Is steemit platform a family platform?

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Hello steemians friends

With very disappointment heart I write this post because in my previous post
I was written that my father has been died but no one except 2 friends (@solcross and @bangash) were wrote comments here and give me a strength to recover my hope. And rest all of the friends didn't bother that what happened with me, I was in great trouble but no one even put a single comment except these 2.

Is this we called a family?

Can I assume this friend list and followers are very close to me?
If this is the response of this so called steemit family than I will not remain the part of this family untill you people justify it.

Now I want some serious comments.

If you want to change the behaviour of the steemit family than share your voice with me and resteem this post with your friends and give positive comments and express your feelings.

If you don't participate in this campaign I will understand that every individual is here for their own interest and no one concern with other's problems.

With best wishes...
Maryam Ali


To the question in your title, my Magic 8-Ball says:


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so you are leveraging the death of your father to elicit comments on a social media platform??

isn't that a little shallow?
I do feel sorry for you that your father died and you have my condolences but does a comment here from a random stranger really make you feel better?

Well it could feel a little low, knowing no one shows concern at times. Just a little "stay strong" or hugs can go a long way (with regards to then). You are a little bit harsh, even though there's a point to pick up.

Sir @yogacoach exuse me you are totally wrong... sorry to say.

So sorry... you are not a good friend. Sorry I was wrong that I want to get your leverage. I was that steemit is like my family.
Sorry again

@maryam5. Just stay strong, do what's best for you, and don't really be bothered about others. It's not easy to get engagement on here, generally. It takes time. Hugs