[Feedback] What do you want to see added or changed on the future version of Steemdollar.com V3

21 days ago
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latest version of steemdollar.com

So how did I start? Why am I asking for your feedback? Wel first let me start with the history of steemdollar.com

Version 0.5:

Almost 12 Months ago I started making the first SBD ticker. A ticker to check how much your SBD's where worth. At that time it was noting more then a google script in a google spreadsheet. At that time it was quite "challenging" to know how much your SBD's where worth! So it came in handy to have a calculator that showed you how much that was.

It worked by giving the sheet manual input on the SBD/STEEM price and the STEEM/BTC price and from there BTC/USD price, so to say it took me and you still time by getting these numbers in yourself. But after that it would automatically calculate the SBD price.

So to say it was handy but there was still some manual labour to do.

Screenshot of version 0.5

More info about version 0.5 release

Version 1:

A few weeks later I decided to turn it into a working website that automatically updated its information from the;
Steemit blockchain / internal market value. At that time there was not yet another exchange to turn your SBD into Steem or directly into FIAT. + coinbase had not taken up on SBD or STEEM as a USD price.

Screenshot of version 1

More info about version 1 release

Version 2:

Since it was a lot of fun to work on it I decided to put more time and effort into making the website show more information.
So in te coming weeks months I kept updating it and created some other tools for it. Now you could get not only the SBD prices but also the best STEEM prices and info on VESTS.

*Screenshot of version 2!

More info about version 2 release


More tools where included into the website to give you a better idea on how you where doing on Steemit:

Calculating the worth of a single Upvote - What is your Upvote worth?

More info

Power Down Wealth Checker - Compare your Steemit Wealth against the wolds average monthly disposable salaries.

more info

The Posting reward checking tool! - Will your next post payout still be worth 100% ?

More info

Should you re-engage your Power Down?

More info


Sinds it's almost 12 months ago I would like to share with you some statistical insights.


Honest I have not been around that much lately due to the focus and work I have put into other projects. But I never forgot about Steemit, and seeing the results of the google analytics of Steemdollar.com I thought it was time to ask the community of Steemit to see what they would like to see addressed.

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  ·  21 days ago

As an investor and trader in SBD, I can tell you, I was surprised I couldn't find an sbd/usd price. About a week ago I did stumble upon your website. It's clear to me that sbd price correlates with the price of btc, and not with the usd in which it was intended. I'm glad you are working on this. I'll be watching for updates.

  ·  20 days ago

Thanks, tho let me know if you have any feedback or tips you would like to get inplemented in a future version.

  ·  19 days ago

I think it's amazing! Very handy! Thank you!! Upvoted!! Have a nice day! :)

  ·  yesterday

i would like to see more target conversion currencies, specifically GBP £ and EURO. thanks!