yourself first valuable then the money flows in with time.

Oh we've all made mistakes... I think the wisdom is realising the mistake and learning from it and improving.

I totally agree

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

Nice post n sharing... Upvote n follow you :)
Please follback n vote n comment @hadimemories. Thanks

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

awesome post :) i followed you

im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

Steemit Mentions Tool , a new feature , poped up your little rant and since i was at the receiving end of your evangelistic crusade , to impose your " high " standards on your platform , allow me to at least respond to you the saviour of steem , the post you so object to was a parody of
4 days ago
modernpastor56 in giveaway

a sort of dolphin back scratch , or a dolphin minnow mugging , lets hope he does actually pay some one , and if he does not his friend or accomplices , to those who haven't seen minnow back scratch post maybe you should and judge for your self the intention and tone
it was a small off the cuff post , a comic parody of what is obvious and widespread on steemit
on the same day i also posted this
and if you have an ounce of humor you will see the satirical tone and intention
although i first encountered on an entirely different post in which she described the posters post as shit and voting up shit would denigrate the platform, along with various threats and a removal of most of my steem rating , now 8 ,
so we can see you think highly of your self and like to bully minnows whos upvote isnt even worth 1 cent , while ignoring the whales and dolphins truly abusing the platform exstracting thousands out of the rewards fund every week , but of course your punny steem cant intimidate these so you make a show out of picking on a minnow to prove your self importance and then strut around your little group and you all upvote each others comments , and hurry off to your little piggy banks , absolute bollox , cant wait to meet you all at steem fest .
so in the words of some sort of author
for some reason. Now I have to make a choice too. Shall I be the one to teach you our ways or shall I pass the responsibility on to another Wolf,
well miss saviour of steem if you want to go on a crusade to stop us making up our own rules please address mindhunter receiving $20,000+ a month in rewards out of the same pool all of us are paid out of. earning as much as $20,000+ a month from discrete upvotes directly on comments that are then upvoted at the very last minute.
another top earner on Steem: tamim who up votes his own posts at the last minute
so there we are just two of the many top earners voting for shit posts , go get em
michelle ill tell them your coming to save your platform , and after them get that phony pastor ,ill line em up you knock em down , theres a thousand out there , were all depending on you to save steem
We can’t keep allowing people to make up their own rules for their own benefit


im the minnow who was reprimanded please read my response, at the bottom of comments

This is really going to be huge!!! The future is soo bright

I think you're right.

We're gonna have to wear shades!

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