Power Down Wealth Checker - Compare your Steemit Wealth against the wolds average monthly disposable salaries.

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Have you ever thought about how much your Power Down is worth compared to the gross average monthly disposable salary in other countries around the world? Or where you could live with the current Steem (power) Down "dividend" you are (maybe) currently getting?

With this tool I do not only want to show you what your wealth is, or where you could live with your current Steem (power) Down "dividend", but I also want to make you aware that there is still a lot of poverty in the world. Whit this tool I want to give you insights on these questions stated above.

How to use the Power Down Wealth Checker?

You can easily use this tool by going to the Power Down Wealth Checker and check your username by typing it in the box in the top right corner.

How does the tool work?

After your account name is entered the site will check:
1.) Vesting shares statistics are fetched from your account steemd.com and divided by 104.*
2.) Convert 1/104 of your vests with the steem_per_mvests data from steemd DynamicGlobalProperties
3.) Convert Steem to BTC with the use of the Bittrex Api
4.) Convert BTC to USD with the use of the Coindesk Api
5.) Divide your weekly payout by 7 to get the daily worth of your payout in in USD.
6.) Calculate other values such as weekly, monthly and yearly payout values.
7.) Compere the account data against the database storing the information of 180+ countries.
8.) GeoChart to project the daily salary of the countries you are exceeding with the steem power down wealth.

*I have chosen this option instead of vesting rate cause otherwise not everyone would be able to see how much there Power Down is worth.

**The information provided on the site does not mean that the account is powering down!

The result:

Like said there is a lot of poverty in the world, and if we could bring those people in those countries to steemit we could help them out making a living of sharing valuable information trough the platform. For example do you remember @infovore who did a post about "How Steemit Has Changed My Life: From living on $1/day and 3 hours of electricity" Steemit enabled him to share its story and make a better living out of it. if infovore would now power down he would have a daily average salary that would be bigger then in 131 of the 180+ other countries in the world with Switzerland on #1 (217.18$ a day).

Like said imagine if we could enable more people from poor countries living in poverty to use the power of steemit, we then could make the world step by step a bit better trough the power of steemit.

Check your Power Down Wealth Now!

How wealthy are you?


Another great post. Damn


Sick Tool Man! Very Cool and Deep Share!!!

I like this tool. Good work!
Now I am only beating Cuba avg. daily income.

Very informative tool. One for my list!

Good job

One day, my power down will allow me to leave the American Empire. That day, sadly, is not today.

but the map is good, yeah)

I noticed Zambia is at 142 bucks a day. Darn...didn't think it was like that. Or is it an error?

@anduweb - I thought after your comment I made a mistake indeed, so I checked it with the data source and apparently they are on the #3 place in the list! Maybe the website is wrong? But I guess not...

It was surprising for me :) maybe they're not taking into consideration the entire population or maybe not all of them are registered or another one, maybe there's a lot of money going through Zambia, like through a fiscal paradise. But darn, it's higher than the US haha

Yes, It is crazy! Maybe because of the things you mentioned; so I googled and found this as af first article; http://www.economist.com/blogs/baobab/2010/12/statistics_zambia going to do some more research cause this is quite interesting.

What a great tool! For those of you who would like to see which of the top players are powering down and when and how much, come check out my tool SteemDown https://steemit.com/steem/@bitcoiner/steemdown-com-which-whales-are-powering-down Thanks!

I will soon have over 9000 a day! Just watch me Steemit. Nobody will even be able to approach the prince of all Saiyans, not even @dantheman!

You made me laugh!

This is not a laughing matter! Although it can be for upvotes... scratch the last part.

Very Good.. Very Very Good

Wow! I've wondered this.. and you went and made it visible! Thanks!

Don't forget power down payments stop after 2 years. So even if you could live off of them in some countries, you'll need more income after those 2 years if you've powered down all of your SP.

Hello @geoffrey, could you send me to a link that is talking about his. In general what would happen I guess after a the 104th pay out of you steem power down. What would happen with the steem power that is still in your account? Is it given to a good cause? Is the platform redistributing it? Does it vanish? Or will you just hold it as a form of power that will generate more attention to your account and articles?

You don't need to power down all of your Steem Power, and you can continue to collect Steem Power while you're powering down. Whatever you haven't withdrawn stays in your account, simple as that. I think you can also interrupt a power down after a few weeks if you want to keep your SP, but I haven't powered down any yet.

Awesome stuff bro!
Followed you as well :D

That's very interesting, thank you for sharing this :)
Maybe you can learn something from my mistakes:

Hot damn, what an awesome tool!!! I am worthless but then I knew that already!!! Lol

Well maybe your steem power is "worthless" but your input is not!

Hope more people will get freedom. They deserve it

Hey mauricemikkers,

thanks for sharing this tool! I really hope that Steemit will give people the opportunity to escape poverty. We can do it!

Thanks! Yes, I hope platforms like steemit will revolutionize more and more in this way, since this is only the beginning.

Great tools
by using it we can even educate ourselves on the poverty around the world. That's why Steemit is not only about the money. It's also education!

Thank you, thats a great compliment!

Hi @mauricemikkers
Just wanted to let you know, I mention you in my latest post here referring to you as a "techie". Please keep up the good work. Greets.

WoW Great Job & Nice Work!!! I really like the design and colour scheme. You got my vote.

Thanks, glad to hear the effort is appreciated. Hope to make more tools soon and fix / update my older tools.

Lol, nice way to think of it. But indeed, there are several countries with so low wages that even a power down of a dolphin can exceed that.

Yeah its "quite crazy" that we can achieve this already so soon with steemit. Lets spread the word and let the rest of the world join!

What a fun tool! Looks like I'm off to Cuba.

Cool give us some updates ;)

Whale where you are? my steam power is very low :(

Damn, this is an excellent tool. This is exactly the type of stuff i would be creating if i had sufficient programming skills. Excellent work!

Doesn't work for, says I have less than 300 SP..

Please fix, thx

I know, I do want to fix it but below 300SP I'm not able to do the calculations in some way! Sorry.

btw your account works here: http://www.steemdollar.com/powerdown_map.php?name=shla-rafia

I make more than Cuba or Jamaica

So many great apps, website, you know that Steemit will stick around forever.

ooh great perspective. well done!

Thanks, hope if not already it opened some eyes.

Hola! mi pais lamentablemente esta empobrecido, y aparte de compartir con Steemit y a traves de Steemit tambien quisiera ganarme mi primer millon jajajaja, como dice la cancion. Estoy iniciandome y debo aprender mucho todavia. Saludos.

Hello! my country unfortunately this impoverished, and apart from sharing with Steemit and through Steemit also wanted to earn my first million hahahaha , as the song says . I am initiating me and I learn a lot yet! Greetings.

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